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 Post subject: Saturday Q&A for December 28th, 2019
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:04 pm 
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[10:50] albertlr Landar: Hello we meet over here for the Sat. Q&A's
[10:51] albertlr Landar: greetings
[10:51] Guillo Elan: Hi albertlr
[10:51] Guillo Elan: how is it going?
[10:51] albertlr Landar: Things usually get a little slow over the Holidays.
[10:51] albertlr Landar: But doing good.
[10:52] albertlr Landar: Just finished some medical treatments this past week.
[10:52] albertlr Landar: feeling better
[10:52] Guillo Elan: I thought on Holidays people have more time to connect lol
[10:52] Guillo Elan: Oh, Cool you are feeling better now
[10:53] albertlr Landar: yea, usually, but that appears to happen in rl not in the virtual worlds.
[10:55] Guillo Elan: lol, yeah, I have not been very active in open sim, I just updated my avatar couple of days ago.
[10:56] albertlr Landar: did you attend the OSCC meetings on the 14th-15th?
[10:56] albertlr Landar: Or watch the streams?
[10:56] Guillo Elan: No, It is my first time going to these events
[10:57] Guillo Elan: I was curious so I came to see
[10:57] albertlr Landar: They had some interesting announcements about hings.
[10:57] Guillo Elan: ohh nice what days do they usually gather?
[10:57] albertlr Landar: Or well we meet here usually each Sat. to discuss things, and try to direct people to those that can help them with things.
[10:58] albertlr Landar: But each year they have a large meeting of developers and users to discuss new things in opensim and the Virtual worlds.
[10:59] albertlr Landar: They have many videos on youtube of the various meeting and talks which were given.
[10:59] Guillo Elan: Do you guys have like a calendar or something in any webpage?
[10:59] albertlr Landar: Well for OSGrid there is always the latest info on lbsa plaza.
[10:59] albertlr Landar: We had a big Christmas Dance last Friday for instance.
[10:59] albertlr Landar: on Event Plaza.
[11:00] albertlr Landar: And you should see things listed on our website too, and or twitter account.
[11:00] albertlr Landar: We are also on Facebook and MeWe
[11:01] albertlr Landar:
[11:01] Guillo Elan: I see, maybe check Ibsa Plaza later
[11:01] Guillo Elan: alright let me have a look at the Fb page
[11:01] albertlr Landar:
[11:02] albertlr Landar: Also you can always check with Hypergrid Business for things coming up around the various grids.
[11:02] albertlr Landar:
[11:03] Guillo Elan: Oh there is a party today lol
[11:05] albertlr Landar: yea, there is usually some Dance or party somewhere on the various grids, including OSgrid.
[11:05] albertlr Landar: Osgrid has dances always on Wednesdays and Fridays at Event Plaza.
[11:06] Guillo Elan: sorry my viewer crashed
[11:06] Guillo Elan: lol
[11:07] albertlr Landar: Oh thats ok, happens all the time at some point.
[11:07] Guillo Elan: it is weird sometimes with firestorm it just frezzes and need to close the viewer and restart
[11:07] Guillo Elan: It happens like every 30 mins or something
[11:08] albertlr Landar: hum, maybe a bug.
[11:08] albertlr Landar: HAve you tried the new Scenegate Viewer
[11:09] albertlr Landar: They are using Firestorm as the basis to develop one just for use on Opensim.
[11:09] Guillo Elan: No I havent hear about it
[11:09] albertlr Landar: The official release is next month.
[11:09] Guillo Elan: cool
[11:10] inanna beaumont gave you Great Canadian Grid crash.
[11:10] Guillo Elan: Yeah Firestorm crashes in SL and Opensim is weird xD
[11:10] Guillo Elan: The same with Singularity
[11:10] albertlr Landar: ... r-opensim/
[11:11] albertlr Landar: And Singularity has released some new version recently, which may fix some of the older problems.
[11:11] Guillo Elan: I sometime use catznip doesnt crash in SL but I dont think I can use Opensim with catznip
[11:11] Guillo Elan: which viewer do U use?
[11:11] albertlr Landar: Well I am using a newer singularity alpha myself.
[11:12] albertlr Landar: But may swich over to that new one eventually once they work out the initial bugs.
[11:12] albertlr Landar: The Scenegate at first looks like its been stripped of everything that is in Firestorm.
[11:13] albertlr Landar: But that is because they want it to be easy to use for new users, you can turn on everything in the setting however.
[11:13] Guillo Elan: Sounds like it will be working nice
[11:14] albertlr Landar: Only problem I found with it, is for some reason some scripts did not functions immediately in it.
[11:14] albertlr Landar: Like clicking on a door, would not open for several minutes.
[11:14] albertlr Landar: Not sure what that was about.
[11:14] Guillo Elan: I guess next month official release will fix all those issues
[11:15] albertlr Landar: yea, hopefully.
[11:16] albertlr Landar: Well looks like not much going on this weekend. So if its ok with you, will call the meeting today to an end.
[11:16] Guillo Elan: Sure No problem
[11:16] albertlr Landar: Except for Canadian Grid off like for a while.
[11:16] albertlr Landar: line
[11:16] Kayaker Magic is Online
[11:16] Guillo Elan: nice to meet you
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Welll thanks for coming, and please come again. We are here usually each Sat. as I said.
[11:17] Guillo Elan: Nice info see you next time
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Ok, good day.
[11:17] Guillo Elan: Bye good day
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Oh hi, Kayaker, did not see you.
[11:17] Kayaker Magic: Ha! I wondered if anyone would come to this!
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Was about to quit for the day.
[11:17] Guillo Elan: Lol
[11:17] Kayaker Magic: I just got here to see that!
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Just Guillo I am afraid.
[11:18] Guillo Elan: lol
[11:18] Guillo Elan: xD
[11:18] albertlr Landar: I guess people are just relaxing from eating too much during the holidays.
[11:18] Kayaker Magic: Don't let me stop you all from leaving! I have shopping to do in RL myself....
[11:18] albertlr Landar: And let me complement you on your presentation at the OSCC conference.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: Found it very interesting.
[11:19] Kayaker Magic: I didn't get to all my slides!
[11:19] Azi Az is Online
[11:19] Kayaker Magic: I wanted to talk about YEngine!
[11:19] albertlr Landar: Well for what you did, it was good.
[11:19] Kayaker Magic: They may let me insert those slides in the video they publish.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: Gladd to hear some good news about the Yengine.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: That would be good.
[11:19] Kayaker Magic: I love YEngine.
[11:20] albertlr Landar: I will have to enable that on my regions, and try it out.
[11:20] Guillo Elan: Do you have any youtube channel where I can see the conference?
[11:20] Wizard Atazoth: hey all
[11:20] Kayaker Magic: The only thing I have ever heard against it is it has strict syntax.
[11:20] albertlr Landar: Let me check.
[11:20] Kayaker Magic: So clean up your ambiguous code you lazy scripters!
[11:20] Kayaker Magic: hehe
[11:21] Guillo Elan: Hello Verna
[11:21] Verna Avril: Hello Guilo
[11:21] Verna Avril: Hello Wiz
[11:21] Kayaker Magic: YEngine found a BUG in my sailboat script! I said something like: if (a-b==c) and it got parsed wrong by XEngine.
[11:22] albertlr Landar:
[11:22] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings ^_^
[11:22] albertlr Landar: Try their website, should have the links to the videos there.
[11:22] Guillo Elan: Thanks albertlr
[11:22] Guillo Elan: (:
[11:22] Kayaker Magic: Yengine rejected that if and made me fix it: if ((a-b)==c)
[11:22] albertlr Landar: well I guess I a staying for a while some have just arrived.
[11:22] Guillo Elan: lol
[11:22] Guillo Elan: xD
[11:23] Guillo Elan: Hello Wizard
[11:23] albertlr Landar: Hello Wizard
[11:23] inanna beaumont is Offline
[11:23] albertlr Landar: And Verna
[11:23] Verna Avril: Hello albertir
[11:23] Wizard Atazoth: hope everyone is having happy holidays
[11:23] Verna Avril: indeed
[11:24] Verna Avril: i will start first then
[11:24] albertlr Landar: Guillo you can also hypergrid over to the conference area, and see various presentations over there.
[11:24] albertlr Landar: As well as free items, mesh, etc.
[11:24] albertlr Landar: It is open all year.
[11:24] Verna Avril: i just came to sip my coffee and report my build in Yeti are up and 8 regions and strong and
i am through th elearning curve
[11:24] Guillo Elan: Cool, i will have a look later :)
[11:24] Kayaker Magic: I have an expo boot there. Every year I give away "Zero Lag Holiday Lights".
[11:25] albertlr Landar: Well glad to hear that Verna.
[11:25] albertlr Landar: And thanks for the lights Kayaker, have already used mine this past week.
[11:25] Verna Avril: i am going to wear my Christmas shirt past New Years' bc i spent it working on the builds and trouble shooting
[11:25] Kayaker Magic: Oh, and I have a shooting range in the sandbox to show how many bugs in OpenSim have been fixed to make weapons work better..
[11:26] Verna Avril: and ha gracious and patient the admins and others have been with me i love ims
[11:26] albertlr Landar: Oh really, this is Sandbox Plaza?
[11:26] Verna Avril: *long ims trougle shhooting
[11:26] Kayaker Magic: The sandbox at OSCC
[11:26] Verna Avril: tht is my report
[11:26] Verna Avril: ty
[11:26] albertlr Landar: well glad you got everything working Verna, that must have been very time consuming.
[11:26] Kayaker Magic: They allow items to hang around most of the year at the OSCC grid.
[11:27] Verna Avril: yes i learned Linux and opensim at the same time
[11:27] albertlr Landar: I am glad they got the opensim updated this year.
[11:27] Verna Avril: for my part it is fabulous
[11:28] Kayaker Magic: OSCC was kind of last minute this year, I hope they start planning it sooner next year!
[11:28] Guillo Elan: Viewer crashed again lol
[11:28] albertlr Landar: oops sorry
[11:29] albertlr Landar: Some if we switch to Yengine, you have found very few problems from older scripts.
[11:29] albertlr Landar: or it just works better in general.
[11:30] Kayaker Magic: There are a few syntax issues that SL and XEngine let scripters get away with, and YEngine is less forgiving.
[11:30] albertlr Landar: oh ok.
[11:30] Kayaker Magic: Problem is that lots of people bring SL scripts over and do not understand the syntax errors and cannot fix them.
[11:31] Kayaker Magic: It is often something as easy as adding a few parentheses or curly braces.
[11:31] albertlr Landar: I am surprised that Xengine let some things slide.
[11:31] Kayaker Magic: Apparently XEngine will let you write a script without a default state! And some people took advantage of that!
[11:32] albertlr Landar: you know it would be a great help is you could write out a few examples of those things.
[11:32] albertlr Landar: would help people a lot in making their own script function in yEngine.
[11:32] Kayaker Magic: Good idea.... but where to publish something like that?
[11:32] albertlr Landar: in our wiki.
[11:33] albertlr Landar: Any time you want to add something like that just let me know.
[11:33] albertlr Landar: I contributed a table to help people move their regular regions to var regions when it first came out.
[11:34] albertlr Landar: I did that for myself at first, but found that others needed it too.
[11:34] Kayaker Magic: I added a page on uploading mesh when ubODE first came out.
[11:34] Kayaker Magic: Oh, that was in the wiki
[11:34] albertlr Landar: all those contributions are a great help in advancing the use of opensim.
[11:35] Chamilla Mocha is Online
[11:35] Verna Avril: i wil ust that table later i wil set a 2x2 in the middle of a 4x4 i have done it before but i will look at it
[11:36] albertlr Landar: well you can easily convert your regions using a script, but getting it just right for the correct coordinates is essential.
[11:36] Verna Avril: ok
[11:36] Kayaker Magic: Shameless plug: Do you know I wrote scripts for creating lots of interesting terrain? Fractal or smooth cubic surfaces.
[11:37] albertlr Landar: I had heard something about that, would be very interest in those.
[11:37] Kayaker Magic: I have square kilometers of fractal mountains to explore here in OSGrid in the "Test Bed" regions.
[11:37] albertlr Landar: Oh, sounds fascinating
[11:38] Kayaker Magic: I'm always tinkering with the Test Bed regions, so if one is down just try the next one over.
[11:39] albertlr Landar: But you can get the fractals to produce earth like terrain
[11:39] Kayaker Magic: Yes!
[11:39] albertlr Landar: Really sounds like a great accomplishment.
[11:39] Kayaker Magic: I learned Fractals from the master: Ed Catmul. Back in the 1980's!
[11:40] albertlr Landar: Oh, always though of those as rather unpredictable.
[11:41] albertlr Landar: I guess if you have certain limitation embedded they can be more predictable in their results.
[11:41] Kayaker Magic: Ed Catmul was the CEO of Pixar, but back in the '80's he was a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.
[11:42] albertlr Landar: well my area of expertise is more into music.
[11:42] Kayaker Magic: Ed showed how to tie the randomness to the location so you can make one region, then come back later and make a region next to it that matches perfectly at the edges.
[11:42] albertlr Landar: They seem to be trying to apply some of those fractal process to music now too it seems.
[11:42] albertlr Landar: hum
[11:42] Kayaker Magic: And he showed that it takes only a small amount of randomness to make natural looking terrain.
[11:44] Kayaker Magic: Back in the '80s computers were not as powerful, so he also had ways to do fractals on limited machines.
[11:44] Kayaker Magic: Which helps a lot to do them in LSL!
[11:44] albertlr Landar: I would imagine.
[11:45] Kayaker Magic: Mandelbrot published a book full of complex formulas with no hints on how to apply them in practical engineering.
[11:45] Kayaker Magic: Catmul was a practical engineer!
[11:45] Kayaker Magic: Still is, but he has retired.
[11:46] albertlr Landar:
[11:46] albertlr Landar: I found the link for the OSCC presentations from early this month.
[11:47] albertlr Landar: They may not have them all up yet, but they should be here eventually.
[11:47] Kayaker Magic: Mine isn't there yet, I hope I get a chance to add the missing slides!
[11:47] albertlr Landar: Just keep hounding them they will include it.
[11:48] Kayaker Magic: Hmm, I should go film the missing slides myself and send them in.
[11:48] albertlr Landar: why not
[11:48] albertlr Landar: And if they can't use them, we have an OSgrid you tube channel where they can be posted.
[11:49] Kayaker Magic: In my copious spare time there are a bunch of videos I should make.
[11:49] Kayaker Magic: (I think I have some spare time scheduled for 2031)
[11:50] albertlr Landar: well we have a place where they can be posted. OSgrid Inc.
[11:50] Kayaker Magic: I used to teach scripting and blender classes in Kitely, but attendance was low.
[11:50] Kayaker Magic: Everyone said "you should video those and post that"
[11:51] Kayaker Magic: But I would teach in a very different way if it was for publishing in a video.
[11:51] albertlr Landar: well can post them there, and then link them from the wiki.
[11:51] Kayaker Magic: and that is more work,
[11:51] Kayaker Magic: takes more time.....
[11:51] albertlr Landar: well with someone always asking questions in real time, it can take more time too.
[11:52] Kayaker Magic: For scripting classes, I didn't hand out examples but made the students type up small scripts. "Learn from your fingertips up"
[11:53] albertlr Landar: yea, hands on helps
[11:53] albertlr Landar: so to speak
[11:53] Kayaker Magic: lol
[11:55] Verna Avril: my thing is to work out a .. bio physical leap and dispose of my human but she does not know it yet ... having a human is so limiting
[11:55] Kayaker Magic: LOL
[11:55] Danger Lytton is Online
[11:55] Verna Avril: ty
[11:56] Danger Lytton is Offline
[11:56] Azi Az is Offline
[11:56] Kayaker Magic: I heard someone here say once: "RL? You still play that game? I had to cut back, it was taking too much of my time"
[11:56] Kayaker Magic: I like to say "I'm going to retire to the Metaverse"
[11:56] albertlr Landar: maybe kayaker can come up with a script to transfer our consciousness into an avatar, as in the movie of the same name.
[11:57] Verna Avril: ~~~ ET ~~~
[11:57] Verna Avril: i less and less patient with those that only do rl
[11:57] Verna Avril: sorry typo set off a gesture
[11:57] albertlr Landar: since it made so much money, perhaps thats what people want.
[11:57] Kayaker Magic: Studying consciousness for the purpose of building machines we can upload into is a hobby of mine.
[11:58] albertlr Landar: well good luck with that, it would also help advance mans knowledge and abilities so much more.
[11:58] Kayaker Magic: And virtual worlds like this might be a starting point for places for us trans humans to hang out.
[11:58] Verna Avril: the ancient veda writings refer to humans as .. avatar
[11:58] Guillo Elan: O: we are all avatars lol
[11:58] albertlr Landar: to an extent many has already extended his physical abilities through the use of Machines.
[11:59] Verna Avril: that is is all writings in essence say that
[11:59] albertlr Landar: Well on that note I wish everyone am upcoming Happy New Year, and I shall depart for this year for now.
[11:59] Jeff Hall is Online
[12:00] Guillo Elan: Yeah Happy new Year Guys
[12:00] Verna Avril: <<< coffee will reach my humans tying fingers soon
[12:00] albertlr Landar: Thanks for coming and having a very enlightening conversation today.
[12:00] Verna Avril: ty
[12:00] Kayaker Magic: Yeah, I need to go do some chores.....
[12:00] albertlr Landar: me too, and eat.
[12:00] Verna Avril: bye
[12:00] albertlr Landar: So good bye for this week, see you next week perhaps.
[12:00] Guillo Elan: Bye

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