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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for May 16th, 2020
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2020 2:07 pm 
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[10:56] Jagga Meredith is Online
[10:56] albertlr Landar: back again.
[10:56] Ladyjoanna.Martineeqe is Online
[10:57] Jagga Meradith: no notice
[10:57] George Equus is Online
[10:57] Jagga Meradith: Foxx!!!
[10:57] albertlr Landar: well we may not have many today then.
[10:57] albertlr Landar: hello foxx
[10:57] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[10:57] Lobo Estepario is Online
[10:57] albertlr Landar: did you get a notice foxx???
[10:57] Foxx Bode: numm.
[10:57] Foxx Bode: nope
[10:58] albertlr Landar: I have sent two now, but I did not get them back for some reason.
[10:58] albertlr Landar: Hello George
[10:58] Jagga Meradith: neither did i
[10:58] George Equus: Hi Albert, Foxx, Jagga
[10:58] Foxx Bode: what group ?
[10:58] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[10:58] albertlr Landar: OSgrid Town Hall
[10:58] Lobo Estepario is Offline
[10:59] Foxx Bode: dont think im in that so figures i don't get notices :)
[10:59] Akira Sonoda is Online
[10:59] Jagga Meradith: me neither
[10:59] albertlr Landar: hum ok
[10:59] HEGCronos ROTG is Offline
[11:00] Foxx Bode: tnx
[11:01] albertlr Landar: Yea, I checked did not see you there so sent you an invite.
[11:02] Jagga Meradith: do we have quorum?
[11:02] albertlr Landar: well don't really need one here.
[11:02] Jagga Meradith: *giggles*
[11:02] albertlr Landar: just for discussions.
[11:02] albertlr Landar: or anything you wish to bring up.
[11:02] Jagga Meradith: anybody else got anything?
[11:03] Jagga Meradith: got my server up and running - 3 yr old PC running Ubuntu 8 Gb RAM, network from hell
[11:04] Jagga Meradith: ie. fibre
[11:04] Jagga Meradith: running a 4 * 4 region
[11:04] albertlr Landar: well that is an accomplishment, congratulations.
[11:04] albertlr Landar: you have latest opensim running on it.
[11:04] Jagga Meradith: yes
[11:04] Jagga Meradith: OSgrid version
[11:04] albertlr Landar: you saw that Diva updated her standalone version last month.
[11:05] Jagga Meradith: yeah, I don't run .0 versions
[11:05] albertlr Landar:
[11:05] Jagga Meradith: a few wierdities
[11:05] Jagga Meradith: if I TP there, TP to another OSgrid, then TP back, I crash
[11:06] Jagga Meradith: if I TP to another grid, I'm fine
[11:06] albertlr Landar: hum
[11:06] Jagga Meradith: occasionally, I lock up - can't move unless I tp, but then it goes away. is that just simple lag?
[11:06] albertlr Landar: you mean the viewer crashes.
[11:06] Jagga Meradith: yes
[11:06] albertlr Landar: which viewer you using?
[11:07] Jagga Meradith: firestorm 6.0.2-56680
[11:07] albertlr Landar: ok
[11:07] albertlr Landar: may want to try singularity just to test how it operates.
[11:08] Jagga Meradith: ok - don't really like it. font is too small for these old tired eyes
[11:08] Jagga Meradith: but I use it for debugging
[11:08] albertlr Landar: if it seems to just be FS, maybe report that to them as a bug.
[11:08] Jagga Meradith: ok
[11:09] Jagga Meradith: are there any tuning parameters within console?
[11:09] Jagga Meradith: for example, on one of my regions, I can see for miles and miles. on my new one, I can barely see anything unless I move
[11:09] Jagga Meradith: or would that be a regions.ini hack?
[11:10] Jagga Meradith: where is documentation?
[11:10] albertlr Landar: Hum, I would think a viewer setting.
[11:10] Jagga Meradith: same viewer
[11:10] Jagga Meradith: i'm boucing between regions
[11:10] albertlr Landar: well are you using the same version of opensim on each region.
[11:11] Jagga Meradith: aha! no.
[11:11] albertlr Landar: then that is the most likely reason.
[11:11] Jagga Meradith: rented region is running Lanani's version
[11:11] albertlr Landar: and which you having viewing problems.
[11:11] Jagga Meradith: I'm running opengrid
[11:11] Jagga Meradith: ours
[11:12] George Equus: RL calling, sorry. Need to go.
[11:12] Jagga Meradith: ok
[11:12] Foxx Bode: tc George
[11:12] albertlr Landar: hum, well may want to report that to the mantis, or check with developers at meetings on Tuesday.
[11:12] George Equus is Offline
[11:12] Jagga Meradith: ok. working Tuesday
[11:12] Jagga Meradith: will try mantis
[11:12] albertlr Landar: sorry.
[11:12] Jagga Meradith: np
[11:13] albertlr Landar: BTW, I see where Adam Frisby is releasing his Unity based virtual meeting world for Business and free for Education.
[11:13] albertlr Landar: ... ual-world/
[11:14] Jagga Meradith: kewl
[11:14] albertlr Landar: And speaking of education....
[11:15] Jagga Meradith: hmmm
[11:15] albertlr Landar: sorry for the delay, my skype is just reloading
[11:15] albertlr Landar: ...
[11:15] Jagga Meradith has B. Ed RL
[11:15] albertlr Landar: Dan sent me this link this past week.
[11:16] albertlr Landar: Seems Danger is helping them to host this here on OSgrid.
[11:16] Jagga Meradith: kewl
[11:16] Jagga Meradith: oh, BTW don't tell Danger I've got a server up
[11:16] albertlr Landar: And they conduced their graduation ceremonies recently.
[11:16] Jagga Meradith: kewl
[11:17] albertlr Landar: mums the word, however we do post this chat in the forums...
[11:18] Jagga Meradith: awww fuck
[11:18] albertlr Landar: well I guess not a lot going on in OSgrid these, days.
[11:18] Jagga Meradith: it's ok
[11:18] albertlr Landar: But they are now letting people out in Georgia unfortunately in the Real World.
[11:18] albertlr Landar: So am expecting more and more infections to come about soon.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: I can see the ports are now getting busy again, as trains are rolling again and so are trucks.
[11:19] Jagga Meradith: we're opening up here, but slowly and our numbers are way down
[11:20] albertlr Landar: Problem here is people are not wearing masks and they are not keeping their distance as they should.
[11:20] Jagga Meradith: you can get arrewsted for that here
[11:20] Arielle Popstar is Online
[11:21] Jagga Meradith: so other than wading through source, is Regions.ini documented anywhere?
[11:21] albertlr Landar: I wish our local police would inforce that but our governor has over ridden their authority, and his days will be numbered when he comes up for re election.
[11:21] Jagga Meradith: had to google to figure out how to bump up prims allowed in region
[11:21] albertlr Landar: well you do that in the ini file I believe.
[11:21] Danger Lytton is Offline
[11:21] Jagga Meradith: I"m wondering if there's a parameter I could use to up the view distance
[11:22] Foxx Bode: in region.ini example Jagga. Or opensim wiki
[11:22] Jagga Meradith: ok
[11:22] albertlr Landar: The view distance is only a viewer setting.
[11:22] Foxx Bode: no, thats viewer setting
[11:22] Jagga Meradith: ok
[11:22] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[11:22] Arielle Popstar: hi
[11:22] albertlr Landar: And its limited by your graphics card too I believe.
[11:22] albertlr Landar: Hello Arielle, greetings.
[11:22] Jagga Meradith: hmm
[11:22] Arielle Popstar: there is a setting to see into an adjacent region
[11:23] Arielle Popstar: Hi ALbertr
[11:23] albertlr Landar: yea
[11:23] Danger Lytton is Offline
[11:24] Danger Lytton is Online
[11:24] Arielle Popstar: Hi Foxx and Jagga
[11:24] albertlr Landar: So how are you doing Arielle
[11:24] Arielle Popstar: good thank you Albertr
[11:24] albertlr Landar: glad to hear
[11:25] Jagga Meradith: anybody here running Ubuntu?
[11:25] Arielle Popstar: have evaded any creepy crawlie things so far in real
[11:25] albertlr Landar: I am on Windows only.
[11:25] albertlr Landar: thats good
[11:25] Foxx Bode: me too.
[11:25] Jagga Meradith: ewwww
[11:26] Foxx Bode: Pump of my watercooler gave up last week. CPU at 89 degrees.
[11:27] Arielle Popstar: water cooling is for over clocking?
[11:27] Foxx Bode: can, or if you like a silent PC.
[11:28] albertlr Landar: mine has worked pretty good since I got it, only problem I see is sometimes the computer says my fans are at a negative degree.
[11:28] albertlr Landar: in temp.
[11:28] Arielle Popstar: oh ice cold
[11:28] Foxx Bode: i went back to aircooler. Screwed this on.
[11:28] Jagga Meradith: mine was overheating - had to clean cat hair out of CPU fan
[11:29] albertlr Landar: well if air works, probably better.
[11:29] Foxx Bode: is even more quiet than the watercooler, only ridiculous size. Is like a Moped cillinderhead :P
[11:29] albertlr Landar: hm ok
[11:29] Foxx Bode: 1.3 Kg of cooler
[11:29] Jagga Meradith: may need to buy a new case so I can stick more fans in
[11:29] Foxx Bode: works nice tho.
[11:30] Jagga Meradith: or groom cats better
[11:30] Arielle Popstar: i am surprised they don't have filters
[11:30] Foxx Bode: my case has filters everywhere, and that's good too, else i would move to attic.....
[11:30] Jagga Meradith: nope - case has 3 mm size holes all over the space to let air in
[11:30] Arielle Popstar: considering the dust and other pollutants
[11:31] Foxx Bode: 2 cats and a dog....
[11:31] Jagga Meradith: 2 cats 3 dogs
[11:31] Jagga Meradith: one dog snores louder than the server and PC combined
[11:31] albertlr Landar: thats problematic
[11:32] Jagga Meradith: got rid of pc video card because it sounded like a 747
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: i just bought a dog in s/l
[11:32] Jagga Meradith: I have one - follows me around
[11:32] albertlr Landar: and do you have to feed him there?
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: no
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: no feed
[11:32] Jagga Meradith: mine has a feeding station
[11:33] Arielle Popstar: he either follows me, wanders by himself or i can hold him
[11:33] Arielle Popstar: all for 75L
[11:33] Jagga Meradith: sounds like same dog
[11:34] Jagga Meradith: have a cat here but he ignores me. granted that's not much different than RL
[11:34] Arielle Popstar: ok maybe i haven't come to the feed part in the manual
[11:34] albertlr Landar: thats true
[11:34] Arielle Popstar: in real it is ignoring bordering on the disdain
[11:34] Jagga Meradith: just a couple of dishes
[11:36] Arielle Popstar: any thoughts on the loading of avatars on logins?
[11:36] albertlr Landar: just just advance, and rebake.
[11:36] albertlr Landar: or are you referring to mesh rezzing.
[11:36] Arielle Popstar: mesh rezzing
[11:37] albertlr Landar: sorry very ignorant on that
[11:37] Arielle Popstar: not been to lbsa lately?
[11:38] Arielle Popstar: Ubit did fix the code so Lumiya can be used again
[11:39] Foxx Bode: i tend to use sandbox plaza for logging in.
[11:39] Foxx Bode: qucik and snappy :)
[11:39] Arielle Popstar: but dont other Avatars take a bit to load when you come to lbsa?
[11:40] Foxx Bode: yes, but thats mostly because of insane avatart weight of some.
[11:41] Arielle Popstar: think nowadays, 100K complexity is about the limit
[11:41] Arielle Popstar: just a few odd ones above that
[11:41] Foxx Bode: my viewer doesnt render them.
[11:41] Foxx Bode: Just green and red silhouettes
[11:42] Arielle Popstar: ahh
[11:42] Foxx Bode: just set the viewer GFX to anything other than unlimited
[11:42] Foxx Bode: :)
[11:42] Arielle Popstar: what you have your limit set to?
[11:43] Foxx Bode: 350 is highest you can set
[11:43] Foxx Bode: K
[11:43] Arielle Popstar: right
[11:43] Foxx Bode: and there are plenty that go above that :)
[11:43] Arielle Popstar: oh
[11:44] Arielle Popstar: been missing them i guess. I only see the one guy whose avi is around 550k
[11:46] Foxx Bode: dont mind too much, is not that i'm inspecting peoples pixels all day :)
[11:47] Arielle Popstar: haha that would get boring
[11:48] Foxx Bode: That i'm still not. Bored. If you're bored behind a computer, you're doing it wrong IMO :)
[11:49] Arielle Popstar: heh pretty much
[11:49] Lani Global is Online
[11:49] Foxx Bode: i actually been building and working on my home lately. Been a while :)
[11:49] Arielle Popstar: real home?
[11:49] Lani Global is Offline
[11:50] Lani Global is Online
[11:50] albertlr Landar: In Reak Life or Osgrid?
[11:50] Arielle Popstar: or virtual one?>
[11:50] Foxx Bode: no, in here. My real home was renovated last year
[11:50] albertlr Landar: Oh,
[11:51] albertlr Landar: You have your club too don't you?
[11:51] Foxx Bode gave you Red Dragon CLub.
[11:51] albertlr Landar: Funny you sent that just as I typed.
[11:51] Foxx Bode: yeah still on, 10 years and counting :)
[11:51] albertlr Landar: I have not visited you in a while, will have to do that soon.
[11:51] Foxx Bode: thats LM to my house. My old club is still on that region. The other is build against itr
[11:51] albertlr Landar: oh ok
[11:52] Arielle Popstar: i been there before though last time probably a few years back
[11:53] Foxx Bode: same, just fuller....
[11:53] Foxx Bode: :)
[11:53] Foxx Bode: i think is around 160K prims there now, give or take
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: oh a little over the limit :)
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: imaginary as it is
[11:55] LaNani Sundara is Online
[11:56] Foxx Bode: is devided over a 2 2x2's a 3x3 and some sea. Used to be a 5x5, but that took 40 minutes to boot, so i split it
[11:56] Arielle Popstar: wow 40 minutes a bit long
[11:57] Foxx Bode: 8000 scripts
[11:57] Foxx Bode: or 6000, idk. Too much anyways
[11:57] Arielle Popstar: everything must have been automated with that many
[11:59] Koni Lanzius is Online
[11:59] Danger Lytton is Online
[12:00] albertlr Landar: Well as its 12 noon, will call it a day today. But thanks for coming everyone. Please stay and chat if you wish. But be safe and take your Vitamin D3.
[12:01] Arielle Popstar: :)
[12:01] Arielle Popstar: waves and pooofs
[12:01] albertlr Landar: see you next week.
[12:01] albertlr Landar: bye all

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