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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for February 23rd, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:49 pm 
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[2019/02/23 10:52] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings albert
[2019/02/23 10:52] albertlr Landar: Greetings Wizard.
[2019/02/23 10:52] albertlr Landar: Sorry I missed the Cornflakes party
[2019/02/23 10:52] albertlr Landar: My AC or Nest Thermostat was rebelling against me yesterday.
[2019/02/23 10:53] albertlr Landar: It turned on heat and would not stop.
[2019/02/23 10:53] Wizard Atazoth: ouch
[2019/02/23 10:53] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings cilla
[2019/02/23 10:53] albertlr Landar: Had to call an AC man to come remove it.
[2019/02/23 10:53] cilla teebrook: Howdy boys
[2019/02/23 10:53] albertlr Landar: And put my old one back on.
[2019/02/23 10:53] albertlr Landar: Howdy cilla
[2019/02/23 10:54] albertlr Landar: welcome
[2019/02/23 10:54] Wizard Atazoth: I had a pipe freeze up and crack lastnight. I been busy fixing that this morning.
[2019/02/23 10:54] cilla teebrook: wow
[2019/02/23 10:54] albertlr Landar: that can be a major problem
[2019/02/23 10:55] cilla teebrook: butterfly effect
[2019/02/23 10:55] albertlr Landar: does not seem to get that cold here in Georgia anymore.
[2019/02/23 10:55] albertlr Landar: hello Foxx
[2019/02/23 10:55] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2019/02/23 10:55] Wizard Atazoth: thats good. no mater how much i insulate it always seems to have trouble every few years
[2019/02/23 10:55] Wizard Atazoth: hi foxx
[2019/02/23 11:00] albertlr Landar: Well I am glad to see that Hypergrid Business got their web site back up and running again.
[2019/02/23 11:02] cilla teebrook: ps ... was a notice sent?
[2019/02/23 11:02] albertlr Landar: And we have St. Patrick's Day celebrations coming up in a couple of weeks I guess.
[2019/02/23 11:02] albertlr Landar: You mean for todays meeting, yes.
[2019/02/23 11:02] cilla teebrook: for which group
[2019/02/23 11:02] albertlr Landar: I can send another. For Town Hall I think
[2019/02/23 11:03] cilla teebrook: Important
[2019/02/23 11:03] cilla teebrook: this was the last notice sent
[2019/02/23 11:04] cilla teebrook: maybe I need to join a diff group
[2019/02/23 11:04] cilla teebrook: the end
[2019/02/23 11:04] cilla teebrook: just thought maybe that was why it's only us
[2019/02/23 11:05] paela argus is Online
[2019/02/23 11:06] paela argus: meow
[2019/02/23 11:06] cilla teebrook: purrr
[2019/02/23 11:06] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2019/02/23 11:07] Wizard Atazoth is Online
[2019/02/23 11:08] albertlr Landar: sorry had to relog
[2019/02/23 11:08] Foxx Bode: wb
[2019/02/23 11:09] hipster flower is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:09] albertlr Landar: For some reason I don't always seem to be completely here when I first log in.
[2019/02/23 11:09] paela argus: yop
[2019/02/23 11:09] Wizard Atazoth: It didn't pop up but I see the notice on the group now.
[2019/02/23 11:09] albertlr Landar: oh good
[2019/02/23 11:09] Lobo Estepario is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:09] paela argus: i have receved the popup group me
[2019/02/23 11:10] hipster flower is Online
[2019/02/23 11:10] cilla teebrook: ditto
[2019/02/23 11:10] Wizard Atazoth: awesome
[2019/02/23 11:10] paela argus:
[2019/02/23 11:11] LaNani Sundara is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:11] cilla teebrook: cute pae
[2019/02/23 11:11] paela argus: the new release of Fs is a big problem
[2019/02/23 11:11] albertlr Landar: oh
[2019/02/23 11:11] albertlr Landar: problems
[2019/02/23 11:12] paela argus: the day dev of fs work proper i will open a bottle of champagne lols
[2019/02/23 11:13] paela argus: osgrid have crash last day
[2019/02/23 11:13] albertlr Landar: well I hope everyone saw the announcement on Outworldz, they were banning the child porn grid, and removing support on their server.
[2019/02/23 11:14] albertlr Landar: or dns server
[2019/02/23 11:14] paela argus: ah he have open eyes
[2019/02/23 11:14] paela argus: yay
[2019/02/23 11:15] cilla teebrook: was that generated by the gal who complained about the links on the Beacon?
[2019/02/23 11:15] albertlr Landar: Ferd said he visited them himself, and then took that action after complains were made to him.
[2019/02/23 11:15] cilla teebrook: yayyyyyyyy
[2019/02/23 11:15] albertlr Landar: made the announcement on facebook.
[2019/02/23 11:15] cilla teebrook: I feeling proud
[2019/02/23 11:16] paela argus is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:16] George Equus is Online
[2019/02/23 11:16] paela argus is Online
[2019/02/23 11:16] albertlr Landar: greetings
[2019/02/23 11:16] Otan Tau: am i late or early?
[2019/02/23 11:16] cilla teebrook: howdy Otan
[2019/02/23 11:16] albertlr Landar: well not by much
[2019/02/23 11:16] Wizard Atazoth: hi Otan
[2019/02/23 11:17] albertlr Landar: things a little slow today.
[2019/02/23 11:17] cilla teebrook: wb pae
[2019/02/23 11:17] Otan Tau: ahh
[2019/02/23 11:17] Wizard Atazoth: people must be off doing things today
[2019/02/23 11:17] paela argus: that 1 week osgrid are slow
[2019/02/23 11:17] paela argus: but i cannot fixe it
[2019/02/23 11:17] albertlr Landar: well weather is rather nice here in GA.
[2019/02/23 11:17] cilla teebrook: hugs youi
[2019/02/23 11:18] George Equus: Evening all
[2019/02/23 11:18] albertlr Landar: we got 70 degrees here this week.
[2019/02/23 11:18] paela argus: :/!!!
[2019/02/23 11:18] Wizard Atazoth: 50mph winds here. thought id blow away going to store. wizards fly one way or another.
[2019/02/23 11:18] albertlr Landar: So ground hog must not have seen shadow at least here
[2019/02/23 11:18] Otan Tau: Was anyone going to update the OS script function examples ?
[2019/02/23 11:18] paela argus: 70 ° C or F ?
[2019/02/23 11:19] Em Jannings is Online
[2019/02/23 11:19] Otan Tau: there are at least 12 new ones and can only guess at some of the functions
[2019/02/23 11:19] albertlr Landar: oh in the wiki.
[2019/02/23 11:19] Otan Tau: yah
[2019/02/23 11:19] paela argus: Well not planed for me
[2019/02/23 11:19] paela argus: maybe foxx
[2019/02/23 11:19] albertlr Landar: I believe that is done by Andrew I believe.
[2019/02/23 11:19] Foxx Bode: yup
[2019/02/23 11:19] albertlr Landar: Should ask him over at the Dev. meeting on Tuesday.
[2019/02/23 11:20] paela argus: wiki of osg or opensim ?
[2019/02/23 11:20] Otan Tau: some i guessed at and seem to work but the others need a few more hints lol
[2019/02/23 11:20] Foxx Bode: opensim
[2019/02/23 11:20] albertlr Landar: that is opensim wiki
[2019/02/23 11:20] Otan Tau: Yah
[2019/02/23 11:20] paela argus: ahhh good luck for have a update
[2019/02/23 11:20] paela argus: hahaha
[2019/02/23 11:20] Otan Tau: but we have them in the current osg version so ....
[2019/02/23 11:21] paela argus: all info are out of 3 or 4 years
[2019/02/23 11:21] Otan Tau: these are new OS script functions, not old ones
[2019/02/23 11:21] paela argus: well i think the os version is like of Sl lsl
[2019/02/23 11:21] Otan Tau: most do have examples
[2019/02/23 11:21] Otan Tau: it is
[2019/02/23 11:22] Otan Tau: i checked the code base where there added and there is what we are running currently
[2019/02/23 11:22] Otan Tau: just do not have hints yes
[2019/02/23 11:22] albertlr Landar: Otan if you would to help with ours just talk with Dan he can set you up.
[2019/02/23 11:22] Otan Tau: k np
[2019/02/23 11:23] Otan Tau: just thought id put it out there
[2019/02/23 11:23] albertlr Landar: I helped to move some of it over last year, but I am not that up to date on it all myself.
[2019/02/23 11:23] paela argus: OSSL change all times
[2019/02/23 11:23] paela argus: is the problem
[2019/02/23 11:23] albertlr Landar: well can always use the help to keep ours up to date too.
[2019/02/23 11:23] paela argus: ubit have added a lots of LSL too
[2019/02/23 11:24] Otan Tau: Hard to tell who to bug really, dev should be doing that kind of documtaion when they add in new script functions
[2019/02/23 11:24] albertlr Landar: well Andrew is the best one to talk too about it.
[2019/02/23 11:24] paela argus: Otan is more 39 change per day opensim
[2019/02/23 11:24] Otan Tau: dont think i know him but ok
[2019/02/23 11:25] George Equus: Hi Bolle
[2019/02/23 11:25] paela argus: Andrew Hellershanks
[2019/02/23 11:25] Bolle Zijde: Hello all.
[2019/02/23 11:25] albertlr Landar: well he usually conducts the developer meeting each Tuesday.
[2019/02/23 11:25] Otan Tau: i just mean the when they add a new script function to it not the other stuff
[2019/02/23 11:25] George Equus: Any word on Asset server move?
[2019/02/23 11:26] Otan Tau: anyway i can just look at core code and do it that way, just takes longer
[2019/02/23 11:26] paela argus: is not a priority for now george
[2019/02/23 11:26] albertlr Landar: no nothing at this point, still trying to find a viable place to move it.
[2019/02/23 11:26] George Equus: OK, thanks
[2019/02/23 11:26] paela argus: i'm sick dan busy a lots same for melanie
[2019/02/23 11:27] cilla teebrook: passes the pipe
[2019/02/23 11:27] Otan Tau: well get well soon, we need them lol
[2019/02/23 11:27] albertlr Landar: and we have new servers running pretty well for the assets now.
[2019/02/23 11:27] albertlr Landar: so its not really a rush at this point.
[2019/02/23 11:28] paela argus: new disks you mean :)
[2019/02/23 11:28] albertlr Landar: yea
[2019/02/23 11:28] albertlr Landar: hardware
[2019/02/23 11:28] paela argus: yeap dan have rebuild the raid with new disk 2 months before
[2019/02/23 11:28] Otan Tau: Seens to be keeping up well now
[2019/02/23 11:29] paela argus: little slow but is work
[2019/02/23 11:29] George Equus: Good news. Moving is mostly about cutting costs I believe?
[2019/02/23 11:29] Bolle Zijde: I have a question about .dae and .oar files.
[2019/02/23 11:30] paela argus: moving is for more place george
[2019/02/23 11:30] paela argus: more size* sorry
[2019/02/23 11:30] Otan Tau: and what is your question?
[2019/02/23 11:30] Bolle Zijde: Can they be combined ?
[2019/02/23 11:30] Bolle Zijde: Both are xml based?
[2019/02/23 11:31] George Equus: Don't think so, different animals
[2019/02/23 11:31] albertlr Landar: The oar will back up mesh.
[2019/02/23 11:31] paela argus: when you upload a mesh the viewer change the dae in other think
[2019/02/23 11:32] Otan Tau: yah theres more vood that has to be right inside of an oar besides just the object
[2019/02/23 11:32] albertlr Landar: And restore it when imported.
[2019/02/23 11:32] paela argus: but if you think try upload a dae by oar is not possible
[2019/02/23 11:32] Otan Tau: you upload mesh via the client
[2019/02/23 11:33] Bolle Zijde: When I make a complete sim in Blender and export it to dae, combine it with an oar of a flat region, that is my way of thinking.
[2019/02/23 11:33] Otan Tau: yah that wount work
[2019/02/23 11:33] Otan Tau: you would just have a broken oar
[2019/02/23 11:33] Bolle Zijde: Wouls save a lot of upload time.
[2019/02/23 11:33] paela argus: ★.¸¸.✰´¯`★. LoL ★.¸¸.✰´¯`★. 0
[2019/02/23 11:33] paela argus: have read in your brain bolle yep is not possible
[2019/02/23 11:33] Otan Tau: theres more to it than just that
[2019/02/23 11:34] lavender -pretty is Online
[2019/02/23 11:34] Bolle Zijde: OK, sad.
[2019/02/23 11:34] Otan Tau: anyway i dont know why i would want to do it like that anyway
[2019/02/23 11:34] albertlr Landar: its sounds rather complicated to do it that way too.
[2019/02/23 11:35] albertlr Landar: Well I guess that we shall celebrate St. Patricks Day here on OSgrid on March 15th?
[2019/02/23 11:36] albertlr Landar: As the official 17th is on Sunday.
[2019/02/23 11:36] Otan Tau: works for me
[2019/02/23 11:36] Mirror Amorasi is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:36] albertlr Landar: I know here in Savannah they are doing the Parade on Saturday the 16th.
[2019/02/23 11:36] Bolle Zijde: Maritime Club will celebrate.
[2019/02/23 11:36] cilla teebrook: wiz may i have a copy of the Party sign?
[2019/02/23 11:37] George Equus: It will be celebrated at The Maritime
[2019/02/23 11:37] cilla teebrook: i get a lot of drop ins from foreign places
[2019/02/23 11:37] albertlr Landar: And remember that our G+ group will be ending soon.
[2019/02/23 11:38] Wizard Atazoth: sure, i have the cornflakes sign. i dont have one made for st patricks day yet. we'll probably start on this this next week
[2019/02/23 11:38] Wizard Atazoth: have
[2019/02/23 11:38] paela argus: -*- loOl -*-
[2019/02/23 11:38] paela argus: I tell the administrators here, that Lbsa was redone and tidy, it's not for the return of the panels everywhere in bulk
[2019/02/23 11:39] albertlr Landar: For those that not yet joined our MEWe group to replace it here is the link:
[2019/02/23 11:39] cilla teebrook: i mean st pats when you do
[2019/02/23 11:39] albertlr Landar:
[2019/02/23 11:39] cilla teebrook: this was my platform
[2019/02/23 11:39] cilla teebrook: lol
[2019/02/23 11:40] albertlr Landar: And please feel free to put any info you may have about your own events there.
[2019/02/23 11:40] lavender -pretty is Offline
[2019/02/23 11:40] Wizard Atazoth: i like mewe's layout
[2019/02/23 11:40] paela argus: for me is a facebook
[2019/02/23 11:40] George Equus: MeWe is tricky, get occasional notification, weeks after they are posted...
[2019/02/23 11:40] Wizard Atazoth: just wish they had an api
[2019/02/23 11:41] albertlr Landar: I think they do have an app for cell phone
[2019/02/23 11:43] Wizard Atazoth: yea they probably expand more as they grow
[2019/02/23 11:43] cilla teebrook: so MeWe is replacing the Facebook?
[2019/02/23 11:44] albertlr Landar: no we still have facebook
[2019/02/23 11:44] George Equus: G+
[2019/02/23 11:44] Wizard Atazoth: it replaces our G+ group
[2019/02/23 11:44] albertlr Landar: Google is shutting G+ down in March.
[2019/02/23 11:44] Ubit Umarov is Online
[2019/02/23 11:44] Bolle Zijde: I must go, promised myself a visit to a friend in SL.
[2019/02/23 11:44] albertlr Landar: ok
[2019/02/23 11:44] cilla teebrook: we still on google..
[2019/02/23 11:44] Wizard Atazoth: tc Bolle
[2019/02/23 11:44] albertlr Landar: bye Bolle
[2019/02/23 11:44] George Equus: cu tomorrow Bolle
[2019/02/23 11:44] cilla teebrook: sorry was talking to Foxxx
[2019/02/23 11:44] albertlr Landar: so far
[2019/02/23 11:45] Otan Tau: lol
[2019/02/23 11:46] Otan Tau: dont all type at once
[2019/02/23 11:46] Bolle Zijde: Yep George.
[2019/02/23 11:46] George Equus: :)
[2019/02/23 11:46] paela argus: Google paid a very strong almond with Google + last year given that to be in agreement with the law google prefers to close the social network rather than redo it (they have not enough people on it to take the lead at all remake! )
[2019/02/23 11:46] Bolle Zijde: Thanks and pooffff...
[2019/02/23 11:47] Otan Tau: there under a lot of scrutiny from the Government right now
[2019/02/23 11:48] albertlr Landar: well they say that G+ has lots of security problems, and Google does not want to address them, thats the reason for closing it.
[2019/02/23 11:48] paela argus: ya
[2019/02/23 11:48] albertlr Landar: at least they say.
[2019/02/23 11:48] paela argus: europe have attacked google last year
[2019/02/23 11:48] Wizard Atazoth: it died long before it was announced
[2019/02/23 11:48] Otan Tau: yah i had it for awhile but didn't use it much
[2019/02/23 11:49] paela argus: is not friendly G+
[2019/02/23 11:49] albertlr Landar: I think facebook has just as many problems, but they depend on it, so it will be around a while.
[2019/02/23 11:49] Wizard Atazoth: yea
[2019/02/23 11:49] Wizard Atazoth: no privacy
[2019/02/23 11:49] paela argus: you lost the privacy the moment you have windows and you connect your computer ^^
[2019/02/23 11:49] cilla teebrook: and i get hooked on looking and looking at all those cute animals.
[2019/02/23 11:50] Wizard Atazoth: yup
[2019/02/23 11:50] albertlr Landar: Also I hear that the European Union is passing some new copyright laws that will affect virtual and Internet things.
[2019/02/23 11:50] Otan Tau: well i can the issues both ways but they all need to re-think what there doing
[2019/02/23 11:50] Otan Tau: see*
[2019/02/23 11:50] albertlr Landar: Some are not too happy about what may be coming.
[2019/02/23 11:50] paela argus: strange europe have already a law similar of DMCA
[2019/02/23 11:51] paela argus: very more rude
[2019/02/23 11:51] paela argus: but not easy to apply it
[2019/02/23 11:51] Otan Tau: way over our pay grades so all we can do is find other ways to do the same things
[2019/02/23 11:51] Otan Tau: or do without
[2019/02/23 11:51] cilla teebrook: wow
[2019/02/23 11:52] Otan Tau: theres always ways so in the end it will sort out
[2019/02/23 11:52] Otan Tau: the problem is what do you do until then
[2019/02/23 11:52] albertlr Landar: well there is a lot of free things that we can all get and share on the internet these days. Just hope those are not put into jeopardy
[2019/02/23 11:53] paela argus: free are never free
[2019/02/23 11:53] paela argus: hehe
[2019/02/23 11:53] albertlr Landar: I have gotten back into Midi music recently.
[2019/02/23 11:53] Otan Tau: well i meant in the case of OSG's needs
[2019/02/23 11:53] albertlr Landar: Was surprised to see that there are places you can download pdf files of sheet music for free for instance.
[2019/02/23 11:53] albertlr Landar: These are in the public domain
[2019/02/23 11:54] paela argus: osgrid is american and apply only the US law for dmca
[2019/02/23 11:54] George Equus: 70 Y passed probably
[2019/02/23 11:54] albertlr Landar: And remember that US copyright law starts to allow things to go into the public domain again starting this year.
[2019/02/23 11:55] albertlr Landar: "Yes we have no bananas" can be used by everyone now.
[2019/02/23 11:55] albertlr Landar: Anyone want to sing it?
[2019/02/23 11:55] albertlr Landar: you can now without being sued.
[2019/02/23 11:55] Otan Tau: lol
[2019/02/23 11:55] George Equus: Can't I have bananas
[2019/02/23 11:55] albertlr Landar: No we have none
[2019/02/23 11:55] paela argus: but if the family paid for protect it more
[2019/02/23 11:55] paela argus: is more protected
[2019/02/23 11:55] paela argus: we have that in france
[2019/02/23 11:55] Wizard Atazoth: you can have one just not sing about it.
[2019/02/23 11:56] albertlr Landar: nope its back to by date in US
[2019/02/23 11:56] albertlr Landar: It can't be extended anymore by law
[2019/02/23 11:56] Otan Tau: some of it is fair use though
[2019/02/23 11:56] albertlr Landar: unless the congress gets bribed again.
[2019/02/23 11:56] paela argus: usa return in law of 30's
[2019/02/23 11:56] paela argus: maybe return in old costum later too
[2019/02/23 11:56] paela argus: ~** Hi Everyone!! **~
[2019/02/23 11:56] paela argus: hihi*
[2019/02/23 11:57] albertlr Landar: Hi
[2019/02/23 11:57] Caro Fayray is Online
[2019/02/23 11:57] albertlr Landar: Well looks like we are approaching the top of the hour.
[2019/02/23 11:58] albertlr Landar: Anyone have anything else they would like to bring up this week.
[2019/02/23 11:58] paela argus: yes
[2019/02/23 11:58] paela argus: STOP SAVE EVERY DAY IAR please
[2019/02/23 11:58] albertlr Landar: Please do paela
[2019/02/23 11:58] Otan Tau: nahh just had the missing OS script examples on my mind, not a lot else
[2019/02/23 11:58] albertlr Landar: Hum, thats sounds rather excessive.
[2019/02/23 11:58] George Equus: Very
[2019/02/23 11:59] albertlr Landar: I think I save my iar once a year if that.
[2019/02/23 11:59] paela argus: if that not stop i will make very hard throttle and take 30 min for load a inventory
[2019/02/23 11:59] Otan Tau: lol
[2019/02/23 11:59] Otan Tau: mine comes out to be like 11 gigs
[2019/02/23 11:59] Otan Tau: thats excessive hahaha
[2019/02/23 11:59] albertlr Landar: Well who ever is saving iars every day, please stop and realize it causes problems for the Assets.
[2019/02/23 12:00] George Equus: I do mine a couple of times per annum that's enough
[2019/02/23 12:00] Wizard Atazoth: well i gotta go. take care and enjoy the day all.
[2019/02/23 12:00] albertlr Landar: Yea, me too.
[2019/02/23 12:00] George Equus: Bye Wiz.
[2019/02/23 12:00] albertlr Landar: Thanks for coming everyone.
[2019/02/23 12:00] paela argus: isnt a big problem of assets is just very boring to restart all day inventory
[2019/02/23 12:00] Wizard Atazoth is Offline
[2019/02/23 12:00] albertlr Landar: See you next week.
[2019/02/23 12:00] George Equus: Thank you Albert.
[2019/02/23 12:00] albertlr Landar: Take care, and enjoy the weather if its nice where you are.
[2019/02/23 12:00] George Equus: Bye for now
[2019/02/23 12:01] albertlr Landar: BTW, Foxx did you handle meeting last week
[2019/02/23 12:01] albertlr Landar whispers: Or did Dan?
[2019/02/23 12:01] paela argus: no meeting last week
[2019/02/23 12:01] cilla teebrook: was canceled
[2019/02/23 12:01] paela argus: no admin
[2019/02/23 12:01] albertlr Landar: oh ok
[2019/02/23 12:01] albertlr Landar: Then no problem
[2019/02/23 12:01] Foxx Bode: Dan did, he cancelled it.
[2019/02/23 12:01] albertlr Landar: ok, thats fine.
[2019/02/23 12:02] albertlr Landar: I had to make a real world delivery to ups
[2019/02/23 12:02] albertlr Landar: Returned my Juno keyboard, for a new FA-08 roland.
[2019/02/23 12:02] paela argus: is work good ups in usa?
[2019/02/23 12:02] paela argus: is a big pain in france
[2019/02/23 12:02] albertlr Landar: usually.
[2019/02/23 12:02] albertlr Landar: I think that Fedex seems to be a little faster.
[2019/02/23 12:02] paela argus: i know france work for lock usa company come in france
[2019/02/23 12:02] Otan Tau: well back to my experiments, The robot keeps chaseing the nurse around.
[2019/02/23 12:03] albertlr Landar: Well see you all next week.
[2019/02/23 12:03] albertlr Landar: good luck Otan
[2019/02/23 12:03] albertlr Landar: but talk with Andrew
[2019/02/23 12:03] albertlr Landar: bye

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