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 Post subject: Saving OpenSim as we know it to be
PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:29 pm 

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Food for thought on a rebuttal on the war between opensimulator vs. moses this was written in an article on Hypergrid Business folks, regarding the military invasion of opensimulator folks, now all the lackeys needs to decide what side they are on as the war clouds approach. part of my point includes words mentioned elsewhere that combined make this not so altruistic.

Very clear it's going to be them or us folks! anyway, it's not for me to apologize as it wasn't my issue, but I just wanted to say I understand this better now and sad to see it happen. :idea:


I have been reading all this and doing a small amount of specific research in order to try and get a bit of a better understanding. Coding itself holds little interest for me other than if some software works enough for me to enjoy myself and pass a little time, that's all I need personally.

I would suggest that while people discuss who has the better software and who is bigger than whom, that there should be an actual real, and professional, consideration of the basic users, most of whom don't know about any of this and the rest don't care.

People are not just some programmers 1s and 0s.

This typifies the issues in my opinion.

After you read this you might realize that it sounds all good and dandy, but that is not the entire truth of the matter.

You basically have, on the one hand, core opensim, which has been moving along for years, who has given us a platform that we all enjoy, to each their own, and who has made Doug's MOSES team and inworldz halcyon thing even possible. Without those developers who work for free none of this would be here at all (and please spare us the idea someone else would have done it).

It didn't come easy and it never is, even I can understand that, and the most programming I knew was edlin (go look that up lol). Mostly a thankless job as I would hope we can all agree.

But therein lies the problem. We do now have this situation where it has become most clear there are two distinct groups of thought. This has been building up for a time, but the MOSEs team has ratcheted it up a bit.

And that's just fine also. Some like one thing, others like another thing, and all the colors in between are all fascinating.

But that is not all that is happening, and I take the time to write this to those who currently enjoy the OpenSim that our developers have given us, that is better in so many ways to even what paid devs have done. Copying SL takes little effort when countered against all the work core has done. And the next release is about to come out.

And of course as most of us know even a little bit of tech knowledge, we can acknowledge, like that for any uses of OpenSim, there will be issues, and those will be fixed, more will pop up, and those will be fixed. It's software!

It is extremely unprofessional to read some of the things here written by people who think they are professionals, but they "just want to be thought of as so". But yet, this is part of the conversation. You simply cannot, out of the blue, call oneself a professional without the actual professional conduct and regard for fair and honest discourse by people who really understand fiduciary responsibility, as with other people's money, and as with exposing the faults of others with whom one may find themselves at cross purposes with.

That's for politicians, and none of us are that (we can only wish and hope). Professionals have a code of conduct and they do their best to adhere to it, even if it is not written in stone.

But we see here a pattern. A pattern that seeks to push one thing out of the way, while embellishing their own concepts and ideas. To speak negatively of something many of us have enjoyed using to each their own, and for some quite a few years, is dishonorable.

It speaks to a certain mentality that it is "ok" to play dirty, it's not.

I don't like to talk about my real life all that much, and it's definitely in the past. Mostly I just like to goof off and try to have a little fun, but this is to serious for that, and sometimes it is necessary for a person, or people, to put their best foot forward and bring some comeuppance to the issues.

I know very well what it is to be professional and what it actually means as I was a Realtor for around 30 years or so. Realtors, despite what some people like to believe, have a well written code of conduct. Fiduciary duty is at it's core, we cannot commingle our funds with a clients, as an example. It is reinforced by annual classes and enforced by each statewide organizations.

To be reported to those oversears is a very unpleasant idea to all Realtors, there are real consequences to unprofessional acts.

We are not seeing that in these discussions, what we are seeing is people who think they need to say they are professional so much, that one would think the idea is that it will come true if said enough times. That they need to be so emphatic that the old ways, the core opensim ways, are passe. This isn't true at all.

The fact is that it is all well and good that Doug and his MOSES team like using the inworldz halcyon code, it is fine to discuss all their perceived plusses about it, even embellishing at times is ok. It is fine if they go on their way doing what they want to do with it all.

What is not ok, and unprofessional, is to deride and insult, much less attack, an opposing thought process and those who use it, and like it.

Do your own thing is the right thing, repeated attempts at unprofessional actions are not.

I love our Opensim and our core devs need to be applauded, let's not forget who brought us here to this website, and give them a thumbs up sometime, and say it more. We have a very large reservoir of talent in core, people who have a sharing spirit and are just awesome. I won't be a part of any militarily hardened opensim and there is no reason for me to. I know that thousands of others feel the well


Other food for thought ;) ... yQDSR1DDi8


 Post subject: Re: Saving OpenSim as we know it to be
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:10 pm 
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Get to the point, please.
Just exactly what are you talking about?

 Post subject: Re: Saving OpenSim as we know it to be
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:44 pm 
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That did seem to be a long rant about nothing that affects me.

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 Post subject: Re: Saving OpenSim as we know it to be
PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:05 am 

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 Post subject: Re: Saving OpenSim as we know it to be
PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:35 am 
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To be fair I think the original poster is commenting on the discussion going on over at Hypergrid Business about Moses & and Opensim..that there is a lot of mudslinging and disrespect going on between the two sides. The poster is saying while he personally does not support the Militarys involment in opensim..we should show more respect to all the people who have worked and are working as Devs.

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