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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for September 7th, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:44 am 
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[2019/09/07 10:43] Wizard Atazoth: hey there albertlr
[2019/09/07 10:43] albertlr Landar: greetings Wizard, sign looks great.
[2019/09/07 10:43] Wizard Atazoth: thanks
[2019/09/07 10:43] Wizard Atazoth: hopefully we have a good participation
[2019/09/07 10:44] albertlr Landar: would think it should be as good as past years.
[2019/09/07 10:45] albertlr Landar: And any addition to our coffers will be good for OSgrid. We are not in a serious condition presently.
[2019/09/07 10:45] albertlr Landar: Really much better financially than any time in the past.
[2019/09/07 10:46] Wizard Atazoth: yup awesome
[2019/09/07 10:46] albertlr Landar: just glad Dorian passed us by here in GA
[2019/09/07 10:47] albertlr Landar: They had mandatory evacuation east of I 95, that's why I moved to west of I 95 was getting tired of evacuations in the past.
[2019/09/07 10:49] Wizard Atazoth: yea i saw the mess it left in the Bahamas tho
[2019/09/07 10:49] albertlr Landar: that was terrible there, never had so much destruction in one place that I am aware of.
[2019/09/07 10:51] albertlr Landar: was like one big tornado sitting on those two islands for 24 hours.
[2019/09/07 10:52] Wizard Atazoth: yup
[2019/09/07 10:52] albertlr Landar: The planes they send out to take readings on the Hurricanes come from Savannah, because we are close but history shows that they usually avoid us here because our coast in indented.
[2019/09/07 10:53] albertlr Landar: unlike South and North Carolina, which stick out into the ocean.
[2019/09/07 10:53] George Equus is Online
[2019/09/07 10:54] albertlr Landar: Hello George....
[2019/09/07 10:55] George Equus: Hi Albert
[2019/09/07 10:55] George Equus: Glad to see you here...
[2019/09/07 10:55] George Equus: Hi Wizard
[2019/09/07 10:55] albertlr Landar: nice and peaceful here in GA now. hot again now that the hurricane has gone north.
[2019/09/07 10:56] George Equus: Others in Grand Bahamas. Jeez..
[2019/09/07 10:57] albertlr Landar: yea, afraid that the death toll there is going to be far greater than they have said so far.
[2019/09/07 10:57] Kayaker Magic is Offline
[2019/09/07 10:57] albertlr Landar: too many people missing.
[2019/09/07 10:57] George Equus: last I heard was 30, sound very few after seeing what is left
[2019/09/07 10:57] albertlr Landar: 43 now
[2019/09/07 10:58] Wizard Atazoth: hi george
[2019/09/07 10:58] George Equus: going to be in the hundreds my guess
[2019/09/07 10:58] albertlr Landar: yea
[2019/09/07 10:59] Kayaker Magic is Online
[2019/09/07 10:59] albertlr Landar: the worst damage we had here was from David many years ago, when it was a 1 and came from behind and out to the ocean.
[2019/09/07 11:00] George Equus: place look like someone shook it violently
[2019/09/07 11:00] albertlr Landar: It just knocked out Electricity for most of the county for up to 6 months.
[2019/09/07 11:00] Jeff Hall: hey everyone
[2019/09/07 11:00] albertlr Landar: Hi Jeff.
[2019/09/07 11:00] George Equus: Hi Jeff
[2019/09/07 11:01] albertlr Landar: They had to rewired the whole county, now with wiring either underground, or high up on tall towers now. That has improved a lot of the past problems.
[2019/09/07 11:01] albertlr Landar: That's what they need to do in Pureto Rico.
[2019/09/07 11:02] albertlr Landar: Could have sworn I saw Kayaker momentarily.
[2019/09/07 11:02] George Equus: Here we put everything in the ground, most visible power lines vanished
[2019/09/07 11:02] George Equus: Hi Kayaker
[2019/09/07 11:03] Kayaker Magic: I'm here, I'll rebake
[2019/09/07 11:03] albertlr Landar: oh ok
[2019/09/07 11:03] Jeff Hall: Hi Kayaker
[2019/09/07 11:03] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings ^_^
[2019/09/07 11:05] Caro Fayray is Online
[2019/09/07 11:05] albertlr Landar: We never really did have much rain here when Dorian passed, mainly wind. Which caused some power outages, but not many.
[2019/09/07 11:06] Wizard Atazoth: by the way if anyone needs a copy of the fundraiser poster send me an IM.
[2019/09/07 11:06] Caro Fayray: hiall sorry i'm late
[2019/09/07 11:06] Wizard Atazoth: hey caro ^_^
[2019/09/07 11:06] Caro Fayray: hey wiz
[2019/09/07 11:06] albertlr Landar: But Highway 80 which goes to Tybee Island and the beach floods these days pretty regularly. State is trying to build up the road way.
[2019/09/07 11:06] Jeff Hall: hey Caro
[2019/09/07 11:06] Caro Fayray: hey jeff
[2019/09/07 11:06] albertlr Landar: Hello Caro
[2019/09/07 11:06] Caro Fayray: hey albert
[2019/09/07 11:06] George Equus: Hello Caro
[2019/09/07 11:07] Caro Fayray: george:)
[2019/09/07 11:07] stiofain mactomais is Online
[2019/09/07 11:08] albertlr Landar: So guess we can begin today.
[2019/09/07 11:08] albertlr Landar: So anyone have any news to things they want to discuss.
[2019/09/07 11:08] Caro Fayray: ppl busy on holiday i guess
[2019/09/07 11:08] albertlr Landar: yea
[2019/09/07 11:09] Jeff Hall: if anyone had issues with sound managing and last opensim releases u can use a workaround for now since viewerobjectscache setting seems to not be totally well implemented yet
[2019/09/07 11:09] Caro Fayray: have u decided on the actual auction dates yet?
[2019/09/07 11:09] Wizard Atazoth: i been swamped with work irl myself lately
[2019/09/07 11:09] Jeff Hall: i placed a ticket with answer
[2019/09/07 11:09] Jeff Hall:
[2019/09/07 11:09] Caro Fayray: rl has been trying for me too:)
[2019/09/07 11:09] albertlr Landar: well that good to know JEff.
[2019/09/07 11:09] Caro Fayray: hey stio
[2019/09/07 11:09] stiofain mactomais: hi folks
[2019/09/07 11:09] Jeff Hall: hey sito
[2019/09/07 11:09] albertlr Landar: greetings Stio
[2019/09/07 11:09] Jeff Hall: *stio oop slol
[2019/09/07 11:10] George Equus: Hi Stio
[2019/09/07 11:10] Wizard Atazoth: I think Aussie has a schedule he's trying to put together. i'm not sure what's on it yet tho
[2019/09/07 11:10] Caro Fayray: ok
[2019/09/07 11:11] Caro Fayray: i think i s just auctionx2 and sat and sun performers
[2019/09/07 11:11] Caro Fayray: he said
[2019/09/07 11:11] Caro Fayray: and t ues almost islands?
[2019/09/07 11:11] Wizard Atazoth: last year we did the auction on both Fridays?
[2019/09/07 11:11] Caro Fayray: yes
[2019/09/07 11:11] Caro Fayray: unscheduled the 2nd one
[2019/09/07 11:12] Caro Fayray: timed to pull in the most ppl
[2019/09/07 11:12] Wizard Atazoth: ok we'll have to get with foxx and a good time. i believe he's still going to conduct the auctions as last time?
[2019/09/07 11:12] Caro Fayray: maybe straddling Europe and us times a bit?
[2019/09/07 11:12] Caro Fayray: yes he said hell do it again
[2019/09/07 11:12] Wizard Atazoth: on a good time*
[2019/09/07 11:12] Wizard Atazoth: cool
[2019/09/07 11:13] Caro Fayray: i will bomb the groups with posts once i know dates and times
[2019/09/07 11:13] albertlr Landar: yea, Foxx has agreed to conduct the auction again.
[2019/09/07 11:14] Caro Fayray: ive sent him his podium and gavel so he can practice:)
[2019/09/07 11:14] Wizard Atazoth: sounds good then
[2019/09/07 11:14] albertlr Landar: maybe around 11 AM would be best time.
[2019/09/07 11:14] LaNani Sundara is Online
[2019/09/07 11:14] Wizard Atazoth: yea i think that's the time we used last time too
[2019/09/07 11:14] Caro Fayray: yes
[2019/09/07 11:15] Caro Fayray: but the us ppl will be at work then
[2019/09/07 11:15] albertlr Landar: and people can always make notecard bids in advance too.
[2019/09/07 11:15] Caro Fayray: so maybe a second late one?
[2019/09/07 11:15] Caro Fayray: yes i have 30$ in prebids already
[2019/09/07 11:15] albertlr Landar: well may want to consider moving to weekend then.
[2019/09/07 11:15] LaNani Sundara is Offline
[2019/09/07 11:15] Caro Fayray: for one maybe yes
[2019/09/07 11:16] Caro Fayray: depends on aussies performers abit i guess
[2019/09/07 11:16] Wizard Atazoth: yea he's trying to get the live performers lined up too
[2019/09/07 11:16] Caro Fayray: but could be in between
[2019/09/07 11:17] albertlr Landar: ok
[2019/09/07 11:17] Jeff Hall: would be simpler if earth was flat with no time zones
[2019/09/07 11:17] Jeff Hall: (but isnt case)
[2019/09/07 11:17] Caro Fayray: wouldn't it just:)
[2019/09/07 11:17] albertlr Landar: Well maybe some of todays politician can fix that.
[2019/09/07 11:17] Caro Fayray: lol
[2019/09/07 11:17] Jeff Hall: haha
[2019/09/07 11:17] stiofain mactomais: we will be doing maritime club on the road 12 to 5 sunday
[2019/09/07 11:17] albertlr Landar: I think they already believe it.
[2019/09/07 11:17] Wizard Atazoth: well some people on youtube believe the earth is flat :p
[2019/09/07 11:18] Caro Fayray: cool
[2019/09/07 11:20] albertlr Landar: So anything else coming up around the Grid?
[2019/09/07 11:20] Caro Fayray: not that i know
[2019/09/07 11:20] Jeff Hall: well as i said i got a sound fix in mantis
[2019/09/07 11:21] albertlr Landar: well my life was disrupted from the threat of Dorian this week. We got a mandatory evacuation on Monday at 12 noon. Then it just sat on top of Burmuda for a while.
[2019/09/07 11:21] Kayaker Magic: I'm trying something fun: I got a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB memory and I'm trying it out as an OpenSim server on OSGrid.
[2019/09/07 11:21] Caro Fayray: oh wow albert
[2019/09/07 11:21] Caro Fayray: u home now?
[2019/09/07 11:22] albertlr Landar: yea, I never left.
[2019/09/07 11:22] Caro Fayray: ah;)
[2019/09/07 11:22] albertlr Landar: took in brother in law, as he lives on one of the islands
[2019/09/07 11:22] Kayaker Magic: lol never left? Which part of mandatory evacuation is that?
[2019/09/07 11:22] albertlr Landar: we got very little rain, and some wind.
[2019/09/07 11:22] Caro Fayray: lol yes
[2019/09/07 11:22] albertlr Landar: They evacuated everyone to the east of I 95
[2019/09/07 11:23] albertlr Landar: I moved and live to the west of I 95
[2019/09/07 11:23] albertlr Landar: now
[2019/09/07 11:23] Caro Fayray: ok
[2019/09/07 11:23] albertlr Landar: I have evacuated so many times in the past got tired of doing that.
[2019/09/07 11:23] albertlr Landar: Flood plain goes to I 95.
[2019/09/07 11:24] Jeff Hall: what is "I 95"?
[2019/09/07 11:24] Caro Fayray: good move then
[2019/09/07 11:24] albertlr Landar: So if there was a major hurricane to hit us, it would cover up to I 95
[2019/09/07 11:24] albertlr Landar: Interstate I 95 , Federal highway
[2019/09/07 11:24] Kayaker Magic: For a friend of mine, I made a palm tree that bends over in the direction of the wind. Switched her region to configurable wind and cranked it up to match Dorian.
[2019/09/07 11:24] Jeff Hall: ah ok ty
[2019/09/07 11:24] Caro Fayray: lol
[2019/09/07 11:24] albertlr Landar: ok
[2019/09/07 11:24] Caro Fayray: did they uproot?
[2019/09/07 11:24] albertlr Landar: that sounds interesting.
[2019/09/07 11:25] albertlr Landar: I think winds in Burmuda got up to 185 they say
[2019/09/07 11:25] albertlr Landar: really bad.
[2019/09/07 11:25] Caro Fayray: devastation yes
[2019/09/07 11:25] albertlr Landar: They interviewed a man that survived with his family from there.
[2019/09/07 11:26] albertlr Landar: Said that the wind was so strong he could not open doors.
[2019/09/07 11:26] Caro Fayray: scary
[2019/09/07 11:26] albertlr Landar: And when one of his windows was blown out, it caused his house to start falling apart around them.
[2019/09/07 11:26] albertlr Landar: from the extreme pressure.
[2019/09/07 11:27] albertlr Landar: he and his family were stuck for hours in a small alcove until the eye came over, and they went to a neighbors house that was still standing.
[2019/09/07 11:28] Caro Fayray: so many ppl with stories like that
[2019/09/07 11:28] albertlr Landar: his son who was going to college in the states, arranged for a charter boat to come and rescue the family as they had no where to go.
[2019/09/07 11:30] Em Jannings is Online
[2019/09/07 11:31] Azi Az is Online
[2019/09/07 11:31] albertlr Landar: well if not anything else today shall we adjourn till next week?
[2019/09/07 11:31] Kayaker Magic: OK
[2019/09/07 11:31] Jeff Hall: ty albert
[2019/09/07 11:31] Caro Fayray: sure...Dorian has captured everyone
[2019/09/07 11:31] Kayaker Magic: I've got chores in RL.....
[2019/09/07 11:32] George Equus: Thanks Albert
[2019/09/07 11:32] Caro Fayray: ty albert
[2019/09/07 11:32] albertlr Landar: remember that original items for the auction are still be accepted for the fundraiser.
[2019/09/07 11:32] Caro Fayray: u are talking to the converted:)
[2019/09/07 11:32] Wizard Atazoth: :)
[2019/09/07 11:32] albertlr Landar: Just contact Caro or JEff.
[2019/09/07 11:32] albertlr Landar: well I mention it because I post this in the forums too.
[2019/09/07 11:32] Caro Fayray: ucan see at echo3
[2019/09/07 11:32] albertlr Landar: ok good to know.
[2019/09/07 11:32] Caro Fayray: ok cool yes
[2019/09/07 11:33] Caro Fayray gave you AUCTION POST.
[2019/09/07 11:33] Caro Fayray: will be a new one once the dates are known albert
[2019/09/07 11:33] albertlr Landar: Go to Echo3 for preview and make advanced bids.
[2019/09/07 11:33] Jeff Hall: lets make money;)
[2019/09/07 11:33] albertlr Landar: Well thanks for coming everyone, take care and see you next week perhaps.
[2019/09/07 11:34] Caro Fayray: ty albert
[2019/09/07 11:34] Caro Fayray: will if i can
[2019/09/07 11:34] albertlr Landar: bye all
[2019/09/07 11:34] Jeff Hall: ty albert
[2019/09/07 11:34] Caro Fayray: byebye
[2019/09/07 11:34] George Equus: bye
[2019/09/07 11:34] Teleport completed from https://osgrid/region/Hurliman%20Plaza/93/129/38
[2019/09/07 11:34] Jeff Hall: see u soon and have a nice Saturday all

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