Free Christmas Music to use as you see fit.
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Author:  albertlr Landar [ Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Free Christmas Music to use as you see fit.

All video producers. I wanted to give everyone a link to a series of MP3's which I recently converted from midi files. There were all arranged and performed by myself, alberlr Landar under my real life name Lawrence A. Roberts back in 1996. I am among other things a composer and arranger in my spare time. In fact back many years ago I was one of the main contributors to the Music forums on compuserve. We even had a collaboration where by visual artists would make a basic slide show of their original art, sometime telling a story line. They would submit the slides to me and I would compose original music for their presentations. This was used in a program called MMGIF. The images were GIF files which were combined with my midi files, and then offered for free to the public and on the CompuServe Monthly subscription disks which were sold to the public. We had a lot of very creative projects come out of that effort. Until the Frank Music Company decided to sue CompuServe because an individual had posted his own version of Unchained Melody. This started the whole copyright DMC problems on the Internet, and ultimately closed our music forums down.

This is also why I have always been a champion for free and open use of music once the composers have been compensated. This is how music grows and evolves, when it is held captive by the those just to make a profit, it causes a stagnation in the arts. Not to say that the true creators of music should not be justly compensated for their life's works. But to get back on my soap box, I resent the big corporations like Disney and others changing the copy right laws to allow them to extend the time they can control the arts they represent.

Now all of these arrangements are in the public domain, and even though I technically have copyrights myself to all of my own arrangements, orchestrations, and performances, I offer these to anyone that would like to use them or share them with others for free. But please give me credit for the music in you works, I did work very hard on this. I feel this might be a good way to help promote more creative Metaverse Videos, as there will be no one looking over your shoulder when and how you use them.

Even though you can download them one at a time, I also included a zip file of them all zipped together called: Christmas Carols.zip.

Here are 41 traditional carols which I performed and arranged. You will also find one of my original compositions which I called Christmas March using the two carols God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Patapan as the themes.


And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year.

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