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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for May 11th, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:25 am 
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[2019/05/11 11:00] albertlr Landar: oh thanks will have to check that out.
[2019/05/11 11:00] Koni Lanzius: he is a passionate sci fu steampunk cyberpunk tiny builder hahah
[2019/05/11 11:00] Koni Lanzius: yea its a real treat
[2019/05/11 11:00] albertlr Landar: tiny builder?
[2019/05/11 11:01] Koni Lanzius: the video I did about OSG set to the tune of the firefly theme featured his ship that he built, called the Eternity
[2019/05/11 11:01] albertlr Landar: with opensim the size should not matter that much.
[2019/05/11 11:01] Kayaker Magic: Size doesn't matter?
[2019/05/11 11:01] Koni Lanzius: tiny as in little fluffy critter avs
[2019/05/11 11:01] albertlr Landar: well not as much
[2019/05/11 11:01] Koni Lanzius: baby animals
[2019/05/11 11:01] Kayaker Magic: hehe
[2019/05/11 11:02] Koni Lanzius: there is a whole community of them in SL the group is called Raglan Shire
[2019/05/11 11:02] Koni Lanzius: still one of the most active groups there
[2019/05/11 11:02] George Equus is Online
[2019/05/11 11:02] Koni Lanzius: they do lots of adorable events there
[2019/05/11 11:02] Koni Lanzius: Snoots is a well known member
[2019/05/11 11:03] George Equus: Evening all
[2019/05/11 11:03] albertlr Landar: do day George
[2019/05/11 11:03] albertlr Landar: good
[2019/05/11 11:03] cilla teebrook: howdy George
[2019/05/11 11:05] Kayaker Magic: Well, what shall we talk about today?
[2019/05/11 11:05] albertlr Landar: so whats going on in Osgrid in the near future.
[2019/05/11 11:05] albertlr Landar: i know we got mothers day tomorrow
[2019/05/11 11:05] Koni Lanzius: well we just completed the university of Hawaii's virtual graduation
[2019/05/11 11:06] albertlr Landar: and was this the first?
[2019/05/11 11:06] Kayaker Magic: I'm making mimosas with all my siblings in RL tomorrow morning at brunch, no OSGrid for me then.
[2019/05/11 11:06] Koni Lanzius: the second
[2019/05/11 11:06] Koni Lanzius: peter leong was very happy things went relatively well
[2019/05/11 11:06] albertlr Landar: ok thats great
[2019/05/11 11:06] Koni Lanzius: and he already has his video that I did for him
[2019/05/11 11:06] Koni Lanzius: so he can now finish grading and go on holiday
[2019/05/11 11:07] Koni Lanzius: haha like where do you go on holiday when you live in Hawaii
[2019/05/11 11:07] Koni Lanzius: he is going to South America
[2019/05/11 11:07] Koni Lanzius: anyways
[2019/05/11 11:07] albertlr Landar: thats what i was wondering
[2019/05/11 11:07] Koni Lanzius: he also wrote up and nice endorsement o OSG
[2019/05/11 11:07] Koni Lanzius: so that we can encourage other colleges to move here
[2019/05/11 11:08] Koni Lanzius: so that is progress
[2019/05/11 11:08] Koni Lanzius: hey george
[2019/05/11 11:08] albertlr Landar: and as i mentioned I have The Universal Campus that Nebadon created up and running now on Osgrid for anyone that wish to use it and tour it.
[2019/05/11 11:08] albertlr Landar: Its set up as a var region.
[2019/05/11 11:08] Koni Lanzius: yea that is a brilliant build
[2019/05/11 11:09] Koni Lanzius: i will bring prospective campuses there to show them what is possible
[2019/05/11 11:09] albertlr Landar: just type in Unicampus in the map search
[2019/05/11 11:09] Snoots Dwagon: ~*~ Hello! ~*~
[2019/05/11 11:10] albertlr Landar: hello snoots
[2019/05/11 11:10] Koni Lanzius: Snoots!
[2019/05/11 11:10] Kayaker Magic: If schools want more control, you might direct them to Kitely's virtual private grids, which were designed for schools.
[2019/05/11 11:10] Kayaker Magic whispers: Speak of the devil!
[2019/05/11 11:10] Koni Lanzius: ahh
[2019/05/11 11:10] George Equus: Hi Kooni, Snoots
[2019/05/11 11:10] albertlr Landar: well this past week i worked on our Income tax returns for Texas and the IRS
[2019/05/11 11:11] Koni Lanzius: well they have total control here really
[2019/05/11 11:11] albertlr Landar: Looks like last year we raised over $17,000 in income
[2019/05/11 11:11] Koni Lanzius: danger is doing a fabulous job of admining for them
[2019/05/11 11:11] Koni Lanzius: ~**YAY!!!!**~
[2019/05/11 11:11] Snoots Dwagon: Hi George.
[2019/05/11 11:11] Snoots Dwagon: Kayaker! :D
[2019/05/11 11:11] Snoots Dwagon: You look comfy. :D
[2019/05/11 11:11] Koni Lanzius: see rachel? we are twinsy
[2019/05/11 11:11] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 11:12] Koni Lanzius: (he has bigger feet tho)
[2019/05/11 11:12] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 11:12] Koni Lanzius: hey Izzie!
[2019/05/11 11:12] Izzie Applewhyte: Hi
[2019/05/11 11:12] Koni Lanzius: oh rachel must have crashed
[2019/05/11 11:12] Snoots Dwagon: Wow those glasses have some high-glow lenses. :D
[2019/05/11 11:12] George Equus: Hi Izzy
[2019/05/11 11:12] Wizard Atazoth: yea
[2019/05/11 11:13] George Equus: *Izzie sorry
[2019/05/11 11:14] Snoots Dwagon: Hi Wizard! Rachel!
[2019/05/11 11:14] Wizard Atazoth: wb rachel :)
[2019/05/11 11:14] Wizard Atazoth: hey snoots
[2019/05/11 11:14] rachel rose: Snoots!
[2019/05/11 11:14] Koni Lanzius: wb rachel
[2019/05/11 11:14] rachel rose: huggies ^^
[2019/05/11 11:14] rachel rose: thanks Koni
[2019/05/11 11:14] Koni Lanzius: :)
[2019/05/11 11:14] George Equus: Hi Rachel
[2019/05/11 11:14] rachel rose: hiyas George
[2019/05/11 11:15] Mirror Amorasi is Offline
[2019/05/11 11:15] Koni Lanzius: Snoots, i was telling folks about Replicant city
[2019/05/11 11:15] Koni Lanzius: and how amazing it is
[2019/05/11 11:15] Snoots Dwagon wants to change this animation to THAT chair.
[2019/05/11 11:16] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:16] Koni Lanzius: you built some brilliant space ships that you have on display there
[2019/05/11 11:16] Snoots Dwagon: Awww tyty
[2019/05/11 11:16] Snoots Dwagon: yeah, REplicant City is a years-long project
[2019/05/11 11:16] Koni Lanzius: oh and the hall of funny
[2019/05/11 11:16] Snoots Dwagon: Started in 2010
[2019/05/11 11:16] Koni Lanzius: hundreds of hilarious sci fi meme pics
[2019/05/11 11:16] rachel rose: memes!!!
[2019/05/11 11:16] rachel rose: *.*
[2019/05/11 11:17] Koni Lanzius: heheh
[2019/05/11 11:17] Snoots Dwagon: LOL that reminds me, Harmony visited the Hall of Funny last week and said it cheered her up immensely. :D
[2019/05/11 11:17] Koni Lanzius: really a whole day to see them all
[2019/05/11 11:17] rachel rose: I teach y juniors with memes
[2019/05/11 11:17] Snoots Dwagon: Which of course is why it's there.
[2019/05/11 11:17] albertlr Landar: well sounds like a really excellent build you have there snoots
[2019/05/11 11:17] Koni Lanzius: oh you teach?
[2019/05/11 11:17] Koni Lanzius: brilliant!
[2019/05/11 11:17] Koni Lanzius: i work at a college myself
[2019/05/11 11:17] Snoots Dwagon: You're welcome to visit any time Albertilr. I'll send a LM
[2019/05/11 11:17] albertlr Landar: thanks
[2019/05/11 11:18] Snoots Dwagon gave you Replicant City.
[2019/05/11 11:18] Koni Lanzius: he even has stuff I've never heard of like the Dr Steel exhibit
[2019/05/11 11:18] Koni Lanzius: hard core steampunk
[2019/05/11 11:18] rachel rose: I;m a teacher here, at the USA Embassy Language Institute
[2019/05/11 11:18] rachel rose: I teach little kiddos
[2019/05/11 11:18] Snoots Dwagon: Awesome Rachel
[2019/05/11 11:18] Koni Lanzius: oh lovely
[2019/05/11 11:18] rachel rose: but sometimes I teach juniors
[2019/05/11 11:18] Koni Lanzius: very nice
[2019/05/11 11:18] rachel rose: not so.. I hate teens >.<
[2019/05/11 11:18] Snoots Dwagon: Is there a teaching specialty, or whatever is needed at the moment?
[2019/05/11 11:18] Snoots Dwagon: LOL
[2019/05/11 11:19] Snoots Dwagon: From what I hear everyone does
[2019/05/11 11:19] Snoots Dwagon: Because we were one once
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: I physically hate them
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: xD
[2019/05/11 11:19] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:19] Snoots Dwagon: That's why they make different size baseball bats
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: they smell
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸ღ
[2019/05/11 11:19] Koni Lanzius: heheh
[2019/05/11 11:19] Koni Lanzius: and they are hard to teach
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: they seem to love me :/
[2019/05/11 11:19] Snoots Dwagon: :D
[2019/05/11 11:19] rachel rose: I love my kiddos
[2019/05/11 11:19] Snoots Dwagon: Well that's a plus
[2019/05/11 11:20] Koni Lanzius: college students are about the same
[2019/05/11 11:20] rachel rose: we have so much fun
[2019/05/11 11:20] Koni Lanzius: oh thats great
[2019/05/11 11:20] rachel rose: we had a picnic today ^^
[2019/05/11 11:20] Snoots Dwagon: Koni works with the best people in the world. Teachers. *cough*
[2019/05/11 11:20] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:20] rachel rose: I am a teacher mentor too
[2019/05/11 11:20] rachel rose: not easy
[2019/05/11 11:20] Koni Lanzius: i really do afore most of them
[2019/05/11 11:20] Koni Lanzius: ahh
[2019/05/11 11:20] rachel rose: so Koni... my respects
[2019/05/11 11:21] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:21] Koni Lanzius: ty ty and to you
[2019/05/11 11:21] rachel rose: I so wanna slap some sometimes
[2019/05/11 11:21] Snoots Dwagon: :D
[2019/05/11 11:21] Koni Lanzius: yea it takes the patience of a saint sometimes
[2019/05/11 11:21] rachel rose: shoot
[2019/05/11 11:21] rachel rose: sorry
[2019/05/11 11:21] Snoots Dwagon: Stress: the result of being unable to strangle someone who desperately needs it.
[2019/05/11 11:21] rachel rose: I got a kitten on my keyboard
[2019/05/11 11:21] Koni Lanzius: even when you are teaching teachers
[2019/05/11 11:22] Snoots Dwagon: Well, all my career I worked with computer techs.
[2019/05/11 11:22] Snoots Dwagon: Many of them were great.
[2019/05/11 11:22] rachel rose: does someone want to adopt a very energetic kitten?
[2019/05/11 11:22] Koni Lanzius: how are they to work with?
[2019/05/11 11:22] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:22] Snoots Dwagon: But the bad ones are the ones that create the reputation for the whole group
[2019/05/11 11:22] Koni Lanzius: i see
[2019/05/11 11:23] Mirror Amorasi is Online
[2019/05/11 11:24] Snoots Dwagon: Know what's funny about techs, and I mean truly funny.
[2019/05/11 11:24] Koni Lanzius: wut?
[2019/05/11 11:24] Snoots Dwagon: I was friends with a deep core tech who was a certified genius.
[2019/05/11 11:24] rachel rose: :O
[2019/05/11 11:24] rachel rose: sheldon?
[2019/05/11 11:24] Snoots Dwagon: SEriously the guy could direct-program in hexadecimal
[2019/05/11 11:24] rachel rose: ok wait he is in physics field
[2019/05/11 11:24] Snoots Dwagon: He spoke computer better than English
[2019/05/11 11:25] rachel rose: wow
[2019/05/11 11:25] Snoots Dwagon: But he couldn't common-sense worth beans.
[2019/05/11 11:25] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:25] Kayaker Magic: Can he count in binary on his fingers?
[2019/05/11 11:25] rachel rose: interesting how the human brain works
[2019/05/11 11:25] Snoots Dwagon: One day I came to him and told him I needed something done and I got the typical answer, "That can't be done"
[2019/05/11 11:25] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:25] albertlr Landar: well to think logically with common sense requires experience and learning that way.
[2019/05/11 11:26] Snoots Dwagon: So I took a pen and a sheet of paper and drew a quick logic flowchart. He stared at it for a moment and said, 'Huh... it CAN be done."
[2019/05/11 11:26] albertlr Landar: with programming the rules are all laid otu.
[2019/05/11 11:26] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:26] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:26] Snoots Dwagon: The thing is, to be REALLY good with computers requires a special brain. And that brain doesn't always balance with real life. Sometimes it does, but back in the IT department...
[2019/05/11 11:26] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:26] Snoots Dwagon: IT departments are every bit how they're presented in the movies. LOL
[2019/05/11 11:27] Koni Lanzius: funny
[2019/05/11 11:27] albertlr Landar: and not all programmers make fully working programs when they work.
[2019/05/11 11:27] Snoots Dwagon: Mind you, I have the greatest respect for good IT people
[2019/05/11 11:27] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[2019/05/11 11:27] albertlr Landar: its a lot of try and fail first.
[2019/05/11 11:27] rachel rose: that kind of "different wired" brain usually spent most of the time understanding computers and algorithms which lead very few to understanding human interaction.
[2019/05/11 11:27] Koni Lanzius: true
[2019/05/11 11:27] rachel rose: and....
[2019/05/11 11:28] rachel rose: understanding people .. urgh
[2019/05/11 11:28] Koni Lanzius: yep
[2019/05/11 11:28] albertlr Landar: fuuy they are not trying to get programs to mimic human responses now.
[2019/05/11 11:28] Snoots Dwagon: That's exactly right Rose
[2019/05/11 11:28] Snoots Dwagon: Well, after coding for (mumblety mumble) decades I have to admit I've never written code that worked right the first time. But I never left it that way either.
[2019/05/11 11:29] Snoots Dwagon: What drives me nuts is to see code that is obviously buggy, and has been that way for years cough Linden Lab cough.
[2019/05/11 11:29] Snoots Dwagon: I couldn't stand that. I would *have* to fix it.
[2019/05/11 11:29] rachel rose: I have had kids which other teachers found impossible, just cause the teacher wanted to place them in the same shape box as others, when its the professional the one who needs to enter their world to help him learn the way he/she learns, not the other way around.
[2019/05/11 11:29] albertlr Landar: and unfortunately we have inherited a lot of lindens stuff in our viewer at least.
[2019/05/11 11:29] Snoots Dwagon: Right Rachel, I hear you there
[2019/05/11 11:29] Koni Lanzius: yea
[2019/05/11 11:29] Snoots Dwagon: Yes Albertlr, that's a major issue
[2019/05/11 11:30] rachel rose: I ask myself, how many good professionals have we lost due to that, artists, technicians, name it..
[2019/05/11 11:30] Kayaker Magic: Every so often there is talk of developing an OpenSim centric viewer
[2019/05/11 11:30] Snoots Dwagon: Three things have driven me absolutely bonkers over the years: griefers, drama queens and VR techs who deny the existence of bugs when reported on the Mantis.
[2019/05/11 11:30] rachel rose: that would be interesting
[2019/05/11 11:30] Koni Lanzius: that would be nice
[2019/05/11 11:31] Snoots Dwagon: Exactly Rachel.
[2019/05/11 11:31] rachel rose: drama queens
[2019/05/11 11:31] rachel rose: hahahaha
[2019/05/11 11:31] rachel rose: I hear ya
[2019/05/11 11:31] rachel rose: 0 patience for them
[2019/05/11 11:31] Koni Lanzius: it would take a massive rewrite of the code tho eh?
[2019/05/11 11:31] Snoots Dwagon: How many people have dropped out of school because they couldn't stand the stifling environment?
[2019/05/11 11:31] Koni Lanzius: yea *sigh* they are everywhere
[2019/05/11 11:31] Snoots Dwagon: I learned how to deal with griefers and drama queens.
[2019/05/11 11:31] rachel rose: plays Pink Floyd - Brink on the wall song*
[2019/05/11 11:31] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:32] Snoots Dwagon: But dealing with coders who deny the existence of system bugs... well, ya can't shoot them...
[2019/05/11 11:32] rachel rose: Snoots, teach me..
[2019/05/11 11:32] albertlr Landar: i suffered through high school myself, but did very well in college afterward.
[2019/05/11 11:32] Koni Lanzius: btw I LOVED your set the other night rachel
[2019/05/11 11:32] albertlr Landar: Much different place.
[2019/05/11 11:32] rachel rose: thanks Koni
[2019/05/11 11:32] rachel rose: ^^
[2019/05/11 11:32] Snoots Dwagon: Well griefers are easy. You laugh at them. They HATE that
[2019/05/11 11:32] rachel rose: same albertir
[2019/05/11 11:32] Wizard Atazoth: that be great if ever had our own viewer. we'd be able to separate ourselves from looking like SL. But, seems so far every project has ran into hurtles. that i know of. maybe one will eventually succeed
[2019/05/11 11:32] Koni Lanzius: he is good at dealing w griefers
[2019/05/11 11:32] rachel rose: Koni... Kith booked me ^^
[2019/05/11 11:32] Snoots Dwagon: Funniest thing I ever saw was when a big-hat griefer had his butt handed to him by a tiny bunny rabbit and some toilet paper. D
[2019/05/11 11:33] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:33] Koni Lanzius: he used to ban them lighteningly fast when we were in SL
[2019/05/11 11:33] Snoots Dwagon: That is true Wizard
[2019/05/11 11:33] albertlr Landar: if there had not been the restrictions to begin with where the Opensim developers could work with viewer developers there would probably be much more advances by now.
[2019/05/11 11:33] Koni Lanzius: yea Snoots and his buds made sport of greifers
[2019/05/11 11:33] Snoots Dwagon: It's hard to be a real griefer when a bunny rabbit is throwing toilet paper at you
[2019/05/11 11:34] rachel rose: hahahaha
[2019/05/11 11:34] rachel rose: griefer being griefed oohh the irony of life sometimes
[2019/05/11 11:34] albertlr Landar: well it also depends on how much toilet paper is being thrown.
[2019/05/11 11:34] George Equus: I was attacked by a griefer in SL once that ejected others 10 meters with some gadget. I asked if he could please do it again sooo fun! he went away...
[2019/05/11 11:34] Koni Lanzius: Snoots is the head of a very old group from SL, Rachel
[2019/05/11 11:34] Koni Lanzius: the Elf Clan
[2019/05/11 11:34] Snoots Dwagon: And what's odd... I found that with SOME griefers, you could befriend them and even get them to be "good citizens" by reacting positively instead of negatively to our antics.
[2019/05/11 11:34] Koni Lanzius: heheheh
[2019/05/11 11:34] Snoots Dwagon: Shhhh Koni. Dat a sekret.
[2019/05/11 11:34] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:34] rachel rose: I had that once
[2019/05/11 11:34] albertlr Landar: i was working on a house, and someone walked inside and set it on fire with me in it.
[2019/05/11 11:35] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: I sheered the griefer to crash a sim
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: xD
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: cheered*
[2019/05/11 11:35] Snoots Dwagon: LOL
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: we became friends
[2019/05/11 11:35] Koni Lanzius: whoa!
[2019/05/11 11:35] Snoots Dwagon: Yups
[2019/05/11 11:35] Wizard Atazoth: yea, as is we have to make everything fit in the sl "box" so the current viewers remain mostly compatible.
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: he was then banned from sl
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: never heard of him again
[2019/05/11 11:35] Snoots Dwagon: Two of the best users started out as griefers, but reacted to someone treating them with kindness
[2019/05/11 11:35] rachel rose: was 13 years old back then
[2019/05/11 11:35] Koni Lanzius: they come as alts
[2019/05/11 11:35] Snoots Dwagon: They later became building wizards and helped people all the time
[2019/05/11 11:35] LaNani Sundara is Online
[2019/05/11 11:36] albertlr Landar: sounds like rehabilitation
[2019/05/11 11:36] rachel rose: ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸ღ
[2019/05/11 11:36] Snoots Dwagon: Exactly A
[2019/05/11 11:36] Wizard Atazoth: lol
[2019/05/11 11:36] Koni Lanzius: yea
[2019/05/11 11:36] Snoots Dwagon: Al
[2019/05/11 11:36] Snoots Dwagon: Some people are griefers because their RL stinks
[2019/05/11 11:36] Snoots Dwagon: And when they find someone here who treats them like humans, that's all they need
[2019/05/11 11:36] albertlr Landar: they have not yet realized the opensim can be a respite from rl
[2019/05/11 11:36] rachel rose: some people are also asshole cause their rl stinks
[2019/05/11 11:36] rachel rose: but thats an excuse
[2019/05/11 11:37] Snoots Dwagon: Then others are just lousy people to start with. That's when we pull out the toys and the jokes. :D
[2019/05/11 11:37] rachel rose: seems so stupid to me to have a horrible rl then try to have yet again a horrible vr
[2019/05/11 11:37] rachel rose: cause in vr its your choice
[2019/05/11 11:37] Koni Lanzius: i know right?
[2019/05/11 11:37] Snoots Dwagon: If someone is an incurable griefer... we make fun of them and laugh. they don't know how to deal with that
[2019/05/11 11:37] albertlr Landar: until griefer meets griefer
[2019/05/11 11:37] Snoots Dwagon: Worst thing one can do is get angry. That's what they want
[2019/05/11 11:37] Snoots Dwagon: LOL exactly Al
[2019/05/11 11:38] Snoots Dwagon: I IMed that one griefer years ago and said, "Wow, you should brag to your griefer budies about how you got your butt kicked by a bunny rabbit."
[2019/05/11 11:38] Snoots Dwagon: He just replied "pfffft"
[2019/05/11 11:38] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:38] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: The other guy who was a major griefer, I invited to join our group as an Elite Guard because he was so good with weapons
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: It REALLY caught him off side
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: He went on to be a legendary guard in our group
[2019/05/11 11:40] rachel rose: Kempe?
[2019/05/11 11:40] rachel rose: was that his name by any chance?
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: He was known as Mean Golem
[2019/05/11 11:40] Koni Lanzius: who was that
[2019/05/11 11:40] Koni Lanzius: oh Mean
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: Yups
[2019/05/11 11:40] cilla teebrook: we are all wayfarers through this round of existence and that we all experience the same laws of suffering."
[2019/05/11 11:40] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[2019/05/11 11:40] Koni Lanzius: yea
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: Mean started out as a real jerk.
[2019/05/11 11:40] Koni Lanzius: settng fore to everything
[2019/05/11 11:40] Snoots Dwagon: WEnt on not only to be a great group member, but a RL friend as well.
[2019/05/11 11:41] Koni Lanzius: fire*
[2019/05/11 11:41] Snoots Dwagon: LOL yeah, Mean was GREAT at setting fires
[2019/05/11 11:41] Koni Lanzius: he was a viking berserker
[2019/05/11 11:41] Snoots Dwagon: And he's the one you'd want at your back in a griefer battle. He knew all the tricks. :D
[2019/05/11 11:41] Koni Lanzius: yea ole snoots has a way w berserkers
[2019/05/11 11:41] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 11:42] albertlr Landar: I resently found out I was 5% Swedish, so must have a little Viking in me too.
[2019/05/11 11:42] rachel rose: I was at a shopping sim and he came with be, this chic was really mean and bumped me a few times, that got him angry, somehow, he smashed the girl against a wall, Hulk like till she apologized
[2019/05/11 11:42] Koni Lanzius: cool
[2019/05/11 11:42] rachel rose: till know I have no idea how he did it
[2019/05/11 11:42] Snoots Dwagon: Well, either make friends of them or bites them in da hiney butt
[2019/05/11 11:42] rachel rose: BUT I m very ignorant of all these stuff
[2019/05/11 11:42] Snoots Dwagon: There are weapons that cowards use
[2019/05/11 11:42] Snoots Dwagon: But all weapons are ineffective if one is sitting on the ground.
[2019/05/11 11:43] Snoots Dwagon: Simplest defense in teh world
[2019/05/11 11:43] Koni Lanzius: yea for the guys greifers
[2019/05/11 11:43] cilla teebrook: nudges Snoots elbow
[2019/05/11 11:43] Snoots Dwagon: Then laugh at them and describe their antic as making up for real life uh... inadequacies. :D
[2019/05/11 11:43] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[2019/05/11 11:43] Snoots Dwagon: Wots Cilla?
[2019/05/11 11:44] rachel rose: rofl Snoots
[2019/05/11 11:44] albertlr Landar: i had friend on Sl that ran a griefer script by accident, and it filled up another friends region with prims. We had to gather about 10 other fiends, and we spent the rest of the day deleting the prims.
[2019/05/11 11:44] Koni Lanzius: oh wow
[2019/05/11 11:44] rachel rose: ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸ღ
[2019/05/11 11:44] rachel rose: thats a comom thing at sandboxes
[2019/05/11 11:44] Snoots Dwagon: LOL yeah Al. That used to happen all the time.
[2019/05/11 11:44] Mirror Amorasi is Offline
[2019/05/11 11:44] rachel rose: the prim griefing
[2019/05/11 11:44] albertlr Landar: the land owner was not available to clean it up.
[2019/05/11 11:44] Snoots Dwagon: One of the favorite tricks of griefers was to find a newb and hand them a "cool toy you gotta try this out!"
[2019/05/11 11:45] Snoots Dwagon: Then the newb would get in trouble for crashing a sim
[2019/05/11 11:45] rachel rose: Ⓐωωωωωωωωωωω
[2019/05/11 11:45] Koni Lanzius: :)
[2019/05/11 11:45] rachel rose: so mean
[2019/05/11 11:45] rachel rose: :(
[2019/05/11 11:45] Snoots Dwagon: yeah
[2019/05/11 11:45] Snoots Dwagon: But I told Wizard to stop that so he did.
[2019/05/11 11:45] Snoots Dwagon snickers...
[2019/05/11 11:45] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 11:45] rachel rose: :O
[2019/05/11 11:45] albertlr Landar: yea, problem strangers in rl too.
[2019/05/11 11:45] rachel rose: looks funny at Wiz*
[2019/05/11 11:45] Wizard Atazoth: I thought you wernt gonna tell
[2019/05/11 11:45] Wizard Atazoth: >.>
[2019/05/11 11:45] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:45] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[2019/05/11 11:46] Snoots Dwagon: I once accidentally crashed a sim
[2019/05/11 11:46] Snoots Dwagon: I was testing a script in the early days of SL... before LL got scripting somewhat under control
[2019/05/11 11:46] Snoots Dwagon: The script was called "Hand of Omega"... a simple particle generator
[2019/05/11 11:47] Snoots Dwagon: Which generated about 10 billion particles so quickly it actually caused the server to crash
[2019/05/11 11:47] Snoots Dwagon: Even though particles are viewer side, just sending the info to the users drove the server into the ground
[2019/05/11 11:47] Snoots Dwagon: I was a newbie, playing with random boxes
[2019/05/11 11:48] Koni Lanzius: :)
[2019/05/11 11:49] Snoots Dwagon: You asked about drama queens Rachel and how to deal with them.
[2019/05/11 11:49] rachel rose: should I just slap em?
[2019/05/11 11:49] Snoots Dwagon: Trouble with drama queens is they're not like griefers. They're emotional.
[2019/05/11 11:49] Koni Lanzius: mean and stupid
[2019/05/11 11:49] rachel rose: really wants to slap one*
[2019/05/11 11:49] Snoots Dwagon: So the only way I've ever found to deal with a drama queen is to draw a line even they know they had better never cross
[2019/05/11 11:49] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2019/05/11 11:49] albertlr Landar: Best avoid them in rl too.
[2019/05/11 11:50] Snoots Dwagon: For example with one drama queen I gave a simple warning:
[2019/05/11 11:50] Koni Lanzius: and when they do?
[2019/05/11 11:50] rachel rose: Koni.. slap
[2019/05/11 11:50] Koni Lanzius: heheheh
[2019/05/11 11:50] Snoots Dwagon: I'm tired of you harassing people, so clean up your act or some friends of mine are going to make sure every single day you spend on SL will be one of misery.
[2019/05/11 11:50] Snoots Dwagon: The drama stopped immediately.
[2019/05/11 11:50] cilla teebrook: where does karma fit into this
[2019/05/11 11:50] rachel rose: I need that kind of SO friends
[2019/05/11 11:50] Snoots Dwagon: Exactly cilla
[2019/05/11 11:50] rachel rose: OS*
[2019/05/11 11:51] Snoots Dwagon: Well thing is, whether you have that many friends or not, the offender doesn't know.
[2019/05/11 11:51] Snoots Dwagon: But just the threat is the deal. The trick is to wake them up to potential consequences for actions.
[2019/05/11 11:51] Snoots Dwagon: WE see a whole lot of sim owners do just that with a very simple sign:
[2019/05/11 11:51] rachel rose: meh this one doesnt care
[2019/05/11 11:52] Snoots Dwagon: "No Drama, Zero Tolerance"
[2019/05/11 11:52] rachel rose: when you deal with humans, drama is always a factor
[2019/05/11 11:52] Koni Lanzius: exactly the drama queens here dont respect anyone
[2019/05/11 11:52] rachel rose: you cant separated them
[2019/05/11 11:52] Snoots Dwagon: So that's the only answer I've ever found to work with drama queens... because there is no befriending them. They're back stabbers.
[2019/05/11 11:52] Koni Lanzius: even when you nicely ask them to stop
[2019/05/11 11:53] Snoots Dwagon: Well, that conversation got dark unexpectedly. LOL
[2019/05/11 11:53] Koni Lanzius: right
[2019/05/11 11:53] rachel rose: drama queens are usually bullies
[2019/05/11 11:53] albertlr Landar: I ran into an individual over on Lbsa that was accusing others there of wearing copybot things.
[2019/05/11 11:53] Koni Lanzius: lets talk about your new furniture store
[2019/05/11 11:53] Snoots Dwagon: That's why I'm usually a cute cuddly dwagon. :D
[2019/05/11 11:53] rachel rose: I had enough of bullies in rl, I will NOT tolerate a Vr one
[2019/05/11 11:54] cilla teebrook: hate to change the subject .. has anyone heard how Grey is doing?
[2019/05/11 11:54] Koni Lanzius: yea the content police?
[2019/05/11 11:54] albertlr Landar: When i talked to Dan about them turns out this was a know problem person, that had lots of alts.
[2019/05/11 11:54] Snoots Dwagon: Exactly Albertlr. I am sick and tired of the copybot police. That's just another form of drama.
[2019/05/11 11:54] Koni Lanzius: one of them even ran Saphy off, accusing her of botting her own builds
[2019/05/11 11:54] rachel rose: loool
[2019/05/11 11:54] Koni Lanzius: she was so upset she left the grid
[2019/05/11 11:54] Snoots Dwagon: And in that particular instance if certain people keep it up I am gonna personally do some anklebiting
[2019/05/11 11:54] albertlr Landar: Was just making problems, so Dan banned them it was the last straw for this person.
[2019/05/11 11:54] Snoots Dwagon: Good
[2019/05/11 11:54] Koni Lanzius: good
[2019/05/11 11:55] Snoots Dwagon: Glad to hear that example was set.
[2019/05/11 11:55] albertlr Landar: well they had been warned before.
[2019/05/11 11:55] Koni Lanzius: yea
[2019/05/11 11:55] Koni Lanzius: due process
[2019/05/11 11:55] albertlr Landar: but i was taking everything they were saying as the truth until Dan corrected me.
[2019/05/11 11:55] Koni Lanzius: we use that at the college
[2019/05/11 11:55] Koni Lanzius: ahh
[2019/05/11 11:56] Snoots Dwagon: The problem with harassing people about "copybotted" things... is that the vast majority of things on most grids came from SL originally. That's a simple fact of life. And despite what some people think... LL TOS is not LAW
[2019/05/11 11:56] albertlr Landar: they were also using a copybot viewer at the time they were logged in.
[2019/05/11 11:56] Snoots Dwagon: lol
[2019/05/11 11:56] Koni Lanzius: oh ha
[2019/05/11 11:56] Snoots Dwagon: That's hilarious
[2019/05/11 11:56] albertlr Landar: so you never know
[2019/05/11 11:57] Koni Lanzius: i can say this, if anyone violates my avatars personal space on the dance floor again, I will defend myself
[2019/05/11 11:57] Snoots Dwagon: Well, if it hadn't been for a copybot tool I legally bought while on SL (and no longer works unfortunately), when I left SL I'd have lost thousands of man-hours in my own creations.
[2019/05/11 11:57] Snoots Dwagon: I hear you there Koni
[2019/05/11 11:57] albertlr Landar: There is a very good video that was posted on youtube recently about the problems with the copyright law.
[2019/05/11 11:57] Kayaker Magic: It is Noon here, I need to go make lunch before my next meeting!
[2019/05/11 11:57] Snoots Dwagon: Yups
[2019/05/11 11:57] Koni Lanzius: no more trying to appeal to their common sense
[2019/05/11 11:57] Snoots Dwagon: I'd like to see that video Al if you have a link
[2019/05/11 11:57] albertlr Landar: it was excellent, explained how the new laws cripple creativity now
[2019/05/11 11:57] Em Jannings is Online
[2019/05/11 11:58] Kayaker Magic is Offline
[2019/05/11 11:58] albertlr Landar: At the expense of the public, and for the benefit of companies that are taking over the copyrights
[2019/05/11 11:58] Snoots Dwagon: Part of the thing is there are too many people who THINK they know how copyright and trademark law works... and they don't. They're just parroting what they've heard or spouting their own opinion.
[2019/05/11 11:58] Koni Lanzius: you should do a workshop, sweetie
[2019/05/11 11:58] albertlr Landar: exactly
[2019/05/11 11:59] rachel rose: yes please
[2019/05/11 11:59] Koni Lanzius: he read up on all that
[2019/05/11 11:59] cilla teebrook: mhm
[2019/05/11 11:59] albertlr Landar: well getting at the top of the hour. Thanks for coming this week. i will see if Ican find the link for that video. i think most would find it very interesting.
[2019/05/11 11:59] Koni Lanzius: indeed
[2019/05/11 12:00] Snoots Dwagon: You know, I got in a lengthy forum conversation with Jim Tarber from the now-defunct Inworldz on how Copyright law really works, provided links, etc. And that "professional tech" told me I had no idea what I was talking about. That's the problem-- people thinking they know something when they don't.
[2019/05/11 12:00] Koni Lanzius: thanks Albirtir
[2019/05/11 12:00] albertlr Landar: please stay and chat if you wish.
[2019/05/11 12:00] cilla teebrook: pls
[2019/05/11 12:00] Snoots Dwagon: Thanks Al. that would be great.
[2019/05/11 12:00] albertlr Landar: yea, its gotten very confusing.
[2019/05/11 12:00] cilla teebrook: glad you are feeling better alb
[2019/05/11 12:00] Snoots Dwagon: I gonna stay a while and grief Koni and Wizard if I can find my toybox...
[2019/05/11 12:00] albertlr Landar: well some.
[2019/05/11 12:00] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2019/05/11 12:00] rachel rose: :O
[2019/05/11 12:00] rachel rose: hides*
[2019/05/11 12:00] albertlr Landar: bye all
[2019/05/11 12:00] Snoots Dwagon: Hope you get feeling much better Al
[2019/05/11 12:00] rachel rose: bye albert
[2019/05/11 12:01] Koni Lanzius: bye Albirtir
[2019/05/11 12:01] cilla teebrook: rest

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