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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for June 8th, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:19 pm 
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[10:55] Koni Lanzius: good morning George
[10:55] Koni Lanzius: George*
[10:56] Koni Lanzius: hi
[10:56] George Equus: Hello Koni
[10:56] George Equus: Hi Albert
[10:56] albertlr Landar: hello George
[10:56] George Equus: Fully recovered Albert?
[10:57] albertlr Landar: well sort of
[10:57] albertlr Landar: have not passed any more stones recently, but then I know i still have some
[10:57] Koni Lanzius: ho Cilla
[10:57] Koni Lanzius: Hi
[10:57] albertlr Landar: Hi Cilla
[10:57] George Equus: Glad to hear there is progress :)
[10:57] cilla teebrook: howdy everyone
[10:57] George Equus: Hi Cilla
[10:58] Kayaker Magic is Online
[10:59] Koni Lanzius: How are you feeling Albirtir?
[10:59] Koni Lanzius: hope all is well w your gall stones
[11:00] Kayaker Magic: Nice hat!
[11:00] Snoots Dwagon: Ty Ty!
[11:00] Snoots Dwagon: Wants one?
[11:00] Koni Lanzius: hey Kayaker n Snoots
[11:00] Snoots Dwagon:
[11:00] Snoots Dwagon: Hi Hi HI!
[11:01] George Equus: Hi Kayaker, Snoots, Fu
[11:01] Koni Lanzius: Snoots, you've lost weight
[11:01] Fu Barr waves at the usual suspects
[11:01] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[11:01] Koni Lanzius: hey Fooby!
[11:01] Lobo Estepario is Online
[11:01] Wizard Atazoth is Online
[11:01] albertlr Landar: Hi Snoots, Kayaker and Fu
[11:01] Snoots Dwagon: ~*~ Hello! ~*~
[11:01] cilla teebrook: the 3 stooges
[11:01] Snoots Dwagon: brb getting nuked organic material to consume
[11:02] Snoots Dwagon: back
[11:03] Snoots Dwagon: Okay, the subject of today's meeting is: Would Batman vs Superman have been any good at all if not for the appearance of Wonder Woman? :D
[11:03] Snoots Dwagon: ROSE!
[11:03] albertlr Landar: probably not
[11:03] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[11:04] rachel rose: Dwagon!
[11:04] albertlr Landar: They need to get directors and writers from the TV shows to do the movies.
[11:04] albertlr Landar: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
[11:04] rachel rose: hello everyone
[11:04] Snoots Dwagon: :D
[11:04] Koni Lanzius: hey Rachel and wizzy!
[11:04] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings ^_^
[11:04] Fu Barr: Wiz, Rachel...
[11:05] albertlr Landar: well i guess we can begin today.
[11:05] rachel rose: hiyas
[11:05] albertlr Landar: Main topic is Membership meeting here tomorrow at same time.
[11:06] Snoots Dwagon: Does it feel breezy to anyone else in here?
[11:06] Wizard Atazoth: I think it's your diet snoots
[11:06] albertlr Landar: And interesting article on Hypergrid Business is that prices for opensim have dropped.
[11:06] rachel rose: err
[11:06] albertlr Landar: ... er-region/
[11:07] Fu Barr: prices for opensim?
[11:07] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:07] Fu Barr is confused...
[11:07] albertlr Landar: But costs for Second life have just increased
[11:07] Kayaker Magic: Even SL has lowered region prices. All the way down to USD$229!!!!!!
[11:07] Snoots Dwagon: Ohhhh. Is that considered a good thing or bad thing?
[11:07] albertlr Landar: For those that charge
[11:07] Snoots Dwagon: I notice that Kayaker
[11:07] albertlr Landar: does not apply to OSgrid
[11:07] Snoots Dwagon: Second price drop on SL
[11:07] Snoots Dwagon: Makes me wonder what's going on there
[11:07] rachel rose: for premium members things got better, for free membership.. worse
[11:08] rachel rose: Sl that is
[11:08] rachel rose: SL*
[11:08] Kayaker Magic: SL is raising membership prices.
[11:08] albertlr Landar: But they have just announced that membership rates are increasing on SL
[11:08] Snoots Dwagon: Yes, they have lowered free member benefits
[11:08] rachel rose: oh increasing
[11:08] rachel rose: less groups
[11:08] Tannoy OSgrider is Online
[11:08] Koni Lanzius: interesting
[11:08] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh
[11:08] Snoots Dwagon: Less offline IMs
[11:08] albertlr Landar: $32 a month now for quarterly
[11:08] Lobo Estepario is Offline
[11:08] rachel rose: thats too expensive
[11:08] Snoots Dwagon: Which is like the Post Office saying "you can't receive more than 15 letters at one time, and we're going to trash the others"
[11:09] Koni Lanzius: pfft
[11:09] Fu Barr: wonders what this has to do with tomorrows meeting...
[11:09] Wizard Atazoth: they can trash the hearing aid mail i get every day
[11:09] Snoots Dwagon: But that's Linden Lab for you. Thinking with their toenails
[11:09] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:09] albertlr Landar: Oh is there a way to get them to throw away my junk mail.
[11:09] Fu Barr: or with anything osgrid related
[11:09] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[11:09] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:09] Snoots Dwagon: Fu, major things that happen on SL can always affect OSgrid
[11:09] Snoots Dwagon: Is good to stay informed
[11:09] Fu Barr: if you say so.
[11:10] Koni Lanzius: :
[11:10] Koni Lanzius: :)
[11:10] Snoots Dwagon: For example, one might question, "Why would Inworldz be of any interest to OSgrid?" It became of MAJOR interest when that grid closed and OSgrid suddenly had a huge influx
[11:11] Fu Barr: inworldz different kettle of fish. as it in the opensim-related universe
[11:11] Snoots Dwagon: Yups
[11:11] Fu Barr: linden grid irellevant to opensim - has been that way for years.
[11:11] albertlr Landar: Also you see the interest in Display names.
[11:11] Snoots Dwagon: I do have to wonder though, WHY LL has dropped sim prices from $299 to $229... two price decreases within a year
[11:11] albertlr Landar: ... o-opensim/
[11:11] Snoots Dwagon: Oh I wasn't aware of that either
[11:12] Cuteulala Artis is Offline
[11:12] Cuteulala Artis is Online
[11:12] albertlr Landar: “All active developers despise the feature,” said OpenSimulator core developer Melanie Thielker. “In Second Life, it pretty much makes names untypeable and that impacts abuse reports because if you can’t type someone’s name, you can’t search for them.”
[11:12] Fu Barr: so about tomorrows meeting is there an agenda
[11:13] Fu Barr: i never understood the Display Names option.
[11:13] albertlr Landar: mainly to tal about upcoming Birthday Celebrations
[11:13] Fu Barr: but then I'm old and soft in the pixel head these days
[11:13] Snoots Dwagon: I don't personally like it myself, Fu. Just adds confusion
[11:13] albertlr Landar: Some people may want to do events for it, or in conjunction with it.
[11:13] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[11:13] Koni Lanzius: interesting
[11:14] albertlr Landar: we could always just wear name tags.
[11:14] Koni Lanzius: heheh
[11:14] George Equus: Hi Wizard
[11:14] Wizard Atazoth: Region is already full and region 2 was filling up last I checked
[11:14] Snoots Dwagon: I agree Al
[11:14] Wizard Atazoth: region 1
[11:14] rachel rose: when you report the person in SL you report by user name
[11:14] Snoots Dwagon: One problem with Display names is that email messages are still sent under the original name. So can't tell where the email is really coming from
[11:14] rachel rose: might be that I am used to both username and display names that I don't see why it would create confusion
[11:15] Arielle Popstar is Online
[11:15] Snoots Dwagon: Rachel, you best friend is a tree. Might wanna consider that.
[11:15] Snoots Dwagon: ;D
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[11:15] rachel rose: laughs
[11:15] Fu Barr: wondering what is going to be put in place to drive peeps to see the exhibits...
[11:15] Koni Lanzius: listen to you, Skelitor! haha
[11:15] Fu Barr: generally there's pretty low visitation numbers
[11:15] Snoots Dwagon: That's a good question Fu. What kind of "advertising"?
[11:16] Fu Barr: which is a shame.
[11:16] Koni Lanzius: we could do a hypergrid article
[11:16] albertlr Landar: well the displays stay up for about a month, so there should be plenty of time of someone to visit everything.
[11:16] Snoots Dwagon: I still consider it a major problem on OSgrid to have no central message email database
[11:16] Snoots Dwagon: Can't send out event messages for the whole grid
[11:16] Koni Lanzius: maybe if more exhibits were interactive
[11:16] Koni Lanzius: dunno
[11:16] Snoots Dwagon: I agree with koni
[11:16] Fu Barr: i was thinking more along the lines of threatening random inv folder deletion if you don't go visit.
[11:16] Snoots Dwagon: LOL
[11:16] Koni Lanzius: i wish video worked
[11:17] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[11:17] Snoots Dwagon: Yeah, what happened to video?
[11:17] Fu Barr: hey Ari :)
[11:17] Snoots Dwagon: Every one of my video devices just suddenly stopped working
[11:17] Koni Lanzius: i do that better than building
[11:17] Koni Lanzius: hi Ari
[11:17] Arielle Popstar: hi Fu
[11:17] Snoots Dwagon: And they've stopped all over the grid from what I've seen
[11:17] Arielle Popstar: Hi koni
[11:17] rachel rose: Ari! (>^_^)> HUGS <(^_^<)
[11:17] Arielle Popstar: hi all
[11:17] Fu Barr: i don't think there needs to be some sort of publicity drive...
[11:17] Snoots Dwagon: Hi da Arielle
[11:18] Snoots Dwagon: Agreed Fu
[11:18] Wizard Atazoth: you mean parcel media?
[11:18] Koni Lanzius: yea
[11:18] Arielle Popstar: Hi Racel and Snoots
[11:18] Koni Lanzius: probably
[11:18] Arielle Popstar: rachel^
[11:18] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh Wizard
[11:18] Koni Lanzius: i can try to get some publicity whipped up after my cast comes off
[11:18] Snoots Dwagon: Oh wait... no... what I'm speaking of is video on a prim. Direct html access
[11:19] Snoots Dwagon: I haven't tried parcel media yet
[11:19] Wizard Atazoth: hmm
[11:19] Snoots Dwagon: But Fu does bring up a major issue
[11:19] Snoots Dwagon: After all these years, OSgrid still doesn't have a way to contact all its residents
[11:19] albertlr Landar: That needs to be reported to the Mantis in that case.
[11:19] Snoots Dwagon: So how does everyone get informed of major events?
[11:20] Koni Lanzius: MeWe Forums
[11:20] albertlr Landar: Via the Website, and social media.
[11:20] Fu Barr: that makes so little sense.
[11:20] Fu Barr: sigh.
[11:20] Kayaker Magic: "grid going down forever, better back up your sh*t"
[11:20] Snoots Dwagon: Not to disagree, but it's a known statistic that only 10% of virtual users ever visit forums
[11:20] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:20] Wizard Atazoth: group notices work fine
[11:20] Fu Barr: snoots - you SUCH an optimist
[11:20] Snoots Dwagon: LOL Fu
[11:20] albertlr Landar: We also send notices to those that have joined the Townhall group.
[11:20] Snoots Dwagon: I think more like 1%
[11:21] Snoots Dwagon: Not to bludgeon the issue, but any major company has a set method of contacting all their customers, either by email or snail mail. We have Town Hall... IF people join it
[11:21] Snoots Dwagon: Not complaining mind you. Just pointing out a problem.
[11:22] Fu Barr: i have some ideas but it's all a bit Stalinist.
[11:22] Koni Lanzius: :)
[11:22] George Equus: Prominent post on the log in screen, hard do miss, all need to have that on screen
[11:22] Snoots Dwagon: Oh that's a good idea George
[11:22] Snoots Dwagon: That would work
[11:22] Koni Lanzius: ahh good idea George
[11:22] Fu Barr: george - i have asked and suggested that sort of a thing many many times.
[11:22] Kayaker Magic: What Would Stalin Do?
[11:22] Fu Barr: but either paela didn't want it
[11:22] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:22] Snoots Dwagon: LOL
[11:22] Fu Barr: or dan said it was too much work
[11:23] Fu Barr: there's always a lot of reticence from the Gods to touch the login screen
[11:23] Koni Lanzius: interesting
[11:23] Snoots Dwagon: Which brings us back to last week's discussion of "No more major updates to web site until OCTOBER."
[11:23] George Equus: Think is the obvious way to go but don't know how technically difficult it would be.
[11:23] Wizard Atazoth: well, people would have to join the email list too. would have to be double opt in to conform with laws. but im sure most people would just check the don't spam me box anyway.
[11:23] Arielle Popstar: wasnt it January?
[11:24] Snoots Dwagon: Was it January? Either way, a darn long way off
[11:24] albertlr Landar: yes, paela said January
[11:24] Fu Barr: in my opinion the login screen needs to be used FAR more. and also a script needs to be run on the database to add all existing OSG avatars to a public OSG avatar group - or if you will the town h all group
[11:24] Snoots Dwagon: But I agree with George, the Splash Screen is by far best way to announce events
[11:24] Fu Barr: all new avatars should be automagically added to that group
[11:25] Snoots Dwagon: Main Splash Screen could be used to announce all events. Could have an event box right on the screen.... or at least a big ol link
[11:25] Koni Lanzius: i like that idea
[11:25] cilla teebrook: all those in favor
[11:25] Snoots Dwagon: Aye
[11:25] cilla teebrook: ooops
[11:25] Snoots Dwagon: mwahahahahahaha...
[11:25] Fu Barr: sigh. we've discussed these ideas 1000x times over the years.
[11:25] Fu Barr: it never happens
[11:25] Snoots Dwagon: Then someone needs to MAKE it happen
[11:25] Mirror Amorasi is Online
[11:25] Fu Barr: always some logistical issues to kill it stone dead
[11:25] albertlr Landar: well I can pass on the suggestions to Dan and see if it can be implemented.
[11:26] Snoots Dwagon: KK. : )
[11:26] albertlr Landar: problem is getting someone that can do it for us.
[11:26] Snoots Dwagon: And if all else fails, sic Rose on them. They'll buckle in a second.
[11:26] George Equus: Other grids use their log in screens way more than we do for sure
[11:26] Arielle Popstar: well seem we already have it but the prob is getting any access to it for changes
[11:26] Fu Barr: sorry was reading back. what's this about no more updates till October?
[11:27] albertlr Landar: paela will not be able to make any more updates to website till January.
[11:27] Snoots Dwagon: Last week Fu, it was announced that Paela is doing no more web site updates until... January?
[11:27] Fu Barr: so it needs to be haned off to somebody else who can make updates.
[11:27] Arielle Popstar: so maybe we need more than just Paela and or Dan having the ability to make changes
[11:27] Snoots Dwagon: Which says to me, we need to ask around for a new or alternate website specialist
[11:27] albertlr Landar: If we can find someone else qualified to work on such things, other things could be done between then and now.
[11:27] Snoots Dwagon: Out of all our members, we GOTTA have more than one
[11:27] Fu Barr: no need to wait so long. ffs. it's just website maintenance...
[11:27] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh Al
[11:28] Snoots Dwagon: Oh oh! Fu just volunteered! I saw it! :D
[11:28] Fu Barr: fine.
[11:28] albertlr Landar: if you can do it, or know someone that can please have them talk with Dan about it.
[11:28] rachel rose: laughs
[11:28] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[11:28] Snoots Dwagon chuckles
[11:28] Fu Barr: i'll toss my name in the hat
[11:28] Koni Lanzius: BRILLIANT!
[11:28] Snoots Dwagon: Woots!
[11:28] Snoots Dwagon: I'd trust Fu to do a good job if he knows hims stuff
[11:28] Snoots Dwagon: I don't volunteer cos I don't know HTML
[11:28] George Equus: Think main issues with web site and splash screen are security related and why it is difficult to implement dynamic changes on the fly
[11:29] Kayaker Magic: I can't even spell HTML!
[11:29] Fu Barr: i know from nothing, coz all i do is make sponge cakes. *chuckle*
[11:29] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:29] Wizard Atazoth: a lot of it is php snoots
[11:29] Snoots Dwagon: I don't know php either.:D
[11:29] Fu Barr has been doing php for 20 years.
[11:29] Koni Lanzius: ahh cool
[11:29] Snoots Dwagon: Then we have our man
[11:29] Fu Barr: i dont understand what all the fuss is about
[11:29] George Equus: I know nothing about modern web site coding
[11:30] Snoots Dwagon: I would love to see an "Events" access section on the main screen. A small one so it doesn't block the photo... but easily accessible
[11:30] Fu Barr: it just webtech and single stuff at that. probably the issues stem from nobody wanting to take a jackhammer to the codebase
[11:30] Snoots Dwagon: So we can know what the blazes going on
[11:30] Koni Lanzius: even just a link would be good
[11:30] Snoots Dwagon: Someone just the other day said to me, 'OSgrid is a builder grid, not a community grid". Lack of event announcements is (imo) major cause of that problem.
[11:31] Fu Barr: builder grid my pixels...
[11:31] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:31] Snoots Dwagon: :D
[11:31] Snoots Dwagon: Well, for ME it is. :D
[11:31] Arielle Popstar: not lack of anouncement of events but lack of events period
[11:32] Fu Barr: biggest community dance in the metaverse happen here on wed and fri.
[11:32] Koni Lanzius: true
[11:32] Snoots Dwagon: Yes Arielle, but I think it's a vicious circle. No events, because no attendees, because no way to announce events, thus no events...
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: meh
[11:32] Fu Barr: only 5% of those attending know how to stack 3 prims in a straight line and most of those people are sitting here.
[11:32] Snoots Dwagon: Yes Fu, but those two events have great big sign boards at LBSA and on the website
[11:32] Kayaker Magic: Show up at the dance and spam everyone with your event notices!
[11:32] George Equus: OSGrid is mainly a dev grid and not intended as a social grid right?
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: is still best way to get the event out to the metaverse
[11:32] cilla teebrook: haha
[11:33] Arielle Popstar: yes i agree George
[11:33] Fu Barr: George is right.
[11:33] Arielle Popstar: at least used to be
[11:33] George Equus: A place to test code
[11:33] Snoots Dwagon: That's what we're told George. However, since other grids are collapsing, I think it is likely time for OSgrid to become THE grid outside of SL
[11:33] Wizard Atazoth: we have events for all the holidays
[11:33] Snoots Dwagon: Just my opinion
[11:33] George Equus: for others to use if any good :)
[11:33] Fu Barr: but nonetheless i think we can do better in being a little more 'production'grid too.
[11:33] albertlr Landar: The purpose of OSgrid was changed when we reincorporated it.
[11:33] albertlr Landar: It is both George
[11:33] Snoots Dwagon: Yeah
[11:33] Fu Barr: @Snoots - it always was/is the grid outside SL
[11:34] Koni Lanzius: yup
[11:34] Arielle Popstar: just not really a lot of Dev-ing going on
[11:34] Snoots Dwagon: Well, at one time Inworldz was huge competition. Now it isn't.
[11:34] Snoots Dwagon: That makes OSgrid the place to be
[11:34] Snoots Dwagon: Our only real competition at all (if we call it competition) is Discovery and DigiWorldz and Kitely
[11:34] Arielle Popstar: think sacrarium is trying to be the place to be
[11:34] albertlr Landar: Its sometimes hard to balance the dev part with the social part but we try.
[11:35] George Equus: Yes, I get that and nothing wrong at all, Just most users don't realize how much code changes are made here all the time as opposed to other grids.
[11:35] Snoots Dwagon: So OSgrid could stand to expand its concept to no longer be an "experimenters only" grid
[11:35] Fu Barr: no i dont think that's what is needed.
[11:35] Koni Lanzius: i read on WeMe or is it MeWe that sacrarium has lifted its teleport restrictions
[11:35] albertlr Landar: The Wiki spells out all this.
[11:35] Fu Barr: what is needed is a little more attention to detail and 'fit and finish'
[11:35] Mirror Amorasi is Offline
[11:35] Snoots Dwagon: Agreed Fu
[11:35] Arielle Popstar: yes Koni but has osgrid?
[11:35] Snoots Dwagon: HI da Kawaii!
[11:36] Koni Lanzius: dunno
[11:36] Kawaii Unicorn: HI
[11:36] albertlr Landar: I don't know if anyone has noticed but I have now set up the MeWe account so it features just Osgrid events at the top
[11:36] Snoots Dwagon: Hoooooo!
[11:36] cilla teebrook: i want to visit sacrarium
[11:36] Wizard Atazoth: cool thanks albert
[11:36] Snoots Dwagon: That's a start Al. :D
[11:36] albertlr Landar: And this week i also added Foxx as an Admin on it.
[11:37] Snoots Dwagon: Where is our MeWe link?
[11:37] Koni Lanzius: brilliant
[11:37] Kawaii Unicorn: ME TOO CILLA
[11:37] albertlr Landar: just type WeMe Osgrid
[11:37] Snoots Dwagon: WeMe or MeWe?
[11:37] cilla teebrook: howdy Kawaii
[11:37] Koni Lanzius: hey danger
[11:37] rachel rose: K ¯\____(•‿•̃)____/¯ Huggies ♥
[11:37] Snoots Dwagon: Hi da Danger!
[11:37] Koni Lanzius: kawaii
[11:37] albertlr Landar: MeWe I believe
[11:37] Fu Barr: sigh. is it just me or is all of this social media site stuff just 'noise'
[11:37] Wizard Atazoth: I always get it mixed up too lol
[11:37] Koni Lanzius: of course it is haha
[11:37] Kawaii Unicorn: hi rach :)
[11:38] albertlr Landar: sorry MeWe
[11:38] Snoots Dwagon: KK
[11:38] Fu Barr: hey Danger - didn;t see you drop in - me too busy being ld and cantankerous :)
[11:38] Fu Barr: *old
[11:38] cilla teebrook: pokes Danger in the ribs
[11:38] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[11:38] Danger Lytton whispers: just got here
[11:38] Danger Lytton: sorry im late
[11:39] albertlr Landar:
[11:39] Fu Barr: btw - nice boat you've got rezzed on OSG12B1
[11:39] albertlr Landar: Hi Danger
[11:39] Koni Lanzius: gtsy Cap'n
[11:39] Danger Lytton: ty
[11:39] Fu Barr: :)
[11:39] Arielle Popstar: All of this is just "hot air" unless we know that Dan is reading the logs
[11:39] Danger Lytton: The Galadriel - named after an elf in lord of the rings
[11:39] Koni Lanzius: eh?
[11:39] Arielle Popstar: as he is the only one who ultimately has the ability to make decisions
[11:40] Fu Barr: i just cammed it - but it look like a really nice model.
[11:40] Fu Barr: *looed
[11:40] Fu Barr: grrr.
[11:40] Koni Lanzius: oh I GOTTA gp see that!
[11:40] Snoots Dwagon: Where is that?
[11:40] Koni Lanzius: just read back)
[11:40] Koni Lanzius: Dangers ships are the best I've ever seen
[11:41] Snoots Dwagon: Where is the Galadriel parked?
[11:41] cilla teebrook: lol
[11:41] Danger Lytton: osg1
[11:41] Fu Barr: OSG12B1
[11:41] Snoots Dwagon: Ah good
[11:41] Koni Lanzius: awesome
[11:41] Danger Lytton: yeah that
[11:41] Snoots Dwagon: Wait, I think I've seen that. Yeah
[11:41] Snoots Dwagon: Pretty
[11:41] albertlr Landar: Actually Arielle i have already sent a message to Dan asking him to get with Fu Bar about the Website.
[11:42] Koni Lanzius: ~**YAY!!!!**~
[11:42] cilla teebrook: lol
[11:42] Arielle Popstar: kk cool Albert
[11:42] Fu Barr: well, i'm happy to help out if needed.
[11:42] Snoots Dwagon: I do agree that some sort of EVENTS! thing on the splash page will be an immense help to OSgrid popularity and activity.
[11:42] albertlr Landar: we take what ever help is offer with gratitude.
[11:42] Snoots Dwagon: Much appreciated Fu
[11:42] Kayaker Magic: I'm writing a hike-out seat for my sailboats, I just had a vision of the scurvy crew of a pirate ship all hanging out one side as the boat heeled over the other way.....
[11:42] Danger Lytton: i was trying to connect to the other day and could not
[11:43] albertlr Landar: sometimes it is a DNS issue
[11:43] Snoots Dwagon: LOL Kayaker
[11:43] Snoots Dwagon: Yes, sometimes DNS, sometimes it's just offline for maintenance
[11:43] Danger Lytton: seems ok now
[11:43] Snoots Dwagon: But not often
[11:43] Danger Lytton: ah ok
[11:43] Fu Barr: danger the full url is
[11:44] Fu Barr: is somebody semi-jacking the traffic
[11:44] Danger Lytton: ty - i have it bookmarked
[11:44] Danger Lytton: its there now
[11:44] Snoots Dwagon: Well, a little off topic but I am pleased to announce that after much harassment from good friends, my server Internet feed for ElvenSong and Frankenstein has now been boosted to 11mbps. :D
[11:44] albertlr Landar: they were talking about moving it earlier this year.
[11:44] Arielle Popstar: years ago we had those quick build events and something else too which was nice as it was different from the normal "party" events
[11:44] Arielle Popstar: lots of parties out there already
[11:44] Fu Barr: i tried to revive the slowbuild
[11:44] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh Arielle. I love quick build events. Have hosted many
[11:44] Koni Lanzius: true Ari
[11:45] Koni Lanzius: we could use more variation
[11:45] Fu Barr: but there was almost no response
[11:45] Snoots Dwagon: As well as building classes and scripting classes
[11:45] Fu Barr: response
[11:45] rachel rose: I want classes o/
[11:45] rachel rose: please please have those again
[11:45] Snoots Dwagon: I can holds classes
[11:45] Fu Barr: well we all know i;m happy to do scripting and building classes
[11:45] Koni Lanzius: cool!
[11:45] George Equus: Hi Danger
[11:45] rachel rose: o/
[11:45] Kayaker Magic: I tried having sailboat races once or twice. Nobody showed up.
[11:45] Snoots Dwagon: Soon as Fu gets the Events Splash page thing in. :D
[11:45] rachel rose: make it for dummies
[11:45] Fu Barr: but again - there's no way to get out word of anything
[11:45] Arielle Popstar: to get enough people together now it has to be open to more than just local
[11:45] Koni Lanzius: prolly need more promotion of these kinda events
[11:45] Snoots Dwagon: Exactly Fu. That has been the issue
[11:45] Arielle Popstar: have to include the rest of the metaverse
[11:46] Snoots Dwagon: How are people going to attend if they don't know about it?
[11:46] cilla teebrook: no adv... Kayaker
[11:46] Snoots Dwagon: That's why this is so important
[11:46] albertlr Landar: well besides setting up the mechanics on the website, we also need a easy way to submit events and a place to submit them
[11:46] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh
[11:46] Snoots Dwagon: I think Al just set that up on MeWe, yes?
[11:46] Koni Lanzius: and people to host them
[11:46] Fu Barr: all of that is pretty easy - it's more about politics, policy and access.
[11:46] albertlr Landar: i know that Foxx handles a lot of the event postings
[11:47] albertlr Landar: In world and on facebook.
[11:47] Fu Barr: i don't understand the logic of the external social media sites.
[11:47] Kayaker Magic: There is an events thing in the viewer, I never used it. Hear it never worked until Discovery Grid wrote something to get it working there now.
[11:47] Arielle Popstar: well multiple places but think it needs to include as it is presently the most central event advertiser for the metaverse
[11:47] Fu Barr: i find OSG... great. i make avatar - great. then I log in. fab. and who tells me there's some BS social media stuff on something i've never heard of called MeWe?
[11:47] Arielle Popstar: and maybe submit it to HGB for inclusion
[11:47] Snoots Dwagon: I always try to look at things from a USER standpoint. I want an EVENTS button in my viewer, be able to hit it and at least go to a webpage where I can post an event, posted, done, it appears on Splash page... or at least an EVENTS button on Splash page.
[11:47] albertlr Landar: ... ogle-plus/
[11:48] albertlr Landar: Read this article it covers all the social media places for grids.
[11:48] cilla teebrook: I think the hard part is getting Group Notices to reach the ppl. it is a hit n miss
[11:49] Fu Barr: oh and then there's the utter brokenness of the HyperGrid for all of this stuff.
[11:49] albertlr Landar: the idea of getting everyone set up with a single group to receive notices about events sounds good, but not sure if it is practical.
[11:49] Snoots Dwagon: Agreed Cilla
[11:49] Fu Barr: nope it wasnt because the groups get too large and then they break because of the way they were implemented.
[11:50] albertlr Landar: we have more members on OSgrid that other grids, and that could really slow down the servers if its not set up for that.
[11:50] Fu Barr: but me not sure if in recent opensim codebase versions that restriction is still true
[11:50] George Equus: All this info about various channels for events on the grid should be prominently displayed on a Ad board at LBSA and Wright Plaza
[11:50] Snoots Dwagon: Al, I agree with Fu that there should be a central "information" group that people auto-join when they sign up... and that would be auto-assigned to every existing member. They can always cancel it if they don't want it.
[11:50] Danger Lytton: the problem for me with that albert is there are people whom i do NOT want to hear from and then we would get hit with dozens of invites every day
[11:50] albertlr Landar: And events are displayed in lbsa all the time.
[11:50] albertlr Landar: yea thats a problem too Danger.
[11:51] Snoots Dwagon: Yup, no denying that
[11:51] cilla teebrook: we need a good reason to visit lbsa
[11:51] albertlr Landar: the FCC is right now working on stopping robo calls to cell phones.
[11:51] albertlr Landar: in rl
[11:51] Snoots Dwagon: "Come to the SHAKE YOUR BOOTY club for prime adult prostitution! Your dwagon will love it!"...
[11:51] Fu Barr: hwo about: LBSA is a great place to insult newbies
[11:51] Danger Lytton: thats great
[11:51] cilla teebrook: lol
[11:51] Snoots Dwagon: I exaggerating a little... ;D
[11:51] Wizard Atazoth: most people are conditioned to tune out ads these days
[11:52] cilla teebrook: i like to visit it but not everyone knows there is a bubble blaster game... oops
[11:52] Snoots Dwagon: Speaking of which, if I may be the bad guy here... seems like the PG nature of LBSA is being ignored a whole lot over the past few months
[11:52] Fu Barr: remind me again why the in-viewer search things don't quite work?
[11:52] albertlr Landar: make reports to Admin if you see problem
[11:52] Snoots Dwagon: I've heard SEVERAL people call lBSA a "call girl zone" etc
[11:52] Snoots Dwagon: KK Al. Will do
[11:53] Snoots Dwagon: Search doesn't work?
[11:53] Snoots Dwagon: Durn he right. I just People searched Fu Barr. It dead
[11:54] Fu Barr: it's just more stuff to filed under fit and finish
[11:54] Fu Barr: +be
[11:54] Danger Lytton: search engine is dependent on the region -
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: Lbsa is pretty quiet lately
[11:54] cilla teebrook: here i thought it was Call Men place
[11:54] rachel rose: not always Arielle
[11:54] Fu Barr: i was there the otherday - and i was the only avvy.
[11:54] Danger Lytton: the region operator has to activate it
[11:54] Snoots Dwagon: LOL Cilla
[11:54] albertlr Landar: Well before we end meeting today, reminder again that Membership Meeting will be held here tomorrow at 11 And mainly to discuss 12th Birthday Celebrations, but anything you want to bring up then is fine too.
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: not enough call girls maybe?
[11:55] albertlr Landar: Things always quiet down towards summer.
[11:55] Snoots Dwagon: Is true
[11:55] Snoots Dwagon: Scuse phone
[11:55] Wizard Atazoth: snoots we always address complaints of nudity in lbsa. if you see it there just IM me or another admin.
[11:55] Fu Barr: so summer would be a great time to fix some of this stuff.
[11:56] Wizard Atazoth: cool thanks albert
[11:56] Fu Barr: okay - well nice meeting yáll - it's been a while since i dropped in. take care all - thnx albertlr
[11:56] Arielle Popstar: tc Fu
[11:56] rachel rose: see ya
[11:57] Koni Lanzius: hey Foob dont u have an event upcoming/
[11:57] Koni Lanzius whispers: ?
[11:57] Fu Barr: i do
[11:57] Kayaker Magic: Everybody back to work!
[11:57] Koni Lanzius: next week?
[11:57] Fu Barr: yes sunday 16th
[11:57] cilla teebrook: and it is called?
[11:57] Koni Lanzius: wut time
[11:57] Fu Barr: reday and 4000+ days celebration shindig
[11:57] albertlr Landar: And what happens on Sunday 16th
[11:57] rachel rose: Im going to nap too
[11:57] Fu Barr gave you Fu's 11th rezday invite.
[11:57] rachel rose: see ya people
[11:58] Koni Lanzius: bye
[11:58] Koni Lanzius: ty
[11:58] Arielle Popstar: pleasant dreams rachel
[11:58] cilla teebrook: waves bye
[11:58] albertlr Landar: Ok i will post that on MeWe and Facebook for you.
[11:58] Snoots Dwagon: back
[11:58] Cataplexia Numbers is Online
[11:58] Fu Barr: :)
[11:59] Koni Lanzius: :)
[11:59] albertlr Landar: And you can past it on the website once you get with Dan.
[11:59] Snoots Dwagon: Okay caught up. :D
[11:59] Snoots Dwagon: Good meeting everyone
[11:59] albertlr Landar: not fan
[11:59] Snoots Dwagon: Fu thanks for volunteering
[11:59] Koni Lanzius: yush
[11:59] Fu Barr: snoots dropped a texture invite on your pixels - i cant remember if you got it already
[11:59] Snoots Dwagon: Got it tyty
[11:59] albertlr Landar: Ok, thanks for coming and your participation today. See you tomorrow too hopefully.
[11:59] Fu Barr: ciao all
[11:59] Koni Lanzius: ok thanks Albirtir
[11:59] Snoots Dwagon: Bye bye!
[12:00] Snoots Dwagon: Thanks again Al
[12:00] George Equus: Thanks Albert, Good meeting
[12:00] Wizard Atazoth: take care all
[12:00] Arielle Popstar is Online
[12:00] Snoots Dwagon: You to Wiz, Rach
[12:00] George Equus: cu all tomorrow :)
[12:00] Snoots Dwagon: See everyone laters
[12:00] albertlr Landar: Bye all take care.

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