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 Post subject: Purpose Built Server
PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:40 am 
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I am currently running a large variregions on one of the open grids. While the service has been outstanding and the performance good I am curious how much better it might be on a purpose built standalone server. Right now I am running a 25x25 variregions and with no prims and no scripts, having spent the past several weeks just working on the terrain maps from a height map I modified from Terrain party. With just me on the region I am getting FPS that varies from as low as 6 up to 45, again this is without prims or scripts other than me running.
As much as I respect my current host I would love to be able to access the server controls. I have built gaming rigs for years and have a lot of hardware available. My limitations come in when it comes to the software. The closest I have come to setting up a grid is using Simonastick, so I am the total noob when it comes to this.

Per my host the region is being run on a dual core (12 core total) CPU with 32gb of ram on a SSD drive. Starting from scratch I know I can build something better but the question becomes - what needs to be better? Would a single region 25x25/32x32 benefit from more cores, more memory?

This is a very special project and I've tried to use multiple regions connected together and they simply don't work as well as the slower, more laggy 25x25. Sadly, many of the people with the answers seem worried that I want to compete with their grids, which is the farthest thing I have in mind.

Another issue is that since this is a purpose built server would I be better running something other than Windows? Is there anything besides OpenSim that needs to be installed. Lots of questions and most of the data I find is 3-5 years old.

Thanks for any/all assistance


 Post subject: Re: Purpose Built Server
PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:16 pm 

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I am no tech, so all I can pass on is "What I've heard from techs." I will let techs verify or correct statements as they find time.

I have been told that Opensim can use a multi-core system to run a region... so the more cores you have the better. However the viewer supposedly uses only one core, so that is a limitation.

if you're getting low FPS on an unpopulated VAR, that's bad news. That possibly means one of two things: 1) The server system isn't up to snuff in serving a mega-VAR or 2) Something is set incorrectly in your .ini files.

Will the system run faster on a self-served computer? That depends on your Internet setup. It is common for an Internet setup of 25MBPS download speed to only have 2MBPS upload speed-- and upload is what is used to send info to avatars. So your region may run just fine... but getting that info to visitors may be another thing entirely.

Computer-wise, it is possible to have octacore computers (or better). You may ask yourself the question: do you really want a 25x25 system or would several smaller VARs hooked together be better. in reality (from what I understand) roughly the same resources are used running an unpopulated 5x5 as a 25x25. That means a 25x25 is going to be putting a lot more demand on your system. If you're not a tech... you may find running a megaVAR to be a less desirable option. I don't have the inside-scope to know whether it's better to run a 10x10 on an octacore system or four 5x5s. Likely someone out there knows, but it is likely some people out there think they know when they really don't. So might be kind of hard to determine which is best. I know I don't know and don't even really know how to measure.

The only thing I can say there is that if you're running a BARE 25x25 and your FPS is down that low... something isn't right. But self-serving your system (if you have good Internet both ways) would probably greatly improve your performance.

All I can say from direct experience is this: I run a 5x5 VAR called ElvenSong. It is rather heavily populated (even though it doesn't look like it at ground level). It has a 2-region ground area, plus a full region in high sky, plus six Star Trek installations in high sky. Almost 5,000 scripts, texture rich, etc etc. This VAR is self-hosted on a fast i-5 quad core server. It works just fine.

I tried running it in localhost mode and under the new (as of this time) OSgrid installation. I noticed no speed advantage to running it under localhost... which meant it was running just as well connected to OSgrid. I was expecting it to run much faster under localhost... but evidently (from what I can determine), unless there are a lot of avatars on the region the primary impact on the VAR is internal processing rather than Internet communications. Now, get 20 avatars on there all demanding constant updates, and that story can change quickly and dramatically.

What I can recommend is this: if you already have a decent computer... before investing in a new super-powered one, try running your 25x25 in self-serve mode and see how it works. Check your FPS and see if there is an improvement. If there is, then upgrading with lots of cores and a buncha RAM should improve that even more. But realize that an empty 25x25 is a whole different animal than a populated 25x25. Use textures and scripts sparingly and wisely. It's far better to use non-active (trigger-operated) scripts than constantly active scripts... and use particles very sparingly.

Hope this helps. : )

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