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 Post subject: Updating to a new release
PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:08 pm 

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When you update to a new release, it’s recommended you start with a clean folder and use the ini files that come with the update (other than the regions.ini, this you can copy over unless there is a rare occurrence and it changes). If everyone did this, it would solve a good portion of the post update issues that appear in Lbsa, the forums and irc.

Why a new folder? In theory, the new version should overwrite the old one entirely, but there are many people who show up with mixed builds that proves this doesnt always work. Why not just use the old ini's? Because sometimes these ini’s change. Even something small like a change in descriptive text can help you diagnose issues or some new bit of text that isnt uncommented will give you a hint at a future change. I really don’t know why people treat doing this like its torture. I just updated 5 simulators / 7 regions to the latest build and it took me a grand total of 8½ minutes and my cat was “helping”.

I am sure for every person with a simulator running there is a different workflow and what works for me might not work for you, but I thought I would share mine. I am using Windows 7 and mysql and I only have 5 simulators running most of the time.

• Run Windows Update
• Create oar's for any regions with changes since last oar or that haven’t had a recent oar
• Quit regions

Create Master Bin File
• Create new folder for Master Copy of Current Release
• Download Current Release and Unzip to Master Copy Folder

Use "Compare It" or Notepad + to create master versions of opensim.ini and gridcommon.ini (These are the settings I use, you may not, this isnt intended to be a recommendation of one setting over another, its just what works for me)

• Change Max Pool Threads to 150
• Change Listener Port to the number for my first simulator
• Change Say Distance
• Change Shout Distance
• Change / add Permissions applicable to your regions - for example, OSSL functions
• Xengine:
• Enabled = true
• MinTimerInterval = 0.08
• Change ThreadStackSize = 524288
• Change ScriptEnginesPath = C:\Users\Server\Desktop\ScriptEngines
• Enable Vivox and add my id and password
• Change the physics engine if desired
• Change Map options if desired (custom tiles for region or refresh time)

• Comment out SQLite
• Uncomment MySQL and add first simulators storage provider and connection string

Start Master version (simulator 1) and make sure it works -since this is the base for all of the other simulators, I want to correct any errors before proceeding

Create Simulators
• Create Folder for each simulator
• Copy the master Bin folder into each of the Sim Folders
• I use the Master Copy "as is" for Simulator 1
• For all subsequent simulators: (I have this data stored in a separate spreadsheet if I need to reference it so I don't need to open the old ini's to get this data)
• opensim.ini - change listener port
• gridcommon.ini- I have a separate MySQL databases for each simulator, so I change the connection string to the appropriate database. (If you are using SQLite, you can skip this step but remember to copy over your db from the old bin to the new one)

Changes to regions.ini are rare, provided there hasn’t been any, Copy the region.ini from the prior simulator into the current region folder
• Create a new shortcuts for each of the simulators and put on the desktop (this might not be the best approach for Win 8)

Reboot PC to install any windows updates - my server runs continuously, so I like to reboot whenever I update Opensim to give it a clean start.

Restart the Simulators from the shortcuts, run as administrator and accept the warning message, this will add them to the firewall exceptions. (again, might not work for Win 8)

If everything looks good, move the prior simulators to an archive folder. This way if there is a problem discovered with the current release, reverting to the prior release is just a matter of clicking.

Common Errors (for me – I blame inadequate coffee)
Existing region indicates that it doesn't belong to an Estate and asks if you want to join one - don't! This is likely because something about your MySQL database path isn’t correct or the region.ini is messed up – fix it and continue.

See – it’s not torture – takes far less time than trying to diagnose the problems caused by saving over your old Opensim folder and copying your old ini’s. The added bonus is that if there are issues with the latest release, everything is intact from the prior release, start it up and go.

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