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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for May 18th, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:31 am 
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[2019/05/18 11:00] Sandy Beachcomber: hi LaNani
[2019/05/18 11:00] LaNani Sundara: hihi
[2019/05/18 11:00] albertlr Landar: we just use it for meetings, as Wright Plaza seemed to have to much lag due to prims and scripts
[2019/05/18 11:00] SirAngel Prosac: I´m still new in Osgrid
[2019/05/18 11:00] albertlr Landar: in the past
[2019/05/18 11:00] SirAngel Prosac: yeah
[2019/05/18 11:00] LaNani Sundara: then very place is a new place :)
[2019/05/18 11:00] Sandy Beachcomber: hi Albert
[2019/05/18 11:00] albertlr Landar: hi Sandy
[2019/05/18 11:00] Sandy Beachcomber: hi cilla
[2019/05/18 11:00] Sandy Beachcomber: hi total
[2019/05/18 11:01] Total Sorbet: hi
[2019/05/18 11:01] SirAngel Prosac: Nice to see new places
[2019/05/18 11:01] Sandy Beachcomber: Wizard
[2019/05/18 11:01] Sandy Beachcomber: hi Angel
[2019/05/18 11:01] SirAngel Prosac: Hi Sandy
[2019/05/18 11:02] George Equus is Online
[2019/05/18 11:02] albertlr Landar: well to introduce myself to those new here, i am albertlr Landar
[2019/05/18 11:03] albertlr Landar: i am an administrator on OSgrid, and on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer
[2019/05/18 11:03] SirAngel Prosac: Hello Albert
[2019/05/18 11:03] Sandy Beachcomber: are you the boss Albert?
[2019/05/18 11:03] albertlr Landar: nope not the real boss
[2019/05/18 11:03] George Equus: Evening all
[2019/05/18 11:03] albertlr Landar: just one of many that trys to help
[2019/05/18 11:03] Sandy Beachcomber: hi george
[2019/05/18 11:04] albertlr Landar: we have this meeting usually once a week to answer questions when we can and help people
[2019/05/18 11:04] albertlr Landar: Hi George
[2019/05/18 11:04] albertlr Landar: We are going to have a board meeting soon, and will set dates for the Birthday Celebrations for our 12th year in operation.
[2019/05/18 11:05] albertlr Landar: And set dates for our now annual fundraiser probably again sometime in September
[2019/05/18 11:05] albertlr Landar: Should announce all this by next week.
[2019/05/18 11:06] albertlr Landar: Not a lot going on right now. but there was an important announcement this week by Intel that concerns a lot of people however.
[2019/05/18 11:06] albertlr Landar: ... t-millions
[2019/05/18 11:06] LaNani Sundara: seems like the last birthday/fundraiser was only weeks ago :) this year went fast
[2019/05/18 11:07] Total Sorbet: yh! i mustve blinked
[2019/05/18 11:07] albertlr Landar: seems there is a major security problem with all Intel cpu's made since 2011
[2019/05/18 11:07] albertlr Landar: This does not affect AMD processors.
[2019/05/18 11:07] LaNani Sundara: can we sue intel already?
[2019/05/18 11:07] albertlr Landar: some might have too.
[2019/05/18 11:07] Sandy Beachcomber: good plan?
[2019/05/18 11:08] Sandy Beachcomber: before they charge extra for the feature!
[2019/05/18 11:09] albertlr Landar: seems Intel knew about this since last year, just now letting everyone know.
[2019/05/18 11:09] George Equus spraying computer with Roundup...
[2019/05/18 11:09] LaNani Sundara: feels like a ploy to sell new computers :)
[2019/05/18 11:09] albertlr Landar: kind of a debate as to how severe the problem is
[2019/05/18 11:09] Sandy Beachcomber: i bet amd are having a party
[2019/05/18 11:10] George Equus: New computer=Windows 10=Goal
[2019/05/18 11:10] albertlr Landar: or one can not connect to the internet, and that would resolve the problem for that computer
[2019/05/18 11:10] LaNani Sundara: Intel too if enough people start replacing their hardware with newer fixed hardware
[2019/05/18 11:10] LaNani Sundara: o i am sire it will still run Linux :D
[2019/05/18 11:10] LaNani Sundara: sure*
[2019/05/18 11:10] albertlr Landar: well i went with AMD several years ago, mainly because they were cheaper.
[2019/05/18 11:11] albertlr Landar: but their power has now caught up with Intel too.
[2019/05/18 11:11] Sandy Beachcomber: people may not trust Intel next time they buy
[2019/05/18 11:11] albertlr Landar: most cell phones use Intel chips too.
[2019/05/18 11:12] Sandy Beachcomber: huaweii?
[2019/05/18 11:12] LaNani Sundara: motorola :)
[2019/05/18 11:13] albertlr Landar: So anything else going on of interest this week?
[2019/05/18 11:14] LaNani Sundara: have not been on as much as usual, nothing to report :D
[2019/05/18 11:15] albertlr Landar: well these days no news is good news
[2019/05/18 11:15] Sandy Beachcomber: better than last week imo
[2019/05/18 11:16] Total Sorbet: have u peeps had any issues with missing prims recently?
[2019/05/18 11:16] Total Sorbet: seems there was a change in how prims cached/rendered
[2019/05/18 11:16] Sandy Beachcomber: hi rachel
[2019/05/18 11:16] rachel rose: hiyas ^^
[2019/05/18 11:16] albertlr Landar: well this problem will mainly happen if you hypergrid away from OSgrid.
[2019/05/18 11:16] LaNani Sundara: last week i think, i had total inventory loss when visiting LBSA
[2019/05/18 11:17] LaNani Sundara: lol that was fun
[2019/05/18 11:17] rachel rose: I had inventory loss for 2 days
[2019/05/18 11:17] LaNani Sundara: aww hugs
[2019/05/18 11:17] albertlr Landar: and there was some rebuilding of the cache for assets, which can cause some apparent loss.
[2019/05/18 11:17] LaNani Sundara: learned to just avoid LBSA most days
[2019/05/18 11:17] LaNani Sundara whispers: :)
[2019/05/18 11:17] Total Sorbet: is not inv albert.. prims are there.. viewer isnt displaying them.. if i tp away and back they appear
[2019/05/18 11:18] Total Sorbet: doesnt seem to effect windows users from what i can tell
[2019/05/18 11:18] Wizard Atazoth: i've had that happen total
[2019/05/18 11:18] Total Sorbet: ah
[2019/05/18 11:18] albertlr Landar: maybe clear viewer cache in that case.
[2019/05/18 11:18] Wizard Atazoth: yea clear cache fixed it. windows here
[2019/05/18 11:18] LaNani Sundara: i did and that helps
[2019/05/18 11:18] LaNani Sundara: helped*
[2019/05/18 11:18] Total Sorbet: solution im told is to reduce viewer bandwidth setting but happens for me even at 300k
[2019/05/18 11:18] LaNani Sundara: i disliek doing it :)
[2019/05/18 11:19] Total Sorbet: cleared cache.. no fix for me
[2019/05/18 11:19] Wizard Atazoth: i couldn't even see the prim shape when in edit mode. like just vanished
[2019/05/18 11:19] Total Sorbet: yes
[2019/05/18 11:19] Total Sorbet: cant select the prim
[2019/05/18 11:19] Total Sorbet: but physics knows about it... cant walk through it
[2019/05/18 11:19] albertlr Landar: hum strange.
[2019/05/18 11:19] Wizard Atazoth: and it was missing in area search too. so i dunno. cleared cache got it back either way
[2019/05/18 11:20] LaNani Sundara: maybe its the new feature Ubit added to try have things come from the viewer cache instead of fetcthing it
[2019/05/18 11:20] albertlr Landar: i would say to please report to the Mantis if it persists.
[2019/05/18 11:20] Total Sorbet: exactly than nani i think
[2019/05/18 11:20] Total Sorbet: that*
[2019/05/18 11:20] LaNani Sundara: regions on my code had not reported the issue :)
[2019/05/18 11:20] Total Sorbet: :)
[2019/05/18 11:21] Total Sorbet: i wonder if that feature could be added as an option
[2019/05/18 11:21] Sandy Beachcomber: i can confirm that
[2019/05/18 11:21] LaNani Sundara: it was but he has turned it on in the code by default, i have been looking at the code
[2019/05/18 11:22] Total Sorbet: ah :)
[2019/05/18 11:22] LaNani Sundara: as we all know if you clear your viewer cache and go somewhere the first time, things start gray and load slower...
[2019/05/18 11:22] LaNani Sundara: but next time its faster
[2019/05/18 11:22] LaNani Sundara: so... the viewer already does use its cache when you visit a region
[2019/05/18 11:23] LaNani Sundara: which so me makes the new feature a bit bogus
[2019/05/18 11:23] LaNani Sundara: since its trying to 2nd guess the viewer
[2019/05/18 11:23] LaNani Sundara: resulting into false positives and things not loading
[2019/05/18 11:23] Total Sorbet: yh.. it kinda feels like a race condition
[2019/05/18 11:25] LaNani Sundara: i don't think it works as intended of has the performance benefits expected, since the viewer already uses its local cache and will not ask for things its has already
[2019/05/18 11:25] LaNani Sundara: or*
[2019/05/18 11:25] LaNani Sundara: regions now asking the viewer/client, have you got that already.. i do not see the point
[2019/05/18 11:26] Total Sorbet: yh is hard to see why
[2019/05/18 11:27] LaNani Sundara: i too sometimes have ideas and code them to then realize, no that was not really a good idea :)
[2019/05/18 11:27] Total Sorbet: :)
[2019/05/18 11:27] Total Sorbet: but thats a great way to learn
[2019/05/18 11:27] Sandy Beachcomber: story of my life lol
[2019/05/18 11:27] LaNani Sundara: hehe
[2019/05/18 11:28] Sandy Beachcomber: but at least you admit when its wrong
[2019/05/18 11:29] LaNani Sundara: testing this option by wiping your viewer cache, then going to a new place, then leaving and returning a 2nd time and saying yes! it loads faster now.... is fooling yourself, because that is what the viewer always did
[2019/05/18 11:29] LaNani Sundara: *shugs
[2019/05/18 11:30] rachel rose: Ⓐωωωωωωωωωωω
[2019/05/18 11:30] Total Sorbet: :DDD
[2019/05/18 11:30] rachel rose: laughs*
[2019/05/18 11:30] Total Sorbet: new opensim.ini option: canihavemyprimsback = TRUE
[2019/05/18 11:30] LaNani Sundara: anyway :) thats all i had to say :)
[2019/05/18 11:31] Wizard Atazoth: lol
[2019/05/18 11:32] albertlr Landar: maybe modify it as canihavemyprimsbackliketheywere = TRUE
[2019/05/18 11:32] LaNani Sundara: haha
[2019/05/18 11:32] cilla teebrook: does any one know how Grey is doing?
[2019/05/18 11:32] Azi Az is Online
[2019/05/18 11:32] LaNani Sundara: no :(
[2019/05/18 11:32] Total Sorbet: hes ok i spoke with him a few days ago
[2019/05/18 11:32] Wizard Atazoth: I havent seen grey in awhile. a month or more i think
[2019/05/18 11:32] albertlr Landar: have not heard, hopefully he is mending.
[2019/05/18 11:32] LaNani Sundara: o good Tota;
[2019/05/18 11:33] Total Sorbet: hes just taking a break
[2019/05/18 11:33] Wizard Atazoth: thats good
[2019/05/18 11:33] LaNani Sundara: mending??
[2019/05/18 11:33] cilla teebrook: that is good to hear Total ... tell him I care
[2019/05/18 11:33] albertlr Landar: heard he was doing remodeling of his abode in rl.
[2019/05/18 11:33] Sandy Beachcomber: maybe he had to travel a long way to vote
[2019/05/18 11:33] LaNani Sundara: ahh
[2019/05/18 11:33] LaNani Sundara: glad to hear he is still out there and ok :)
[2019/05/18 11:34] albertlr Landar: well i did complete our Income Tax returns for the State of Texas and the IRS this past week.
[2019/05/18 11:34] albertlr Landar: This was for OSgrind, inc.
[2019/05/18 11:34] LaNani Sundara: .•*♫ ♬ APPlAUSE! ♬♫ *•.
[2019/05/18 11:35] albertlr Landar: So we are good for another year.
[2019/05/18 11:35] LaNani Sundara: thank you for your work Albert
[2019/05/18 11:35] Total Sorbet: yes ty albert
[2019/05/18 11:35] albertlr Landar: i will post last years financials in about a week in the wiki for anyone that is interested.
[2019/05/18 11:36] albertlr Landar: We had income of a little over $17,000 last year.
[2019/05/18 11:36] Total Sorbet: sufficient?
[2019/05/18 11:36] LaNani Sundara: o not too shabby :)
[2019/05/18 11:36] albertlr Landar: yea, we had excess income which went into our savings account.
[2019/05/18 11:36] Total Sorbet: nice :)
[2019/05/18 11:36] LaNani Sundara: how many lottery tickets were bought with that?
[2019/05/18 11:36] rachel rose: oh may I ask a question about the donation page?
[2019/05/18 11:36] George Equus: Very good
[2019/05/18 11:36] albertlr Landar: and we continue to get donations from amazonsmile.
[2019/05/18 11:37] albertlr Landar: sure
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: when I select my country it takes me directly to pay pal
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: why's that?
[2019/05/18 11:37] albertlr Landar: ok
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: why cant I add my credit card directly?
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: when I was part of SL I had to contact them for the same
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: maybe its blocked?
[2019/05/18 11:37] rachel rose: Im in South America
[2019/05/18 11:38] albertlr Landar: well we do not handle any credit card info, that is handled only by paypal
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: oh thats why then ok
[2019/05/18 11:38] albertlr Landar: they have security features that we do not have.
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: alright
[2019/05/18 11:38] albertlr Landar: so we never have your card info.
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: so only way is through pay yal then
[2019/05/18 11:38] LaNani Sundara: do you have a paypal account rachel?
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: I do
[2019/05/18 11:38] albertlr Landar: it can not be stolen from us.
[2019/05/18 11:38] LaNani Sundara: ok :)
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: but pay pal is a pain here
[2019/05/18 11:38] LaNani Sundara: aww
[2019/05/18 11:38] rachel rose: pain pal xD
[2019/05/18 11:39] albertlr Landar: well we can accept checks too.
[2019/05/18 11:39] rachel rose: its ok I did through pay pal
[2019/05/18 11:39] rachel rose: thats ok I will keep doing it through it
[2019/05/18 11:39] albertlr Landar: we have found that doing it through paypal is the most efficient and safest way to handle the donations.
[2019/05/18 11:40] rachel rose: yeah I agree
[2019/05/18 11:40] Mirror Amorasi is Offline
[2019/05/18 11:40] rachel rose: its safe and easy for the ones not living in South america ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸ღ
[2019/05/18 11:40] albertlr Landar: and as i mentioned last week, the reason the website was closed down a couple weeks ago, was because a chinese source was fishing around our website.
[2019/05/18 11:40] LaNani Sundara: looked at Patreon, Albert?
[2019/05/18 11:41] rachel rose: :O
[2019/05/18 11:41] albertlr Landar: no have not looked at Patreon
[2019/05/18 11:41] albertlr Landar: but something we might investigate at some point
[2019/05/18 11:42] LaNani Sundara: ok
[2019/05/18 11:43] Total Sorbet: why on earth a chinese source would be interested in a non-profit is beyond me
[2019/05/18 11:43] albertlr Landar: BTW, we currently have a total of $5,701.73 in our checking account with BB&T
[2019/05/18 11:44] Sandy Beachcomber: hi jack donations?
[2019/05/18 11:44] Total Sorbet: thats a thought sandy
[2019/05/18 11:44] albertlr Landar: We have a chaca system, and it was trying to break into the site.
[2019/05/18 11:44] albertlr Landar: was a bot
[2019/05/18 11:45] LaNani Sundara: thats why i use cloudflare
[2019/05/18 11:45] LaNani Sundara: to sit in front of my websites
[2019/05/18 11:45] albertlr Landar: well it looked like hypergrid business even had problems recently, as they were attacked too.
[2019/05/18 11:45] albertlr Landar: and were off line for a few days.
[2019/05/18 11:46] LaNani Sundara: *nods
[2019/05/18 11:47] albertlr Landar: we went with BB&T because it was one of the few banks that would not charge us service charges just for us to store our funds. But now they are merging with SunTrust Bank and will rename themselves later this year, and become the 3rd largest bank in the US
[2019/05/18 11:48] rachel rose: :O
[2019/05/18 11:49] LaNani Sundara: so ... bank in the Caymans?
[2019/05/18 11:49] LaNani Sundara: :D
[2019/05/18 11:49] rachel rose: laughs
[2019/05/18 11:49] Sandy Beachcomber: does cloudfare cost LaNani?
[2019/05/18 11:49] LaNani Sundara: no the basic service is free
[2019/05/18 11:50] LaNani Sundara: and sufficient in most cases
[2019/05/18 11:54] albertlr Landar: So off topic but is anyone watching the last episode of Game of Thrones this Sunday?
[2019/05/18 11:54] rachel rose: did I crash?
[2019/05/18 11:54] rachel rose: I guess no ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸ღ
[2019/05/18 11:54] LaNani Sundara: probably will be monday for me but yes
[2019/05/18 11:54] rachel rose: I dont watch the series
[2019/05/18 11:54] Total Sorbet: i binged the last season but im ready for more!
[2019/05/18 11:54] rachel rose: not even 1 episode
[2019/05/18 11:55] albertlr Landar: well it may catch up to you one day.
[2019/05/18 11:55] rachel rose: meh not my genre
[2019/05/18 11:55] LaNani Sundara: i have to go :) have a nice day everyone
[2019/05/18 11:55] LaNani Sundara: byebye
[2019/05/18 11:55] rachel rose: see ya Lanani
[2019/05/18 11:55] Total Sorbet: tc nani
[2019/05/18 11:55] rachel rose: ♥
[2019/05/18 11:55] LaNani Sundara is Offline
[2019/05/18 11:55] albertlr Landar: ok thanks for coming LaNani
[2019/05/18 11:55] Wizard Atazoth: yea ill be watching it too
[2019/05/18 11:55] Wizard Atazoth: tc nani
[2019/05/18 11:55] Sandy Beachcomber: tc LaNani huggs
[2019/05/18 11:55] rachel rose: takes another espresso shot
[2019/05/18 11:56] albertlr Landar: Just wondering who is going to take out the Dragon Queen
[2019/05/18 11:56] paela argus is Offline
[2019/05/18 11:57] Wizard Atazoth: dunno they like to throw twists in now and then
[2019/05/18 11:57] albertlr Landar: Maybe she will just keep ruling everyone with her dragon bye her side.
[2019/05/18 11:58] albertlr Landar: Well as its almost 12, want to thank everyone for coming this week.
[2019/05/18 11:58] Wizard Atazoth: could be. or everyone dies, fade to black lol
[2019/05/18 11:58] Total Sorbet: :p
[2019/05/18 11:58] albertlr Landar: See you next week
[2019/05/18 11:58] albertlr Landar: Good day to you all, take care now.
[2019/05/18 11:58] Total Sorbet: ty albert
[2019/05/18 11:58] Wizard Atazoth: take care albert
[2019/05/18 11:58] rachel rose: see you people
[2019/05/18 11:58] Total Sorbet: and ty for the tax-type-stuffs
[2019/05/18 11:59] Total Sorbet: :)
[2019/05/18 11:59] Sandy Beachcomber: tc Albert
[2019/05/18 11:59] George Equus: Thank you Albert
[2019/05/18 11:59] TP Hud v3.1-Mine: Listener Turned On
[2019/05/18 11:59] Sandy Beachcomber: bye all

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