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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for February 3rd, 2018
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:33 am 
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[2018/02/03 10:52] George Equus: Hi Bobcat
[2018/02/03 10:52] Bobcatt Nielson: hi
[2018/02/03 10:52] Mystic Moonlight: hey albert ,hey george ,hey bob
[2018/02/03 10:53] George Equus: You made it :)
[2018/02/03 10:53] Mystic Moonlight: yes ty for the lm was fast~s
[2018/02/03 10:53] George Equus: discussions in Finland and Sweden to scrap summertime.
[2018/02/03 10:54] albertlr Landar: See no lag or rezz problems here today
[2018/02/03 10:54] albertlr Landar: So you just going to have winter and fall and spring
[2018/02/03 10:54] Bobcatt Nielson: lol
[2018/02/03 10:54] George Equus: Ju still sit in the air Albert, no chairs yet
[2018/02/03 10:54] Bobcatt Nielson: I do.
[2018/02/03 10:55] Mystic Moonlight: u dont see chairs george?
[2018/02/03 10:55] George Equus: no
[2018/02/03 10:55] George Equus: those by Albert, rest is ok
[2018/02/03 10:55] albertlr Landar: Hum I saw chairs all around when I first landed.
[2018/02/03 10:55] Mystic Moonlight: wow u do have lag on your end must be your viewer
[2018/02/03 10:55] sugar baran is Online
[2018/02/03 10:55] albertlr Landar: Maybe your cache needed to be filled first.
[2018/02/03 10:55] George Equus: No lag at all, rez fine on any other region but here
[2018/02/03 10:55] George Equus: Hi Azi
[2018/02/03 10:56] Bobcatt Nielson: heads and hairs only no bodies.
[2018/02/03 10:56] Mystic Moonlight: sprays the paint on the seats so george can see them lol
[2018/02/03 10:56] George Equus: Cache is filled Albert
[2018/02/03 10:56] Bobcatt Nielson: oh and hats.
[2018/02/03 10:56] Azi Az: Hi George, Albertir,Mystic,Bob :)))))
[2018/02/03 10:56] albertlr Landar: well I asked Dan to reboot Hurliman for us this week.
[2018/02/03 10:56] George Equus: don't touch it under normal circumstances
[2018/02/03 10:57] George Equus: no your chairs materialized :)
[2018/02/03 10:57] George Equus: *now
[2018/02/03 10:57] albertlr Landar: good, dont want to fall on floor eventually.
[2018/02/03 10:57] George Equus: :)
[2018/02/03 10:57] George Equus: Hi Danger
[2018/02/03 10:57] Mystic Moonlight: hey azi~s
[2018/02/03 10:58] Mystic Moonlight: hey danger~s
[2018/02/03 10:58] Azi Az: he is afk for a bit
[2018/02/03 10:59] Jeff Hall is Online
[2018/02/03 11:00] albertlr Landar: Hi Danger, Azi
[2018/02/03 11:00] albertlr Landar: Greetings Kayaker and Jeff
[2018/02/03 11:00] George Equus: Hi Jeff
[2018/02/03 11:00] Azi Az: Albertir :)))
[2018/02/03 11:00] Mystic Moonlight: ill say one thing for sure this is no where as laggy as it was in wrights lol
[2018/02/03 11:00] Mystic Moonlight: hey jeff
[2018/02/03 11:00] Jeff Hall: hi everyone
[2018/02/03 11:00] albertlr Landar: Thats good
[2018/02/03 11:00] George Equus: Hello Kayaker
[2018/02/03 11:00] Azi Az: Hi Jeff and Kayaker :))))
[2018/02/03 11:01] Kayaker Magic: Hello all!
[2018/02/03 11:01] Mystic Moonlight: hey kayaker
[2018/02/03 11:01] stiofain mactomais is Offline
[2018/02/03 11:02] Kayaker Magic: This place isn't laggy for movement or chat, but things rez very slow here.
[2018/02/03 11:02] Danger Lytton waves - sorry was getting lunch to eat
[2018/02/03 11:02] Azi Az: its everywhere meshes are very slow to rezz lately
[2018/02/03 11:02] stiofain mactomais is Online
[2018/02/03 11:03] albertlr Landar: well we were having a little problem with chat last week, but seems to have cleared up this week.
[2018/02/03 11:03] Mystic Moonlight: rezzed fast for me which is weird usually i am the slowest to see all lol
[2018/02/03 11:03] Mystic Moonlight: im in the country on dsl way out in nowhere land lol
[2018/02/03 11:04] albertlr Landar: well that is good for you then
[2018/02/03 11:04] Bobcatt Nielson: lol saved from giant naked people like in lsna
[2018/02/03 11:04] Mystic Moonlight: mesh avas r def slow azi
[2018/02/03 11:04] Jeff Hall: yes mesh avs dont rezz
[2018/02/03 11:04] Azi Az: not only avis also mesh builds as well
[2018/02/03 11:04] albertlr Landar: AT&T has just buried new fiber optics in my neighborhood but I have not yet tried them.
[2018/02/03 11:05] albertlr Landar: I am currently on comcast/exfenity fiber.
[2018/02/03 11:05] Caro Fayray is Online
[2018/02/03 11:05] Bobcatt Nielson: well noticed it was with firestorm mostly using other viewers les issues.
[2018/02/03 11:05] Azi Az: only now ur chair is starting to show parts lol
[2018/02/03 11:05] Mystic Moonlight: i miss comcast that stuff is the greatest lol
[2018/02/03 11:06] George Equus: Hi Caro
[2018/02/03 11:06] albertlr Landar: I just hope they don't start throttling back on their speed, because of the repeal of net neutrality.
[2018/02/03 11:06] Azi Az: Hi Caro :)))
[2018/02/03 11:06] Jeff Hall: Hey Caro:)
[2018/02/03 11:07] Caro Fayray: hey azi and jeff and everyone
[2018/02/03 11:07] Danger Lytton: yeah i worry about that too albert
[2018/02/03 11:07] Foxx Bode is Online
[2018/02/03 11:07] albertlr Landar: Well I guess we can begin this week.
[2018/02/03 11:07] Mystic Moonlight: hey caro
[2018/02/03 11:07] Mystic Moonlight: hey foxx
[2018/02/03 11:07] Danger Lytton: do the grid servers in canada have net neutrality?
[2018/02/03 11:07] Azi Az: Hi Foxx :)))))))
[2018/02/03 11:07] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2018/02/03 11:07] Jeff Hall: hey Foxx
[2018/02/03 11:07] Bobcatt Nielson: lol, they do that, people drop thier service they undo it and beg people back and do something else silly to drive away customers.
[2018/02/03 11:07] albertlr Landar: There is a new issue of US magazine both on the web page and in the kiosk by the front door on this region.
[2018/02/03 11:08] George Equus: What I don't understand is why many complained about lag at Wright Plaza and I never had those problems there but here... most seem happy and I must sometimes wait 10 min for everything to rez properly. make no sense
[2018/02/03 11:08] albertlr Landar: I do know the Canadians are better at serving the public than the US is currently.
[2018/02/03 11:08] stiofain mactomais: hi folks
[2018/02/03 11:08] Mystic Moonlight: read the new issue at 4am this morning it was well done
[2018/02/03 11:08] Mystic Moonlight: hey stio
[2018/02/03 11:09] George Equus: Hi Stio
[2018/02/03 11:09] Azi Az: Hi Stio :))))
[2018/02/03 11:09] Bobcatt Nielson: people on low end systems that fail to proporly adjust thier viewer settings.
[2018/02/03 11:09] Caro Fayray: mm...seats not rezzing:)
[2018/02/03 11:09] George Equus: Hello Fox
[2018/02/03 11:09] albertlr Landar: hum could it have something to do with where you are connecting from?
[2018/02/03 11:09] Jim Jackson is Online
[2018/02/03 11:09] George Equus: No clue
[2018/02/03 11:09] George Equus: Got a very high end system
[2018/02/03 11:10] albertlr Landar: And this week wanted to mention again that we have a new Saturday Q&A forum where the weekly chat will be posted from now on.
[2018/02/03 11:10] albertlr Landar: I finally moved it up the forum list. So its easier to find.
[2018/02/03 11:10] albertlr Landar: I am also going to be trying to help clean up the forums some, so its not so cluttered.
[2018/02/03 11:11] albertlr Landar: All the forums for past Birthdays will be removed, and important things like the schedule will be moved to archives.
[2018/02/03 11:11] Mystic Moonlight: kool albert i still enjoy reading and using the forums glad its getting some attention and use again
[2018/02/03 11:11] albertlr Landar: That should make it less cluttered.
[2018/02/03 11:11] albertlr Landar: well I am going to see what I can do.
[2018/02/03 11:12] albertlr Landar: And maybe make some links from the wiki to important things buried down in the forums.
[2018/02/03 11:12] George Equus: Appreciated Albert
[2018/02/03 11:13] Mystic Moonlight: ty i am sure you will do fine ,,,sorting ,organizing and cleaning it up
[2018/02/03 11:13] George Equus: Has it ever been done before?
[2018/02/03 11:13] albertlr Landar: Well Dan has me set up as an Admin there now, so I am able to better edit, etc.
[2018/02/03 11:13] albertlr Landar: Yea, but volunteers come and go.
[2018/02/03 11:15] Mystic Moonlight: thanks albert that will be great
[2018/02/03 11:15] albertlr Landar: So anyone have a topic they would like to discuss. Or questions about things.
[2018/02/03 11:15] albertlr Landar: I should mention that I discovered a problem in the Welcome Area.
[2018/02/03 11:15] Mystic Moonlight: there is a good topic
[2018/02/03 11:15] Caro Fayray: do ppl still g o there?
[2018/02/03 11:16] albertlr Landar: Oh yea.
[2018/02/03 11:16] Mystic Moonlight: the welcome area is that still used
[2018/02/03 11:16] Caro Fayray: ok
[2018/02/03 11:16] albertlr Landar: We get help requests all the time.
[2018/02/03 11:16] Caro Fayray: cos they arrive at lbsa now right
[2018/02/03 11:16] albertlr Landar: yea, but some go on over there too.
[2018/02/03 11:16] Caro Fayray: ok
[2018/02/03 11:16] albertlr Landar: Has anyone tried to join a new avatar over on SL recently?
[2018/02/03 11:16] Caro Fayray: lol,,why would we
[2018/02/03 11:17] Bobcatt Nielson: nope
[2018/02/03 11:17] Danger Lytton: not me
[2018/02/03 11:17] Mystic Moonlight: lol
[2018/02/03 11:17] albertlr Landar: I had to do that to set up our new OSgridInc one.
[2018/02/03 11:17] Caro Fayray: ah o k
[2018/02/03 11:17] albertlr Landar: Well the process for the Welcome center, is long and elaborate.
[2018/02/03 11:17] albertlr Landar: over there.
[2018/02/03 11:17] albertlr Landar: I really got impatient.
[2018/02/03 11:18] albertlr Landar: They assume everyone is a newbie.
[2018/02/03 11:18] George Equus: Last time I went there a couple of months ago portals didn't work
[2018/02/03 11:18] Mystic Moonlight: well even if people that are new go to welcome first they come to lbsa to seek help anyways is there a way to incorporate both into one big area
[2018/02/03 11:18] albertlr Landar: And they give you some lindens to complete tasks.
[2018/02/03 11:18] George Equus: Got a feeling that the place was somehow abandoned... thought was actually
[2018/02/03 11:18] albertlr Landar: Well what I was getting at, is ours is shorter, and I think more to the point.
[2018/02/03 11:19] albertlr Landar: They gave me some lindens as I said, and had a maze that you had to get the prize at the end.
[2018/02/03 11:19] albertlr Landar: I just flew over and landed at the prize, and they took my lindens away.
[2018/02/03 11:19] Caro Fayray: lol idstill be there if i was new now then
[2018/02/03 11:19] albertlr Landar: So they don't like cheating, apparently.
[2018/02/03 11:20] Danger Lytton: guess not
[2018/02/03 11:20] Danger Lytton: lol
[2018/02/03 11:20] Caro Fayray: u should have gotten more for initiative albert
[2018/02/03 11:20] Azi Az: looool
[2018/02/03 11:20] Bobcatt Nielson: lol, hanging around Lbsa, often can get to abuse mute there often
[2018/02/03 11:21] albertlr Landar: But the problem I found at our Welcome center, is there was a multi teleporter there that apparently someone had disabled.
[2018/02/03 11:21] albertlr Landar: It would not work.
[2018/02/03 11:21] Danger Lytton is Online
[2018/02/03 11:21] George Equus: right
[2018/02/03 11:21] albertlr Landar: So it left the guest there at the end with no way to tp out.
[2018/02/03 11:21] Caro Fayray: thats bad
[2018/02/03 11:22] albertlr Landar: So I rezzed a temporary one there for the time being till we can get it fixed.
[2018/02/03 11:22] George Equus: One way to keep ppl here :)
[2018/02/03 11:22] albertlr Landar: Apparently someone delete the scripts on the buttons on it.
[2018/02/03 11:22] Caro Fayray: haha
[2018/02/03 11:22] Azi Az: One of the problems of welcome centers are that they dont have Lm's and ppl get lost not knowing where to go
[2018/02/03 11:22] Bobcatt Nielson: the target regions location was moved, so the telporters were not updated
[2018/02/03 11:22] Mystic Moonlight: i think ours is well done to albert but moving the welcome into lbsa would be nice have a small area for changing rooms and maybe a small rez area lot for them to open things ,,, on one side where the tutorials would be etc and then of course a nice lounge to come social ,,or at least gates to sandbox and most popular shops on the grid for ava wear and things like that most want to get meshy avas on landing lol
[2018/02/03 11:22] albertlr Landar: Well these were all to various plazas.
[2018/02/03 11:23] albertlr Landar: And there were points to various sims but I think it is best to just let them return to lbsa from where they came.
[2018/02/03 11:23] Caro Fayray: yes,,,they can get all the lms there too
[2018/02/03 11:23] albertlr Landar: But as I had mentioned in the past I am going to fix a few things over there too.
[2018/02/03 11:24] albertlr Landar: at the welcome center.
[2018/02/03 11:24] Bobcatt Nielson: lot of destinations in the multy teleporter are also running older grid code
[2018/02/03 11:24] Danger Lytton: does the call button still work - its been a while since i seen a help call
[2018/02/03 11:24] albertlr Landar: well they have most of that now Mystic, but it can be refined some as you suggest.
[2018/02/03 11:25] Bobcatt Nielson: they refuse to update their grids. software..
[2018/02/03 11:25] albertlr Landar: I would like to ask if anyone is using Ubode or still Buttlet.
[2018/02/03 11:26] Jeff Hall: i use ubode
[2018/02/03 11:26] Kayaker Magic: ubODE
[2018/02/03 11:26] Caro Fayray: ubode for mine
[2018/02/03 11:26] George Equus: me too
[2018/02/03 11:26] Bobcatt Nielson: I'm using ubode.
[2018/02/03 11:26] Bobcatt Nielson: lol
[2018/02/03 11:26] Danger Lytton: most of mine are ubode
[2018/02/03 11:26] albertlr Landar: I have been using ubode myself for a good while now.
[2018/02/03 11:26] Danger Lytton: but a couple of my renters asked to keep bullet
[2018/02/03 11:26] Jeff Hall: bullet is good too
[2018/02/03 11:26] albertlr Landar: I've not noticed any real problem with it.
[2018/02/03 11:26] Jim Jackson is Offline
[2018/02/03 11:26] Jeff Hall: is the best for bouncing
[2018/02/03 11:26] Mystic Moonlight: ty albert
[2018/02/03 11:27] Bobcatt Nielson: I got lag, but think it hardwear issue.
[2018/02/03 11:27] albertlr Landar: well I noticed the ubit had made some fixes to the IAR function, not sure what it corrected.
[2018/02/03 11:27] albertlr Landar: this past week.
[2018/02/03 11:28] albertlr Landar: I've not loaded a new git build for my own grid, but I will probably try that out this coming week.
[2018/02/03 11:29] albertlr Landar: But has anyone experienced any problems with the new profile and/or mute modules.
[2018/02/03 11:30] Bobcatt Nielson: mute still fails
[2018/02/03 11:30] Caro Fayray: havent tried to mute anyone
[2018/02/03 11:30] Danger Lytton: neither have I
[2018/02/03 11:30] Azi Az: me either
[2018/02/03 11:30] albertlr Landar: I think that using singulariey for HG between regions not running the latest release can cause it to crash if you click on the profiles
[2018/02/03 11:30] Danger Lytton: but seems profiles are working across grids now
[2018/02/03 11:30] George Equus: My mutes work apparently. still there
[2018/02/03 11:30] Caro Fayray: yes
[2018/02/03 11:30] Caro Fayray: no more messages as unobtainable
[2018/02/03 11:31] Bobcatt Nielson: not for me
[2018/02/03 11:31] Azi Az: i still get unknown users
[2018/02/03 11:31] Bobcatt Nielson: minute I relog they are unmuted
[2018/02/03 11:31] Mystic Moonlight: will the fixes be in the next release
[2018/02/03 11:31] Bobcatt Nielson: and have to remute them.
[2018/02/03 11:31] albertlr Landar: well if it comes up as unknown at least it does not crash.
[2018/02/03 11:31] albertlr Landar: the current release for OSgrid does have those fixes included.
[2018/02/03 11:31] George Equus: that is odd Bobcatt
[2018/02/03 11:32] Foxx Bode: I've had some reports of picks not being saved, and resolved DNS cache issues at a few users. ( ipconfig /flushdns )
[2018/02/03 11:32] albertlr Landar: And yea, it will probably be in the official release when ever they get to releasing that.
[2018/02/03 11:32] Mystic Moonlight: the one from the 18th?
[2018/02/03 11:32] Caro Fayray: i had to redo mine after migration but htey have stuck n ow
[2018/02/03 11:33] albertlr Landar: yea the 18th.
[2018/02/03 11:33] Azi Az: everytime i login it tells me i cant rezz missing data in assets
[2018/02/03 11:33] albertlr Landar: That has the new modules and ini setting.
[2018/02/03 11:33] Mystic Moonlight: ok ty
[2018/02/03 11:34] Jim Jackson is Online
[2018/02/03 11:34] Danger Lytton: i have been noticing error messages caused when a region tries to take a data snapshop - acting like it is timing out
[2018/02/03 11:34] Danger Lytton: this is in the server
[2018/02/03 11:34] Jeff Hall: yes ive seen that too
[2018/02/03 11:35] Jeff Hall: unable to take datasnaphot because file is in use or some like that
[2018/02/03 11:35] Bobcatt Nielson: lots of failed to bring up profile messages on my other account.
[2018/02/03 11:35] George Equus: Yes, got that error too
[2018/02/03 11:35] albertlr Landar: Thats probably because the old one is no longer working.
[2018/02/03 11:35] Bobcatt Nielson: and then sending myself failed im bugs.
[2018/02/03 11:35] George Equus: on datatsnapshot
[2018/02/03 11:36] Bobcatt Nielson: after every teleport
[2018/02/03 11:37] Bobcatt Nielson: so don't use the other account due to spam.
[2018/02/03 11:37] albertlr Landar: Well I also notice that the last change that ubit made was "do not timeout floartsam assets chaching thread"
[2018/02/03 11:38] albertlr Landar: So that might help with some of those errors. This was just made yesterday on Feb. 2nd to the git.
[2018/02/03 11:39] Danger Lytton: there
[2018/02/03 11:40] albertlr Landar: so once we get a copy of those changes to the OSgrid release, it might quiet some of those errors down.
[2018/02/03 11:41] Total Sorbet: hi folks :)
[2018/02/03 11:41] Caro Fayray: hey total
[2018/02/03 11:41] albertlr Landar: Hello total, greetings.
[2018/02/03 11:41] Jeff Hall: hey total
[2018/02/03 11:41] Danger Lytton elbows total in the ribs
[2018/02/03 11:41] Azi Az: Hi Total :)))
[2018/02/03 11:41] Danger Lytton: hi there
[2018/02/03 11:41] albertlr Landar: Kind of quiet this week.
[2018/02/03 11:41] George Equus: Hello Total
[2018/02/03 11:41] albertlr Landar: well back to finances.
[2018/02/03 11:41] Total Sorbet: :)
[2018/02/03 11:41] albertlr Landar: I have some good news to report.
[2018/02/03 11:42] albertlr Landar: Seems that we had a total contribution for the year, 2017 of over $15,000
[2018/02/03 11:42] Total Sorbet: wow
[2018/02/03 11:42] Azi Az: wow
[2018/02/03 11:42] Total Sorbet: that is good news :)
[2018/02/03 11:42] Caro Fayray: cool
[2018/02/03 11:43] albertlr Landar: We are in the catagory with the IRS as a small non-profit.
[2018/02/03 11:43] George Equus: wow
[2018/02/03 11:43] Mystic Moonlight: nice
[2018/02/03 11:43] albertlr Landar: We would have to have income of over $50,000 to exceed that catagory, but still its pretty good for our size.
[2018/02/03 11:44] Total Sorbet: how does it compare to years previous?
[2018/02/03 11:44] albertlr Landar: and for our needs.
[2018/02/03 11:45] Jeff Hall: do we have a good cushion now albert?
Answer: Yes, we are in much better financial health than the prior two year.
[2018/02/03 11:45] albertlr Landar: The only time we have exceeded that was in 2014 when we had the big crash.
[2018/02/03 11:45] albertlr Landar: And the total then was $16,981
[2018/02/03 11:45] Azi Az: lets crash it again ? lol
[2018/02/03 11:45] Total Sorbet: lols!!!
[2018/02/03 11:45] George Equus: sshhh
[2018/02/03 11:46] albertlr Landar: But actually with the extra donations we also received to our checking account the totals were still close to that.
[2018/02/03 11:46] Danger Lytton kicks azi
[2018/02/03 11:46] Danger Lytton: shjhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[2018/02/03 11:46] Azi Az: looool
[2018/02/03 11:46] Foxx Bode: hehe, dont wish too hard, we still have some asset servers to move....
[2018/02/03 11:46] George Equus: right....
[2018/02/03 11:46] Caro Fayray: mmmm
[2018/02/03 11:46] Azi Az: dont scare us Foxx :)))))
[2018/02/03 11:46] albertlr Landar: 2013, 2015 and 2016 we were around $13,000
[2018/02/03 11:47] Danger Lytton: wb
[2018/02/03 11:47] Total Sorbet: ty
[2018/02/03 11:47] albertlr Landar: each year
[2018/02/03 11:47] ladyjo martin is Offline
[2018/02/03 11:47] Caro Fayray: wb total
[2018/02/03 11:47] Total Sorbet: ty :)
[2018/02/03 11:48] Total Sorbet: well hopefully that finance curve will keep on the up... there are quite a number of new faces in osg
[2018/02/03 11:48] albertlr Landar: And Stio lets congratulate you on your Birthday celebrations last week.
[2018/02/03 11:48] Bobcatt Nielson: lol, funny used to pay more than that on sl just to run a bunch of regions till deleted em.
[2018/02/03 11:48] Caro Fayray: yesstio
[2018/02/03 11:48] Caro Fayray: was a great party
[2018/02/03 11:48] stiofain mactomais: lol thx albert it went well
[2018/02/03 11:48] albertlr Landar: You had been doing that for a long and successful time.
[2018/02/03 11:49] Bobcatt Nielson: I'm Sure still close to that still.
[2018/02/03 11:49] albertlr Landar: Just as long as OSgrid.
[2018/02/03 11:49] Danger Lytton: longer - he started in sl
[2018/02/03 11:49] albertlr Landar: well I meant over here on opensim.
[2018/02/03 11:49] ladyjo martin is Online
[2018/02/03 11:50] albertlr Landar: I have only been here 9 years myself.
[2018/02/03 11:50] stiofain mactomais: well first 2 yrs were on sl but as soon as osg could handle large crowds we closed that down
[2018/02/03 11:50] Azi Az: yes he deserves Congratulations as its not easy to run a venue for so long time
[2018/02/03 11:50] albertlr Landar: And there was a good article on your efforts over on Hypergrid Business I understand.
[2018/02/03 11:51] stiofain mactomais: shud have a vid ready iin few days marking it
[2018/02/03 11:51] Danger Lytton: id like to make an anouncemnt if i may
[2018/02/03 11:51] albertlr Landar: ... niversary/
[2018/02/03 11:51] albertlr Landar: Sure Danger go a head.
[2018/02/03 11:51] stiofain mactomais: yea hgbiz article was cool gets seen by a lot of ppl
[2018/02/03 11:51] Danger Lytton: as some of u may already know - LadyJo's husband Ultra passed away this last week
[2018/02/03 11:51] Danger Lytton: azi and i knew him
[2018/02/03 11:51] Danger Lytton: he was fun person
[2018/02/03 11:52] Mystic Moonlight: so sad ultra will be missed
[2018/02/03 11:52] Danger Lytton: Jo is doing a memorial set today
[2018/02/03 11:52] albertlr Landar: Sorry to ehar that.
[2018/02/03 11:52] stiofain mactomais: oh didnt know that danger
[2018/02/03 11:52] Danger Lytton: starts at 2 pm grid time at event plaza
[2018/02/03 11:52] Jeff Hall: i had fun joking with him
[2018/02/03 11:52] George Equus: sorry to hear
[2018/02/03 11:52] Caro Fayray: he was a really fun guy yes
[2018/02/03 11:52] Caro Fayray: and kind
[2018/02/03 11:53] Danger Lytton: that is all - ty
[2018/02/03 11:53] albertlr Landar: Well thanks for letting us know.
[2018/02/03 11:53] Danger Lytton: sure
[2018/02/03 11:55] albertlr Landar: And I should also mention that the new issue of US is located out side the front door here, and is also available on the OSgrid website
[2018/02/03 11:55] albertlr Landar:
[2018/02/03 11:56] Danger Lytton: ok - we go back to sandbox
[2018/02/03 11:56] albertlr Landar: So anyone have any thing else they would like to bring up this week.
[2018/02/03 11:56] Danger Lytton: ty albert
[2018/02/03 11:56] albertlr Landar: Well enjoy yourself at sandbox.
[2018/02/03 11:57] Caro Fayray: lol
[2018/02/03 11:57] Danger Lytton: as long as there been no cats there
[2018/02/03 11:57] Jeff Hall: lol
[2018/02/03 11:57] Jeff Hall: ty albert
[2018/02/03 11:57] Caro Fayray: dont get buried
[2018/02/03 11:57] Danger Lytton: we won't
[2018/02/03 11:57] Mystic Moonlight: make sand castles lol
[2018/02/03 11:58] Bobcatt Nielson: lol
[2018/02/03 11:58] albertlr Landar: Yea, good idea. maybe instead of a cat cafe that everyone else is hosting in rl, we could have a cat sandbox here. lol
[2018/02/03 11:58] Danger Lytton: working on a boat - come by and see it if u have time
[2018/02/03 11:58] Lance Fang is Online
[2018/02/03 11:58] Caro Fayray: lol albert
[2018/02/03 11:58] Mystic Moonlight: lol
[2018/02/03 11:58] Bobcatt Nielson: bury people up to their necks in the sand
[2018/02/03 11:58] Kayaker Magic: Where are you working on that boat?
[2018/02/03 11:58] Danger Lytton: sand box plaza Kayaker
[2018/02/03 11:58] Danger Lytton: come see it
[2018/02/03 11:58] albertlr Landar: If you need a sandbox water area I have one
[2018/02/03 11:58] albertlr Landar: Danger.
[2018/02/03 11:59] Danger Lytton: i have plenty of water - so thanks anyways
[2018/02/03 11:59] albertlr Landar: sandboxvar is the name.
[2018/02/03 11:59] Total Sorbet: just change sandbox sand for cat litter..... :p
[2018/02/03 11:59] Azi Az: lol
[2018/02/03 11:59] Danger Lytton: i just work there sometimes
[2018/02/03 11:59] albertlr Landar: ok
[2018/02/03 12:00] George Equus is Online
[2018/02/03 12:00] jorink devin is Online
[2018/02/03 12:01] Total Sorbet: tc azi
[2018/02/03 12:01] Azi Az: see u alll soon :)))))
[2018/02/03 12:01] George Equus: cu :)
[2018/02/03 12:01] albertlr Landar: well sorry about that singularity crashed on me, just as I was about to say our time was up for this week.
[2018/02/03 12:01] Caro Fayray: wb
[2018/02/03 12:01] albertlr Landar: Did others crash also?
[2018/02/03 12:01] Caro Fayray: and ty albert
[2018/02/03 12:01] Mystic Moonlight: lol wb albert
[2018/02/03 12:02] Jeff Hall: this is very singular albert
[2018/02/03 12:02] Caro Fayray: no they left i think
[2018/02/03 12:02] albertlr Landar: yea apparently.
[2018/02/03 12:02] Mystic Moonlight: no u took the crash for us all that time lol
[2018/02/03 12:02] Mystic Moonlight: ty great meeting albert
[2018/02/03 12:02] George Equus: Got a hot bath waiting :) Thank you Albert.
[2018/02/03 12:02] Mystic Moonlight: have a nice day ya'll
[2018/02/03 12:02] albertlr Landar: Hum my screen just turned white, and I could not control it. So just ctrl alt deleted it.
[2018/02/03 12:03] Caro Fayray: oo enjoy george:)
[2018/02/03 12:03] stiofain mactomais: ok bye folks
[2018/02/03 12:03] Foxx Bode: *-* ByE *-*
[2018/02/03 12:03] Bobcatt Nielson: not.
[2018/02/03 12:03] albertlr Landar: But anyway thanks for coming this week. I guess it was a hint to close out this week.
[2018/02/03 12:03] George Equus: Till next week
[2018/02/03 12:03] Bobcatt Nielson: gotta love crashing
[2018/02/03 12:03] Total Sorbet: tnx albert
[2018/02/03 12:03] albertlr Landar: I'll try to set my self destruct setting where ever it is a little longer next week.
[2018/02/03 12:03] Bobcatt Nielson: back to the dance poles. ;) and topless dancing
[2018/02/03 12:04] Total Sorbet: /waves to all
[2018/02/03 12:04] albertlr Landar: Bye all
[2018/02/03 12:04] Foxx Bode: *-* ByE *-*
[2018/02/03 12:04] jorink devin is Offline
[2018/02/03 12:04] Caro Fayray: bye bye till next week
[2018/02/03 12:04] Foxx Bode is Offline

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