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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for November 21st, 2020
PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:47 pm 
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[2020-11-21 10:51:08 AM] albertlr Landar: Hello Kayker greetings.
[2020-11-21 10:51:13 AM] Kayaker Magic: Greetings!
[2020-11-21 10:51:47 AM] Kayaker Magic: Testing testing... I was having some chat lag earlier. All better now.
[2020-11-21 10:52:07 AM] albertlr Landar: oh ok
[2020-11-21 10:52:10 AM] albertlr Landar: thats good.
[2020-11-21 10:52:24 AM] albertlr Landar: well last week had problems sending out notices.
[2020-11-21 10:52:35 AM] albertlr Landar: I only got on of four I sent out.
[2020-11-21 10:53:31 AM] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2020-11-21 10:55:10 AM] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2020-11-21 10:55:15 AM] Jagga Meredith: lo
[2020-11-21 10:58:20 AM] albertlr Landar: Hello Jagga and Foxx.
[2020-11-21 10:58:30 AM] Foxx Bode: brt, fixing router
[2020-11-21 10:58:34 AM] albertlr Landar: Glad my notice got out this week.
[2020-11-21 10:59:11 AM] Kayaker Magic: Notice about this meeting? But it almost always happens anyway!
[2020-11-21 10:59:50 AM] Jagga Meredith: not seegin one - I've got an alarm set
[2020-11-21 11:01:50 AM] Jagga Meredith: which group?
[2020-11-21 11:02:31 AM] albertlr Landar: the one for the OSgrid Town Hall
[[2020-11-21 11:02:54 AM] albertlr Landar: I send a notice each week to remind people about this meeting, did not seem to work very well last week.
[2020-11-21 11:03:01 AM] albertlr Landar: But seems to work no.
[2020-11-21 11:03:12 AM] albertlr Landar: now
[2020-11-21 11:03:38 AM] Jagga Meredith: it's there, but it never showed up in my notifications. I've got stuff in there from the 17th
[2020-11-21 11:03:49 AM] albertlr Landar: hum ok
[2020-11-21 11:04:17 AM] albertlr Landar: well I know that dan is working on the inventory and asset servers so maybe that will get fixed in the process too.
[2020-11-21 11:04:25 AM] Jagga Meredith: ok
[2020-11-21 11:05:39 AM] albertlr Landar: I tried to let everyone know last Saturday that was the last day to participate in the Opensim Annual Survery.
[2020-11-21 11:05:50 AM] albertlr Landar: But unfortunately the notices were not working then.
[2020-11-21 11:05:57 AM] Jagga Meredith: didn't see it
[2020-11-21 11:06:04 AM] albertlr Landar: But Maria has posted the results of the survey now.
[2020-11-21 11:06:06 AM] Caro Fayray: hi albert
[2020-11-21 11:06:10 AM] Caro Fayray: and all
[2020-11-21 11:06:18 AM] albertlr Landar: ... id-survey/
[2020-11-21 11:06:22 AM] albertlr Landar: Hi Caro welcome
[2020-11-21 11:06:23 AM] Jagga Meredith: *bursts into tears* but I didn't get to participate
[2020-11-21 11:06:39 AM] Caro Fayray: i told everyone i knew
[2020-11-21 11:06:46 AM] albertlr Landar: I was sick the week before with diverticulitis
[2020-11-21 11:06:52 AM] Caro Fayray: aw
[2020-11-21 11:06:56 AM] Caro Fayray: u ok now albert?
[2020-11-21 11:06:58 AM] Jagga Meredith: *kidding*
[2020-11-21 11:07:03 AM] albertlr Landar: so only discovered it was being conducted at the last minute.
[2020-11-21 11:07:06 AM] albertlr Landar: yea, fine now.
[2020-11-21 11:07:07 AM] Jagga Meredith: geez - that hurts
[2020-11-21 11:07:14 AM] Caro Fayray: good
[2020-11-21 11:07:27 AM] albertlr Landar: yea, had to change diet to bland for a while.
[2020-11-21 11:07:34 AM] Caro Fayray: yuk:)
[2020-11-21 11:07:50 AM] albertlr Landar: just glad I've not gotten the virus so far.
[2020-11-21 11:08:03 AM] albertlr Landar: getting so you are lucky if you don't
[2020-11-21 11:08:07 AM] Caro Fayray: shhh...yes me too
[2020-11-21 11:08:24 AM] albertlr Landar: and we still have politics going on here in Georgia.
[2020-11-21 11:08:40 AM] albertlr Landar: But I am waiting for my mail in ballot for the run offs so I don't have to go into public.
[2020-11-21 11:09:05 AM] albertlr Landar: Our media here is getting rich from all the money being spent on Ads.
[2020-11-21 11:09:38 AM] Caro Fayray: i don't understand the us political system at all
[2020-11-21 11:09:52 AM] albertlr Landar: hey neither do I or anyone else.
[2020-11-21 11:09:57 AM] Caro Fayray: lol
[2020-11-21 11:10:19 AM] albertlr Landar: so many lies that you don't who is telling the truth anymore.
[2020-11-21 11:10:34 AM] Caro Fayray: right
[2020-11-21 11:10:47 AM] albertlr Landar: wish every one had a nose like the wooden kid
[2020-11-21 11:10:57 AM] Caro Fayray: haha
[2020-11-21 11:11:00 AM] albertlr Landar: then we could tell.
[2020-11-21 11:11:09 AM] Caro Fayray: Pinocchio
[2020-11-21 11:11:14 AM] albertlr Landar: that's the one.
[2020-11-21 11:12:10 AM] albertlr Landar: I heard that one of the news agencies was giving Pinocchio points for the degree of lies the politicians were telling for a while.
[2020-11-21 11:12:21 AM] Caro Fayray: i read that here is a planned outage going to happen atsome point
[2020-11-21 11:12:29 AM] albertlr Landar: yea.
[2020-11-21 11:12:33 AM] Caro Fayray: any idea when?
[2020-11-21 11:12:41 AM] Jagga Meredith: *whines* again?!??!?
[2020-11-21 11:12:49 AM] albertlr Landar: Dan is in the process of moving the asset server to Canada.
[2020-11-21 11:12:58 AM] Jagga Meredith: KEWL!!!!
[2020-11-21 11:13:01 AM] Caro Fayray: ah ok
[2020-11-21 11:13:06 AM] albertlr Landar: Both for more stability, and cheaper prices.
[2020-11-21 11:13:08 AM] Jagga Meredith: Montreal?
[2020-11-21 11:13:14 AM] albertlr Landar: I believe so.
[2020-11-21 11:13:20 AM] Jagga Meredith: ok, I know the place
[2020-11-21 11:13:44 AM] Kayaker Magic: I thought the asset server was just moved recently!?
[2020-11-21 11:13:52 AM] albertlr Landar: just to new racks
[2020-11-21 11:14:03 AM] albertlr Landar: in the same building.
[2020-11-21 11:14:22 AM] albertlr Landar: this is going to Canada I believe.
[2020-11-21 11:14:33 AM] Caro Fayray: and we need a bigger one now too right?
[2020-11-21 11:14:42 AM] Caro Fayray: getting full
[2020-11-21 11:14:43 AM] albertlr Landar: But also the asset server needs to be reworked because it has become so large.
[2020-11-21 11:14:51 AM] Jagga Meredith: exactly to both
[2020-11-21 11:14:53 AM] Caro Fayray: ok yes
[2020-11-21 11:15:10 AM] albertlr Landar: which is causing problems with assets not showing up properly.
[2020-11-21 11:15:19 AM] Caro Fayray: mmm...yes
[2020-11-21 11:15:25 AM] albertlr Landar: Everything is backed up, so no problem with safety.
[2020-11-21 11:15:41 AM] Caro Fayray: am sure many never clean their inventory
[2020-11-21 11:15:53 AM] albertlr Landar: It just takes time and patience to get the inventories synched up with the assets.
[2020-11-21 11:16:09 AM] albertlr Landar: Like me.
[2020-11-21 11:16:13 AM] Caro Fayray: :)
[2020-11-21 11:16:17 AM] Jagga Meredith: another problem is assets from dead grids
[2020-11-21 11:16:22 AM] Caro Fayray: i got rid of over 1000 recently
[2020-11-21 11:16:22 AM] albertlr Landar: I am probably one of the worst.
[2020-11-21 11:16:31 AM] Jagga Meredith: *tisks*
[2020-11-21 11:16:31 AM] Caro Fayray: mostly due to the auction
[2020-11-21 11:16:37 AM] albertlr Landar: I have duplicates, and many many access textures, etc.
[2020-11-21 11:17:21 AM] albertlr Landar: I've alwasy wondered if I import an item with its own textures. But later delete it.
[[2020-11-21 11:17:30 AM] Kayaker Magic: Why does OSGrid have this strange system where you have to purge in-world and then go to the WEB page to finish the process?
[2020-11-21 11:17:32 AM] albertlr Landar: Do those textures still exist here on OSgrid.
[2020-11-21 11:17:42 AM] albertlr Landar: For security purposes.
[2020-11-21 11:18:06 AM] albertlr Landar: Otherwise, a griefer could delete your things.
[2020-11-21 11:18:13 AM] Caro Fayray: i wonder that too but i think they do cos i delete the ones that come in if i already have them and the stuff seems fine
[2020-11-21 11:18:52 AM] Foxx Bode: Security issue Kayaker.
[2020-11-21 11:18:54 AM] albertlr Landar: That provides a double check that it is actually you deleting your things.
[2020-11-21 11:19:09 AM] Foxx Bode: people could else manage other peoples trash somehow
[2020-11-21 11:19:21 AM] albertlr Landar: Sort of like MS saying Are your sure, before you delete something.
[2020-11-21 11:19:29 AM] Kayaker Magic: Griefers cannot delete my things on other grids, how could they do that here without the WEB-purge option?
[2020-11-21 11:19:31 AM] Foxx Bode: but that was way back in 7.x already or so
[2020-11-21 11:19:50 AM] Foxx Bode: idk, ask ubit
[2020-11-21 11:20:12 AM] albertlr Landar: yea, it may have been fixed in core but we have not been told it has yet.
[2020-11-21 11:21:09 AM] albertlr Landar: And Kayaker I been using the YEngine a lot recently, was really surprised at how much better it runs scripts.
[2020-11-21 11:21:09 AM] Caro Fayray: so will this change happen before or after xmas?
[[2020-11-21 11:21:27 AM] albertlr Landar: Well not sure, but Dan is moving the assets now.
[2020-11-21 11:21:31 AM] albertlr Landar: as we speak.
[2020-11-21 11:21:35 AM] Caro Fayray: ok
[2020-11-21 11:21:44 AM] Jagga Meredith: kewl
[2020-11-21 11:21:53 AM] albertlr Landar: He has already purchased the new servers and they are setting them up now.
[2020-11-21 11:21:58 AM] Caro Fayray: nice
[2020-11-21 11:22:26 AM] Jagga Meredith: what OS?
[2020-11-21 11:22:56 AM] Kayaker Magic: There are many things that could be done to optimize the asset DB, make it smaller, remove orphaned records. But nobody is looking at changing that.
[2020-11-21 11:23:38 AM] albertlr Landar: I had a standalone on my computer that had over 7 gigs of assets.
[2020-11-21 11:24:01 AM] albertlr Landar: things can really grow if you are not careful.
[2020-11-21 11:24:19 AM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 11:24:35 AM] Caro Fayray: my textures on my comp are 10 gig+
[2020-11-21 11:24:57 AM] albertlr Landar: those can really take up room quickly.
[2020-11-21 11:25:03 AM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 11:25:12 AM] Caro Fayray: is why i try not to have duplicates here
[2020-11-21 11:26:23 AM] Kayaker Magic: Some grids do checksums on textures so they only store each one once. Upload the same texture over and over and it doesn't fill up the DB.
[2020-11-21 11:26:46 AM] Caro Fayray: makes sense
[2020-11-21 11:26:47 AM] albertlr Landar: I believe Dan told me that OSgrid does that too.
[2020-11-21 11:26:57 AM] Kayaker Magic: Kitely does it.
[2020-11-21 11:27:19 AM] albertlr Landar: but then if the same textures has a different UUID, I don't think that works.
[2020-11-21 11:27:31 AM] Foxx Bode: i hope so, else half our database is linda kelly freebee stroes :P
[2020-11-21 11:27:42 AM] Caro Fayray: lol
[2020-11-21 11:27:45 AM] albertlr Landar: thats true
[2020-11-21 11:28:01 AM] Kayaker Magic: Kitely uses a SHA256, not the UUID, so it does detect duplicats.
[2020-11-21 11:28:12 AM] albertlr Landar: oh ok
[2020-11-21 11:30:04 AM] albertlr Landar: ... id-survey/
[2020-11-21 11:30:26 AM] albertlr Landar: So regarding the survey, I wish we could get more people participating in in next year.
[2020-11-21 11:30:43 AM] Caro Fayray: i cant believe only 240 ppl took the survey tho?
[2020-11-21 11:30:47 AM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 11:30:51 AM] albertlr Landar: OSgrid always seems to fall behind others.
[2020-11-21 11:31:01 AM] Kayaker Magic: Getting rid of orphaned items is difficult, you never know when a script will ask for an item by UUID that is no longer referenced by any other item in the asset DB or any of the regions DBs
[2020-11-21 11:31:29 AM] albertlr Landar: I did ot discover it until the last day, and then our notices would not work.
[2020-11-21 11:31:32 AM] albertlr Landar: yea.
[2020-11-21 11:31:58 AM] Caro Fayray: if u post a notice in a group here u don't seem to get it unless u are online?
[2020-11-21 11:32:12 AM] Caro Fayray: in sl u get notices when u log in
[2020-11-21 11:32:19 AM] albertlr Landar: well it should show up when you log in.
[2020-11-21 11:32:34 AM] Caro Fayray: i don't think they do
[2020-11-21 11:32:39 AM] Kayaker Magic: So people have proposed a two-tier DB: Timestamp each item and move them to a backup archive when they haven't been used in a while. Keeping the main archive lean.
[2020-11-21 11:32:41 AM] albertlr Landar: maybe some work needs to be done to the group thing again.
[2020-11-21 11:33:49 AM] albertlr Landar: well the details of the current asset server is beyond me at this point.
[2020-11-21 11:34:05 AM] albertlr Landar: I only use my meager MariaDB.
[2020-11-21 11:36:00 AM] albertlr Landar:
[2020-11-21 11:36:01 AM] Caro Fayray: did u send a group notice about this meeting albert?
[2020-11-21 11:36:12 AM] Foxx Bode: yep
[2020-11-21 11:36:20 AM] albertlr Landar: yes
[2020-11-21 11:36:20 AM] Caro Fayray: i didn't get when i logged in
[2020-11-21 11:36:23 AM] Caro Fayray: so no
[2020-11-21 11:36:27 AM] albertlr Landar: before you got on
[2020-11-21 11:36:32 AM] Caro Fayray: right
[2020-11-21 11:36:37 AM] Caro Fayray: and i didn't get a notice
[2020-11-21 11:36:40 AM] albertlr Landar: hum it did come to me immediately
[2020-11-21 11:36:50 AM] Caro Fayray: so unless u are logged in u dont get?
[2020-11-21 11:37:31 AM] albertlr Landar: num wonder if its because some people may not come on line for a good while, and it would cause problems if they accumulated?
[2020-11-21 11:37:52 AM] Caro Fayray: ive never got a group notice here unless im logged in
[2020-11-21 11:38:01 AM] albertlr Landar: I can try one now.
[2020-11-21 11:38:03 AM] Caro Fayray: could be maybe
[2020-11-21 11:38:08 AM] Jagga Meredith: I'm on here most days for one reason or another
[2020-11-21 11:38:11 AM] Jagga Meredith: hit it
[2020-11-21 11:38:23 AM] Caro Fayray: but were all here now:)
[[2020-11-21 11:39:33 AM] Jagga Meredith: *sings* (tune Auld Lang Syne) "We're here because we're here...because we're h ere... because we're here..."
[2020-11-21 11:39:52 AM] Caro Fayray: :)
[2020-11-21 11:42:51 AM] Kayaker Magic: I got it!
[2020-11-21 11:43:19 AM] Caro Fayray: wb albert
[2020-11-21 11:44:13 AM] Unable to load gesture yipee.
[2020-11-21 11:45:04 AM] Caro Fayray: albert having probs i think
[[[2020-11-21 11:47:22 AM] Caro Fayray: wb albert
[2020-11-21 11:47:25 AM] Caro Fayray: again:)
[2020-11-21 11:47:35 AM] albertlr Landar: Finally here
[2020-11-21 11:48:00 AM] albertlr Landar: I kept getting message that my hair would not rezz.
[2020-11-21 11:48:08 AM] albertlr Landar: and I could not otherwise move.
[2020-11-21 11:48:09 AM] Caro Fayray: i saw you here
[[2020-11-21 11:48:14 AM] Caro Fayray: minus hair yes:)
[2020-11-21 11:48:25 AM] Unable to load gesture yipee.
[2020-11-21 11:48:51 AM] albertlr Landar: I keep getting a message that I am unable to load gesture yipee
[2020-11-21 11:48:57 AM] albertlr Landar: And I get this all the time.
[2020-11-21 11:49:23 AM] Caro Fayray: maybe bin yippee?
[2020-11-21 11:49:27 AM] albertlr Landar: But you got the notice about Clan Escotia?
[2020-11-21 11:49:41 AM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 11:49:43 AM] albertlr Landar: at Event Plaza.
[2020-11-21 11:49:46 AM] Caro Fayray: but that isnt a notice
[2020-11-21 11:49:47 AM] Kayaker Magic: yes
[2020-11-21 11:49:51 AM] Caro Fayray: is in group chat
[2020-11-21 11:49:52 AM] albertlr Landar: Ok well then it does work when you are here.
[2020-11-21 11:50:12 AM] Caro Fayray: its the notices that i get in other grids if not online
[2020-11-21 11:50:24 AM] albertlr Landar: hum ok
[2020-11-21 11:50:56 AM] Caro Fayray: cosi sent out a notice in my group about the survey
[2020-11-21 11:51:09 AM] Caro Fayray: but i know many who weren't online didn't get it
[2020-11-21 11:51:17 AM] albertlr Landar: well lets hope most people can get through Thanksgiving here in the US next with without getting infected.
[2020-11-21 11:51:39 AM] Caro Fayray: i hope for u too
[2020-11-21 11:51:42 AM] albertlr Landar: yea, not many knew about it, I did not find out about it till last Saturday.
[2020-11-21 11:51:54 AM] Caro Fayray: here we are in lockdown t ill dec 2
[2020-11-21 11:51:56 AM] albertlr Landar: I put a notice in the forums, but it was probably too late.
[2020-11-21 11:52:05 AM] albertlr Landar: And I did tell the three people here last week about it.
[2020-11-21 11:52:37 AM] albertlr Landar: well we can go out, but masks and restaurants are limited.
[2020-11-21 11:52:42 AM] Caro Fayray: would be good to be able to get group notices when u log in
[2020-11-21 11:52:53 AM] Caro Fayray: restaurants all shut here
[2020-11-21 11:52:57 AM] albertlr Landar: at one point Georgia was the only state not having increases.
[2020-11-21 11:53:06 AM] Caro Fayray: except for take away
[2020-11-21 11:53:10 AM] albertlr Landar: but we are no having uptick they say.
[2020-11-21 11:53:13 AM] albertlr Landar: yea.
[2020-11-21 11:54:40 AM] albertlr Landar: well lets hope everyone can stay safe in the coming weeks.
[2020-11-21 11:54:47 AM] albertlr Landar: as much as possible.
[2020-11-21 11:54:48 AM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 11:54:55 AM] Caro Fayray: so they can enjoy xmas
[2020-11-21 11:55:30 AM] albertlr Landar: they all ready have the Xmas trees across the street from my subdivision now.
[2020-11-21 11:55:34 AM] Caro Fayray: i haven't been on public transport or into a supermarket since march
[2020-11-21 11:55:50 AM] albertlr Landar: me either, except to get my flu shot.
[2020-11-21 11:56:06 AM] albertlr Landar: but I have Dr. appointment for blood test next week.
[2020-11-21 11:56:13 AM] Caro Fayray: i could walk to surgery for that:)
[2020-11-21 11:56:44 AM] albertlr Landar: they take temp before they let us in, and must wear masks at all times.
[2020-11-21 11:56:50 AM] Caro Fayray: same here
[2020-11-21 11:57:05 AM] Caro Fayray: and only a few allowed in at one time
[2020-11-21 11:57:05 AM] Jagga Meredith: sorry, detracted, I got group notice
[2020-11-21 11:57:20 AM] albertlr Landar: problem here we have tourist coming here, and a lot of them are not wearing masks.
[2020-11-21 11:57:29 AM] Jagga Meredith: lovely
[2020-11-21 11:57:29 AM] albertlr Landar: But it is mandatory for service here in city.
[2020-11-21 11:57:57 AM] albertlr Landar: even has sign on city hall about it.
[2020-11-21 11:58:38 AM] albertlr Landar: I also hope get finally some logical scientific guidance from Fed. Government soon.
[2020-11-21 11:58:57 AM] Caro Fayray: wouldn't hold your breath
[2020-11-21 11:59:05 AM] albertlr Landar: The past administration is responsible for the problems we are having now.
[2020-11-21 11:59:38 AM] albertlr Landar: well holding it till Jan. 20th.
[2020-11-21 11:59:54 AM] albertlr Landar: Then exhaling
[2020-11-21 12:00:00 PM] Caro Fayray: lol
[2020-11-21 12:00:25 PM] albertlr Landar: well thanks for coming everyone. Stay safe and sound.
[2020-11-21 12:00:31 PM] Caro Fayray: ty albert
[2020-11-21 12:00:35 PM] Caro Fayray: and u too
[2020-11-21 12:00:39 PM] albertlr Landar: Event plaza event going on at 12 noon.
[2020-11-21 12:00:45 PM] Caro Fayray: yes
[2020-11-21 12:00:47 PM] albertlr Landar: With Clan Escotia.
[2020-11-21 12:01:08 PM] Caro Fayray: bye all stay safe
[2020-11-21 12:01:15 PM] albertlr Landar: bye all

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