Saturday Q&A for July 7th, 2018
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Author:  albertlr Landar [ Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Saturday Q&A for July 7th, 2018

10:53] Koni Lanzius: Greetings George! and Foxx! :)
[10:55] Koni Lanzius: Fish!
[10:55] Koni Lanzius: hi and welcome
[10:55] Prof Fish: Hi
[10:55] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[10:55] George Equus: Hi Prof
[10:55] Prof Fish: Hi everyone.
[10:55] Koni Lanzius: we are over at the gazebo
[10:57] Prof Fish: I always mess up the times, did I just miss it or am I on time?
[10:57] Koni Lanzius: good to see ya again sweetie ;)
[10:57] George Equus: On time
[10:57] Koni Lanzius: just in time
[10:57] Mykos Grayman is Online
[10:58] Prof Fish: Good to see you too Koni. <smile>
[11:00] Koni Lanzius: Paela!! HUGGIES!
[11:00] paela argus: u
[11:01] paela argus: •´¨*•.¸Tu fais un ti calin a mi •´¨*•.¸¸..
[11:01] Koni Lanzius: ;)
[11:01] George Equus: Bon soir Paela
[11:01] paela argus: i'm not very here i looking football
[11:01] Koni Lanzius: the French are winning?
[11:01] Prof Fish: Hi Paela.
[11:01] Foxx Bode: :)
[11:02] Koni Lanzius: greetings Peter
[11:02] George Equus: Hi Peter
[11:02] Peter Barlow: hello Koni!
[11:02] Peter Barlow: hello Foxx, Prof, Paela and George!
[11:03] Prof Fish: Hi Peter
[11:03] paela argus: hi
[11:03] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[11:05] Koni Lanzius: so have they started issuing the OSG11B land plots yet, does anyone know?
[11:05] Foxx Bode: yes.
[11:05] Koni Lanzius: cool
[11:05] Foxx Bode: 2 regions full already
[11:05] Koni Lanzius: excellent!
[11:06] paela argus: yup
[11:06] Koni Lanzius: Fish has an awesome waterslide that he said he could set up on a plot
[11:06] Foxx Bode: 3rd has 4 spot occupied, 4th i don’t know
[11:06] Koni Lanzius: how many prims is your slide Fish?
[11:06] Prof Fish: less than 100
[11:06] Koni Lanzius: perfect!
[11:07] paela argus: albert not here today ?
[11:07] Koni Lanzius: do we speak to you for land plots, Foxx?
[11:07] Prof Fish: Depends on Whether the swan ride is on it too, if now it's more like 50
[11:07] Koni Lanzius: hummm I don’t see him online
[11:07] Foxx Bode: seems like it, haven’t heard about him.
[11:07] Foxx Bode: yeah, i can assign them, no probs
[11:07] Koni Lanzius: he did mention recently that he switched ISPs
[11:07] paela argus: you start the meeting Foxx :) ?
[11:07] Koni Lanzius: cool
[11:08] Foxx Bode: yes i will meet ya'll :P
[11:08] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[11:08] Koni Lanzius: ** APPLAUSE **
[11:08] Prof Fish: Hear ye, hear ye...
[11:08] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[11:08] paela argus: five minutes
[11:08] paela argus: ⊙BrB ⊙
[11:10] Koni Lanzius: so i think both Fish and I would like a plot for the OSG11B event plz Foxx
[11:10] Foxx Bode: well, apart from the Bday regions going out pretty well, most the residential plots are loaded again.
[11:10] Foxx Bode: we will pop over after the meeting
[11:10] Koni Lanzius: ok :)
[11:10] Prof Fish: How big is a plot Foxx?
[11:11] Foxx Bode: same as last year. 670 prims or so, don’t know the exact plot size by heart
[11:12] Koni Lanzius: ty
[11:12] Prof Fish: My water slide is either the main building or has a 512 meter slide that can be attached...
[11:14] paela argus: ׺°”˜I'M BACK`”°º×
[11:14] Prof Fish: Doesn't use much actual ground footage, but goes across 2 regions.
[11:14] Koni Lanzius: wb! :)
[11:14] Koni Lanzius: eek
[11:14] Prof Fish: Hi back.
[11:14] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[11:14] Foxx Bode: we'll, for as far as I’ m concerned we can go and check. Unless anyone has urgent issues to discuss, i feel we can just as well adjourn. No news, good news.
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: you may have to adapt the design a bit
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: kk
[11:15] Prof Fish: Yes, that's all good.
[11:15] Foxx Bode whispers: pea watch football, George (afk) can nap :P
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: ** HAHAHA! **
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: yes

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