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 Post subject: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:25 am 
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First I am albertlr Landar on OSgrid . I have already stated publicly that my background is in Non-Profit organizations. Much more so than most other people. I have stepped forward to help OSgrid through this process of getting all its affairs in order. Hiro has stepped forward to do the same thing and try to make sure that OSgrid and its operations are in full compliance with the laws of Texas where it is in the process of being incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation, and the United States.

Some have said on the internet in their blogs and chat forums that OSgrid is illegally advertising itself as a Non-Profit. That is not the case and is a complete distortion of the facts. And it has been claimed that it has been advertised that those that donate can deduct their donations to the organization as a tax deduction. This is also a major distortion of the facts. Neither of these claims are true. Read what it says for yourself: It has been pointed out that a change was made in that the word non-profit was removed from the donation page. This change was made so as not to confuse those about the current status of OSgrid and because a new organization is being formed to replace the old one. An organization that is non-profit does not have to be tax deductible. Many non-profits are in fact taxable that is if they in fact have a profit. It depends on their purpose and their activities. The old organization OSgrid, Inc which was formed and functioning in California was and has always been operated as a non-profit. That organization was suspended by the State of California, and the name was abandoned. The current new organization has the same name, same polices, and same purposes and has been set up in Texas, a new state and location, but its status is now being determined by the State of Texas and the IRS. These determinations will be forth coming and will be made public. No where has the organization claimed that it is tax deductable, that is an assumption that some people have wrongly made or have out of ignorance said to others. As I have already stated we are in the process of forming a board, we are filing the necessary papers to eventually be designated as a "nonprofit" corporation, because despite not having the legal status currently, that is how it is operated day in and day out, with all volunteers. There are no profits, and all donations go towards keeping the servers working that provide this free platform for all. These misrepresentations of the facts are just another attack on the reputation of OSgrid that has served as a home to many people from many countries for several years now. And complaints to Paypal are just one more attempt to sabotage the efforts to keep OSgrid functioning for its users and developers. I want to thank those that have called to task those that are behind these efforts, because they do not have the interest of OSgrid nor you as motivations for their actions and statements.

And this brings me to the other situation with Child Avatars. I am repeating once more what has already been said and which has consistently been distorted by others with a suspicious agenda. The laws of the US do not currently outlaw child avatar role playing, but some countries do and they have access to the OSgrid servers. So as a safe guard for both children and possible legal liability for OSgrid the management is asking for no child avatars to be allowed on the OSgrid plazas. THIS DOES NOT APPLY to other regions run by the users of OSgrid. That will be the responsibility of those sim owners with their own legal liability. And others have said well what happens if someone accidentally teleports or is dumped at one of the plazas. Well I would think that a polite greeter would warn them of the policy and give them the opportunity to teleport to a more open area or change to another avatar. But if there are several "accidents" from the same avatar continually I would begin to suspect that the actions may be on purpose. All of this can and will be worked out to the satisfaction of most everyone eventually. So please be patient.

Hopefully the ban on OSgrid Child Sex play is understood and agreed upon by most everyone. But though a lot of people have been reluctant to speak about it, I feel it is my duty to do so. The problems with the Child Avatars did not come from OSgrid or its management. It began first on Second Life, when a group of people were kicked off of Second Life because of having Child Sex Slave Auctions. Many of those people and others then migrated over to the now closed Meta7 Grid. That Grid eventually closed as this article shows: But to quote the owner "Meta7 is mostly known as sexual and especially sexual ageplay grid". Now where do you suppose some of those people went to after it closed, would not a free and open Grid also serve their purposes? Also it has been said that despite Meta7 claiming that they closed because of the law suit, that Interpol and the FBI were also putting pressure on the Grid to close or else legal measures would be following against the owners and others. This was an open ended problem on OSgrid and it had to be addressed.

I have volunteered to be the Secretary on the Board because of my past experiences with nonprofit organizations. More information will be forth coming on the board and where things stand. But unfortunately it takes time to complete applications, and submit the supporting material for both Incorporating and obtaining a nonprofit status. But OSgrid is not going to close down in the meantime, the efforts of those that want it to will not succeed.

What Hiro has done is only enforce the policy that was already posted. Unfortunately a lot of Age Role Players have wrongly assumed this was a campaign against them also. So I would sure question who you are aligning yourself with and all the false rumors and lies that are being spread about what Hiro has tried to do. He is not the most diplomatic person in all this, but as a father with children himself he is justified to be very passionate about it.

Now some of the other complaints that seem to keep coming up are that people feel that they can not have their say. Unfortunately Hiro tried that with the open chat for several weeks with some bad results. What he and the management have come up with is a simple method for everyone to have a say, and for the management to have input and suggestions. Put note cards in the drop boxes with your questions or concerns and they will put your answers here in the forums for all to read.

Hiro is having to handle the day to day operations of OSgrid at the same time as he serves as its new Board President. No single board member can run an organization that way continually. It requires volunteers and others to assume some of the duties or an individual will burn themselves out eventually. Once the board has been formally formed then Policies and by laws will be made public, and during that process input for the Members, Users and Residents of OSgrid will be accepted. The By-Laws will have all the answers to everyone's concerns. As part of our submission for Nonprofit status, it is clearly stated that there will be members of OSgrid. The details of all that again will be worked out in a civil and legal process. To become a member you just need to be an active user of OSgrid, there will be no change to be a member. However as it is now, donations will be accepted from anyone that wishes to help with the maintenance of the servers. Also once nonprofit status is determine, it would be possible to seek grants from government sources, or additional improvements to the Hardware or even expansion.

Unfortunately the prior OSgrid organization faded away due to many problems which I won't get into as those have already been discussed and explained. But this is not that same organization, please let me make that perfectly clear. This is a new organization that has taken over the duties and responsibilities of OSgrid that was located in California. And much praise should be given to Hiro for doing this for everyone's sake that is involved with Osgrid.

I would like to ask everyone on OSgrid to look at your sims that you are on. Ask yourself has anything really changed for you. I think most of you will say well no but what about the future. Well the future is OSgird will continue to operate, but it must enforce its policies. That does not mean coming into your sim and telling you what to do or not to do. It means you have to respect the policies as it applies to the OSgrid Plazas. And then you go back to your own sims as you have in the past, where you can and will enforce your own policies and which others must respect. The policing of OSgrid as a whole will depend on the residents not the board or volunteers. I am a resident myself I have no connection to anyone running OSgrid. I host my own regions from my home. If anything illegal is reported, it must be dealt with. And a legal logical process will be put into place eventually concerning that. Any community in real life or the virtual world must eventually do this or to put it bluntly "all hell will break lose". And it sure seems like a lot of this has happened lately just because those in charge are trying to do the right and legal thing. Hiro does not have a board as yet, but there will be one soon, and we have taken the initial steps to do this. You will be given more information on this also soon. But in the meantime, please take a breath, and think twice about all the rumors you are hearing. I am not in OSgrid a lot, but anytime anyone wants to talk to me I will take the time to talk to you and answer your questions to the best of my ability. And it will be the same for all the other board members once it is announced formally.

There have been several regions removed by their owners from OSgrid because of these rumors and probably for other reasons too. But everyone that is running a legal sim and not breaking the law, is welcome on OSgrid. They always have and always will be welcome. Please don't let a small group of uninformed individuals, or others that might have ulterior motives, and could be liable for criminal prosecution mislead you. I can guarantee that Hiro will not bite, nor will I, the volunteers or the other future board members. Just ask what's the truth, and you will get it from all of us. That is the promise I can give.

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 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:30 am 
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Fantastic post. Hope people bother to actually read it and understand the concepts you outlined. Nice work, thank you!

Walter Balazic
Littlefield Systems

 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:11 am 
Furious Typer
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Thank you Albertlr,

for these clarifying words. That sounds much different to all the rumors, which brough fear under residents to be banned only because teleporting with the "wrong" shape.

I could only repeat the suggestion: Probably a special landing region as target for erratic teleports and default hypergridders may help a lot to bring the fear going away from the grid. It is a big difference between saying "child avas are pedophiles" (which would be the same than "Germans are nazis") and the actual saying "the owners of the Plazas don't want child avas on their regions". I think you understand, what difference I mean.

Of course sexual age play should be reportet to RL police, also in Germany this kind of avatar usage is illegal.

I wish you and the team the best, to reduce the communication leak betweeen team and community and calm down these rumors. Make love not war,

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 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:57 am 
Furious Typer
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Thank you Albertlr!

I am looking forward to the future of OSgrid, and this information is good to know.

 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:18 am 

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Are you able to tell us under which Internal Revenue Code OSgrid will be filing as a non-profit?

 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:56 am 
Furious Typer
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Thank you Albertlr :)

This post was very much needed for all concerned.


 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:08 am 

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albertlr Landar {L_WROTE}:
The laws of the US do not currently outlaw child avatar role playing, but some countries do

You are making stuff up right there, Albert. ;)

 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:50 am 
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This is a well thought out public statement and you bring a much needed professional filter to this discussion. However, why end such an academically thorough piece on such a vague note:

or others that might have ulterior motives, and could be liable for criminal prosecution mislead you

Please continue and elaborate on these matters with the same clarity as the rest of your post. I'm assuming you are now a legal or otherwise authoritative proxy between the OSGrid management and the public. As the best solution to ending this feud is to eliminate rumor milling and intimidation through threats, this is a chance for you to set an example for the rest of the community. We look forward to your answer.

 Post subject: Re: Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:30 am 
Furious Typer
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Thanks for that. There's a lot of good explanation there and your communication style is much appreciated.

I'd be curious to know for interest's sake; which countries in which it's illegal to fictionally portray a child as an avatar. Do you or does anyone have info on that? I'm not trying to argue. I just find it interesting. I play characters of all ages and role playing is about writing for me. I don't feel my virtual identity is that of a child. In fact no one here but those who role play with me will ever see me represented as anything by my Jamie Wright avatar. It's more that character ideas come to me a family or even a village at a time and to be realistic those places have all ages. I certainly don't baby talk as child characters or impose them in places around the grid where they wouldn't be part of a story that is very obviously a work of fiction. I also adore playing senior citizens. I've always felt that as authors write characters of all ages that should be fair game to the sort of live improv style writing that is role play. But I also don't want to break any laws. What are the implications of me being in Canada, on a grid that's hosted in Texas, playing a child character in a legitimate and PG storytelling way with someone from said country that outlaws this? I think this is information I and others who might do the same should be aware of.


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