Uploading a mesh file with Firestorm, resolved issue.
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Author:  LaNani Sundara [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Uploading a mesh file with Firestorm, resolved issue.

I used to have issues when i tried to upload a mesh file with Firestorm. It often gave some error message about missing physics. So i usually uploaded with Singularity.

But then I googled and found some people mention that you should make 2 dae files, one WITH textures and one WITHOUT texture. I use Sketchup, there is a Options... button when you Export a 3D model to a dae file. You can uncheck the option to "Export Texture Maps" there in that Options menu. So that is how you can make 1 dae file with and one without textures. To export a textured version again, just check the box in Options... again before exporting.

The dae file with the textures is the one you upload as mesh file in Firestorm. Then in the Upload Model interface you go to the Physics tab page and at "Step 1: Level of Detail" you select "From file" and there you upload the dae file without the textures.
This seems the crucial thing to do that prevents the error that Firestorm kept giving me otherwise.

Next you go to the Upload Option tab page and check the box to Include textures, and you click on Calculate weights & fee, ... and then you should get no more error about physics and can happily Upload your model.

I hope this helps others who were having the same problem.


After experimenting with this method I think the 2nd dae file without the textures is not needed.
Using the original textured version of the dae file as mesh file that you upload, and also using the same dae file on the Physics tab for "Step 1: Level of Detail" / "From file", you also avoid the dreaded physics error.

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