osTeleportAgent() and gth issues
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Author:  Snoots Dwagon [ Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  osTeleportAgent() and gth issues

I've been having increasing problems using osTeleportAgent() and gth (command line go to height). Both of these involve teleporting. They both are resulting in an error: "Teleport failed. Internal error."

The result is that it freezes all movement on the region... and the region has to be shut down and re-started. As stated, this seems to be happening more often. I only noticed this since I installed the latest code update.

The main problem is that the region appears to run fine otherwise. But movement is completely halted. I've tried logging out (Firestorm), but upon logging back in still in same, immobile situation. Restarting the server does not work; it has to be totally shut down and re-booted.

Further examination of the server log file indicates this is a BULLET physics problem. Following is a copy of the log text from the beginning of the teleport and following through the entire error routine:

Here is a copy of the Opensim log directly following the osTeleportAgent() call:

22:19:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Teleport for Snoots Dwagon to <794, 998, 3518> within ElvenSong
22:19:01 - [ENTITY TRANSFER MODULE]: Exception on teleport of Snoots Dwagon from <794, 998, 3518>@ElvenSong to <794, 998
, 3518>@ElvenSong: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSAPI
Unman.SetLinearVelocity(BulletBody obj, Vector3 vel) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsMod
ules\BulletS\BSAPIUnman.cs:line 1219
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSCharacter.set_ForceVelocity(Vector3 value) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-
-g235dd37\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSCharacter.cs:line 509
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSPhysObject.<set_Velocity>b__1() in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\O
penSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSPhysObject.cs:line 273
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSScene.TaintedObject(String pOriginator, String pIdent, TaintCallback pCallb
ack) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSScene.cs:line 1244
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSScene.TaintedObject(UInt32 pOriginator, String pIdent, TaintCallback pCallb
ack) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSScene.cs:line 1233
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSPhysObject.set_Velocity(Vector3 value) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-
5dd37\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSPhysObject.cs:line 271
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSCharacter.set_Velocity(Vector3 value) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-
dd37\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSCharacter.cs:line 488
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSPhysObject.SetMomentum(Vector3 momentum) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-
235dd37\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSPhysObject.cs:line 283
at OpenSim.Region.PhysicsModule.BulletS.BSCharacter.SetMomentum(Vector3 momentum) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-
35dd37\OpenSim\Region\PhysicsModules\BulletS\BSCharacter.cs:line 500
at OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.ScenePresence.TeleportWithMomentum(Vector3 pos, Nullable`1 v) in k:\OSGRID\opensim
-\OpenSim\Region\Framework\Scenes\ScenePresence.cs:line 1680
at OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.ScenePresence.Teleport(Vector3 pos) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\Open
Sim\Region\Framework\Scenes\ScenePresence.cs:line 1660
at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.Framework.EntityTransfer.EntityTransferModule.TeleportAgentWithinRegion(ScenePresence s
p, Vector3 position, Vector3 lookAt, UInt32 teleportFlags) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\OpenSim\Region\Core
Modules\Framework\EntityTransfer\EntityTransferModule.cs:line 508
at OpenSim.Region.CoreModules.Framework.EntityTransfer.EntityTransferModule.Teleport(ScenePresence sp, UInt64 regionH
andle, Vector3 position, Vector3 lookAt, UInt32 teleportFlags) in k:\OSGRID\opensim-\OpenSim\Region\
CoreModules\Framework\EntityTransfer\EntityTransferModule.cs:line 408
22:19:09 - [WATCHDOG]: Timeout detected for thread "bulletunmanaged (ElvenSong)". ThreadState=Background, WaitSleepJoin.
Last tick was 7266ms ago.

Author:  paela argus [ Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: osTeleportAgent() and gth issues

That problem concerne only OpenSim Software, i have see too your mantis i close that.

Thanks you.

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