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 Post subject: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows+ updated Aug 2019
PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:02 pm 
OSG Elite
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Installation of OpenSimulator on Windows Platforms.
A Quick Guide to a successful installation on OSGrid
OpenSim Version 0.9.1

by WhiteStar Magic, Updated APRIL 07, 2013
(Added Router Hack)
Document Ver: 0.3

Updated June 2016 by Admin

In recent days numerous people have approached me about to to install OpenSim correctly in windows. While there are different methods of doing so, this guide uses Known Good Practices which work correctly since early 2009. This is not an "All Inclusive" guide but it should get you up & running without a lot of pain (hopefully).
NOTE: This is Directed @ OSGrid Installation

General Information:
All Windows Operating systems come installed with NET Framework 2.0 by default. This applies to Windows XP, Vista, Win-7, Win 10 and many of the Windows Servers (2003 & 2008). OpenSimulator 0.9.1 requires NET Framework 4.6 Minimum to run (mono 5.12 for linux). This might not be installed or updated and therefore you have to install it first. Microsoft provides 2 methods of doing so,
1) is a bootstrapper which often will have issues and 2) is from the full package which works 99% of the time.
Download it it from: ... x?id=48130
NOTE: Some older versions of windows might not support this version

Windows, like many other operating systems has a physical limit of a 255 characters for Directory Path length. OpenSim will exceed that limit if it is in the wrong place. Additionally, OpenSim needs to read and write to it's sub-directory structures and there cannot be installed in Program Files as Windows will protect that System Area.

NOTE: This is for the Default Installation using SqlLite. This is to get you up & running quickly, SqlLite is NOT intended for long term operation or where are are going to be building and having guests. There is a Tutorial for migrating to MySql, it is slightly dated but still works as expected available here @ http://chapter-and-metaverse.blogspot.c ... mysql.html

Installation Steps:
Download Opensim from @
Make a directory @ c:\opensim or select another drive if applicable.
Unzip the OpenSim ZIP file to that directory and you should see c:\opensim\bin with a bunch of sub-directories.
Setting Permission on the directory:
Right Click on c:\opensim, select Properties, Security, select EDIT button, Select ADD button, Add your user name on the PC and give that account FULL CONTROL. (This varies a little between versions of Windows)

Configuration of OpenSim:
Next, we need to startup OpenSim and it will prompt you with several questions.
Change Directory to c:\opensim\bin

double click on OpenSim.exe
which now works for both 32 & 64 bit Windows, all flavours.

** See Notes @ bottom of this section for further details on how to obtain the required info being requested.

OpenSim Starts in a CMD/DOS Box and prompts as shown below:
OpenSim will now ask you Questions as shown below.
You can press 'enter' without typing anything to use the default. The default is displayed between [ ]: brackets.

New region name []: Your RegionName Here
Region UUID [79eacd60-fafb-11de-8a39-0800200c9a66]: Press Enter
Region Location [1000,1000]: Enter the X,Y coordinates Here
Internal IP address []: Press Enter
Internal port [9000]: Press Enter
Allow alternate ports [False]: Press Enter
External host name [SYSTEMIP]: Enter your IP Address or DNSname (do not use SYSTEMIP)

Do you wish to join an existing estate? [no]: Press Enter
Estate name to join [None]: ENTER your EstateName
Estate owner first name [Test]: ENTER your Avatars FirstName
Estate owner last name [User]: ENTER your Avatars LastName

Once you have entered the Information, you will see a New bin\regions\Region.ini with the region info in it which you have just provided. The Instance will start and you will find yourself at the #prompt in the OpenSim Console.

Information for SETUP QUESTIONS Part-1 & 2
** how to get the needed info:
  • Your Region Name is whatever you choose, No Special Characters may be in it.
  • Region UUID (use what is generated by pressing return) if you want to use another uuid you can get one at
  • Region Location, X,Y Coordinates can be found by finding an open locations at
  • Press Enter = Press Enter to accept defaults.
  • IP Address / DNS Name: to get your External IP Address use: *NB Most 99% of use DHCP Addressing which change regularly, it is far better to use a DNS Name, see sub notes.
  • Join Existing Estate You have to say no, currently a yes will fail
  • Estate Name is whatever you choose, No Special Characters and a Space in the name is OK
  • Firstname (your osgrid avatar's first name)
  • Lastname (your osgrid avatar's last name)

    IP / DHCP & DNS:
    A Simple solution for a changing IP Address is to use a DNSname. This can be easily facilitated by going and registering @ and getting a 'Free Dynamic DNS" and installing their utility on your PC which monitors your IP Address and maintains the DNS Redirection to your PC. A free alternative is

Configuration FireWall:
Windows Firewall can be a little tedious but in recent updates and in Vista / Win-7 / Server 2008 it has become quite a bit easier. The next steps require you to open certain ports in the firewall for inbound and outbound communications. Certain things you will need to note if what the previously entered port was (default 9000) and any additional ports added for other regions (likely your will add more later, not in this guide but we are going to extend it a little to save that step later for you). We will be opening ports 9000-9005 in this exercise. [b]**NB** I will only show TCP here but this must also be done for UDP and is exactly the same steps.[/b]

Go to your Control Panel from Start Menu. Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall
  • Select the Advanced Tab
  • Select New Rule (At the top right side of the screen)
  • Select the Port Button then NEXT>
  • Select TCP or UDP if doing that) then Specific Local Ports, Enter 9000-9005, NEXT>
    Both TCP & UDP must be done.
  • Select Allow the Connection if not already selected, NEXT>
  • Select All 3 Check Boxes (Domain, Private, Public), NEXT>
  • Name it "OpenSim-TCP" or "OpenSim-UDP", SAVE

Repeat for UDP as shown above.

Next, double click on the newly created rule and open it up
  • Select the "Programs and Services" tab
  • Select "This Program" and type in "c:\opensim\bin\OpenSim.exe"
    ! You can also browse to it, if you wish.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Next, select "Protocols and Ports" tab and double check the ports are 9000-9005
  • Next, select the "Advanced" tab. All three profiles should be checked
  • Set the "Edge Traversal" to "Defer to application" in the drop down box. Click Apply, Then OK

Repeat for the UDP Rule created above.

Repeat the Same Steps Above for TCP & UDP in the Outbound Rules Section. The ONLY Difference in the Advanced Tab, there is no edge traversal section.

When Done. Close the Firewall App and close Control Panel.
Congratulations, your 90% of the way there.

No Router !
If your don't have one then BE HAPPY and double click on OpenSim.exe and watch it load, login to OSG, Map to your RegionName, TP there and Set Home. DONE. Have a look at the reference section below for more stuff and articles etc...

You have a Router !
Ahhh .... The Big Bad and Ugly. This is where most people have issues / problems. This would require a VERY LARGE discussion to sort out. Here's the bottom line on this, There are literally 100's if not thousands of routers out there so it is literally impossible to address it here. You need to ensure that you have a Router that is capable of "LoopBack". Without Loopback you are going to have no end of issues and OpenSim will not run properly, if at all. You simply will not be able to get to it. Sadly, Probably 75% of the routers on the market today do not have Loopback. Some Handy Router Info Here:

GOOD NEWS ! Thanks to a New Discovery from someone on IRC There is another solution to LoopBack Issues. I have not tested it but check it out, as others have. (works fine as long as the simulator and viewer are not on the same pc)
Little software you install and it re-routes from outside.

  • The Router has to forward the incoming TCP & UDP to the PC, so this needs to be setup similar to what we did with the firewall on the PC.
  • The Router needs to have Loopback to send data back to the PC when your are accessing locally or from inside your "Home Lan".
  • The Router's Firewall (if it has one) will often cause issues and in most cases if it cannot be configured as previously noted, it will need to be disabled.

More Information Related to Routers:
viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2283 ... rindex.htm

Windows Hosts File Trick! Sometimes this can help see for more info.

Router Hack
Here are a Few Links that will help you setup Microsoft Software Loopback Adapter. This is NOT a perfect Solution (see HACK) and "may" work for you but it is an option that is available. ... windows-7/ ... vista.aspx <--- how-to-install-a-loopback-adapter-in-windows-XP


OpenSimulator.Org The Home of OpenSimulator!

Connecting a region to OSGrid:

OSgrid wiki tutorials

Running OpenSim, Home, Hosted etc...

Microsoft Net Framework: ... x?id=48130

Migrating from SqlLite to MySql:
http://chapter-and-metaverse.blogspot.c ... mysql.html

System Batch Files to assist with day to day OpenSim Operation & Maintenance

Setting Up variable area regions (VAR)


Your IP Info & Port Scanning & Diags:

TraceRoute Testing from 4 global locations: (good for speed testing etc)

OSGgrid Forums: (login with your Avatar user name & password)

OSGrid IRC Text Chat Web Client: (Text Chat with other OSG folks that can help you out)

*** NOTE *** Everyone in OSG is a Volunteer, there is NO PAID STAFF ! When joining IRC or asking for help, be patient and ask your question directly. If someone is watching (often we are not sitting there watching) they will answer or someone may come along and see the Question and help.

edit: update version and some urls

No further support of any kind, for any of my materials. Use as/is whereis.
PLEASE UNSTICKY Any Stickied Posting by myself.

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 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms +
PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:17 am 

Joined: Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:52 am
Posts: 6
Many have problems installing osgrid, when you have a router as I have. Owww ... If your router is wireless, the problem is even greater and if the ip is dynamic job is very difficult. In a few lines I will explain the steps that I 've done with my system. I apologize for my English not so good and I hope to be to understand what I write.

I use an HP laptop DV2 EF 1110, with operating system Windows7 ultimate and my router is Netgear CVG834G the wireless system. My ip is dynamic normal.

Not guarantee that my advice will help 100%. But following these steps, I managed to install Opens in computer.

Read carefully the installation tutorial forum Opens in Windows platform.

Before you start installation after downloading OpenSim, I recommend a full update all possible drivers on the computer. It is very easy to do this by going to Device Manager, clicking on each component separately with patience and by choosing Update Driver. You can also use special software to update driverpe which are found in torrent sites (I recommend Driver Magician). This is done for progedura to not have problems with network card or other components that may affect the lack of related software, a properly functioning on your computer even if you have the illusion of a good data traffic to the internet connection there.

Increase Internet speed by removing the limitation of 20% which is in any windows, may be useful but not required. But I have done so.

Make sure to install OpenSim, firewall is turned off until the computer when you are sure Opens been installed properly. There are many firewall systems of the kind that can aggravate orespunzatoare than a software installation. Example is the router firewall, the firewall computer firewall the antivirus, firewall even key generator system that stabilize and enhance computer router now. I use AVIRA antivirus with default settings.

If you have static IP (which it does not change every Internet connection). It is well and you will not have big problems. If you have dynamic IP, then you need to create a free acount on official website and download there free software update IP.

For wireless router as I will have to make a port forwarding to help signal the Internet to reach directly to your computer network without the other computers to be affected. Note that port forwarding can be done only for a single PC in your personal network.

Port forwarding procedure can be boring or annoying but there are simple and free programs. I personally have used a special program that you can download here:


With this program I did forward port on the computer and I do static IP for the first time started by automatic opening ports start 9500 end 8500. Then I accessed the router management. This is done through a browser by accessing the address and entering your username and password from the router. The Netgear router no special section for port forwarding and all you have to do is to write to add Opens port 9000 and then again, port 9000. Select both, for TCP and UDP options. and introduce our internal IP ending the PC. We find that our PC's internal IP as follows: click the Start button on the toolbar, looking CMD write and write without commas in black prompt 'ipconfig / all, and then press ENTER. Internal IP is located where IPv4's see. it is IP that will have to write the internal IP regions.ini. To see what we have external ip, access your and this ip will be passed on to the external IP regions.ini where SYSTEMIP usually write. We will replace that SYSTEMIP with our external IP. Now everything should be fine to follow the correct steps to install the tutorial on the forum who helped me a lot.

If you do not know your router's login data and you're lucky you were not already set by someone else, is enough to back router and on the other side you will find your login to a web browser, username and password to

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms +
PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:05 pm 
Furious Typer
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no router?? geez you are either very trusting or very naive. I could never allow my computer to be regularly attacked by leaving it wide open to the internet and let's face it, MS software has more holes in it than the red light district of Amsterdam so let's not assume to trust the shabby firewall software that is regularly targetted by hackers.

In the future I suggest you include an explanation in XP as no one in their right mind would TOUCH anything above it (Vista being a major mistake and Win 7 being a very bubblegum interface and still not fully accepted)

<3 Foxxe <3

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms +
PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:14 pm 
Site Admin
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Foxxe i cant say i really agree with your analysis, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are fine and infact Windows 7 out performs Windows XP in a several major ways, especially when it comes to running OpenSimulator, but you are correct in saying its probably not wise to just stick XP on the internet without some kind of firewall and lots of extra apps for protection, Windows Vista and 7 though are much more secure and do provide a much higher level of performance and security in terms of being a server for OpenSimulator, personally I don't suggest anyone use XP for serious OpenSimulator stuff. But on the other hand, the tutorial is absolutely no different no matter what version of Windows your running, the setup will be almost 100% identical on XP, Vista or 7 or 2003 or 2008, this tutorial applies to any of the Microsoft windows platforms.

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms + updated
PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 5:13 pm 

Joined: Sun May 16, 2010 5:11 pm
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Thank you for this! :D
I got everything setup but managed to forget about the UDP, until I saw this here. :lol:

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms + updated
PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:30 am 

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no one in their right mind would TOUCH anything above it

(I can't wait for IT to replace XP with Seven at work. Whatever you mean by "bubblegum", I haven't had a single unsolvable issue with it yet on my pc (pc as in "personal computer", not "windows box"). Not like I've had any huge issues with XP, but it's time to refresh that accursed registry. Don't get so protective! Everyone has a favorite!)

Anyway... I was kinda curious - is there a way to run os on my windows or ubuntu linux pc without connecting it to the grid? For instance, if I wanted to run a sim of my own and build and test things as a sim admin, but I just didn't have a computer that could be online all the time? I'm guessing storage requirements would be higher...

For that matter... is there even a way to export/import objects built in secondlife/osgrid? I remember reading about viewers that were banned by LL for doing something of the sort but I don't know how that works...

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms + updated
PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:41 am 

Joined: Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:06 pm
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There's a big problem...
My native tongue is not English and this forum is full of difficult explainations etc etc.
I do not understand what I have to do.
Every topic I look halfway I just exit because of throbbing headache trying to mentally translate what it means I have to do.

Maybe you could make new explain for foreigners? Easy english and less confusing.
I even tried translate it into other language, and more difficult words came from my main language which are even more confusing. I guess it's unlucky to take part when you're foreign="=

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms + updated
PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:32 am 
Furious Typer
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Windy Chrome {L_WROTE}:
is there a way to run os on my windows or ubuntu linux pc without connecting it to the grid?

Yes, this is possible with a standalone configuration. You can follow WhiteStar's HowTo with the following changes (which make the whole process much easier):
  • Download OpenSim from instead of from
  • In "Configuration of OpenSim", you can accept all of the defaults; just provide a name for your region and a name and password for the Master Avatar which you will use to log in with your viewer. Start the viewer with the following parameter (given that you run both the viewer and OpenSim on the same machine):
  • Ignore the "Configuration FireWall" and "ROUTERS" sections because they do not apply to a standalone installation.

Usually, the binary distributions from are not as current as those from But this is not an issue for a standalone setup. Once you get more familiar with OpenSimulator and its configuration you can easily use the binaries from and change their configuration from grid mode to standalone.

is there even a way to export/import objects built in secondlife/osgrid? I remember reading about viewers that were banned by LL for doing something of the sort but I don't know how that works...

Linden Lab allows viewers to export objects from Second Life which are your own creations. With import, the usual copyright restrictions apply, i.e. if you have the appropriate rights to use an object/asset, then you are allowed to import it into SL. Please also see the thread exporting ? where I listed some of the viewers that I know to support import and export of objects.

OpenSimulator offers OpenSim Archives and Inventory Archives. These enable you to export and import whole regions and inventories between grids which are based on OpenSimulator and grant access to these techniques (OSGrid obviously does because you run and manage your own OpenSimulator instances).

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows Platforms + updated
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:20 am 

Joined: Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:18 pm
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Carn, thanks so much for the details! That's awesome!

 Post subject: Re: [HOW-TO] Install Step X Step on Windows+ update Jul-06
PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:47 pm 

Joined: Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:52 am
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This thread is suporting some updetes ?

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