Saturday Q&A for January 18th, 2020
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Author:  albertlr Landar [ Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Saturday Q&A for January 18th, 2020

[11:00] Matilda Charron: albert you left off the notice ... even if you don't and if you just want to be a town's folk busy body
[11:00] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[11:00] TIGGS Beaumont: Wizard hello
[11:00] Connected
[11:00] George Equus: Thanks
[11:00] Wizard Atazoth: hi all
[11:00] Matilda Charron: hi wiz
[11:00] George Equus: Hi Wizard
[11:00] Matilda Charron: whre did albert go
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: he flew
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: there he is
[11:01] Wizard Atazoth: wb albert
[11:01] albertlr Landar: had to relog
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: wb Albertl
[11:01] Matilda Charron: albert you left off the notice ... even if you don't and if you just want to be a town's folk busy body
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: lol
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: <--laughing
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: I want that tag
[11:01] Matilda Charron: lol
[11:01] TIGGS Beaumont: really LOL
[11:02] Matilda Charron: that would be fun
[11:02] TIGGS Beaumont: albertl make me that tag?
[11:02] albertlr Landar: I am using the newest singularity, and not sure what this thing is at the top of my chat.
[11:02] TIGGS Beaumont: oh dear
[11:02] Matilda Charron: what does it look like
[11:03] albertlr Landar: it says story out to the side of it.
[11:03] George Equus: Look as usual to me using FS
[11:03] albertlr Landar: like this << story
[11:03] TIGGS Beaumont: see a Town Hall tale
[11:03] Matilda Charron: click it
[11:03] TIGGS Beaumont: Matilda is brave
[11:03] Matilda Charron: haha
[11:03] Jagga Meredith is Online
[11:03] Matilda Charron: maybe it's like the story in messenger or some other thing
[11:04] albertlr Landar: oh says to click on it to see a list of who is chatting I guess.
[11:04] Caro Fayray is Online
[11:04] albertlr Landar: never noticed that before.
[11:04] Matilda Charron: oh right
[11:04] Matilda Charron: I use bubbles to know who is chatting
[11:05] TIGGS Beaumont: Albertl, can you make me that tag?
[11:05] Matilda Charron: unless it reveals who is chatting in IM
[11:05] Matilda Charron: me too please
[11:05] TIGGS Beaumont: Jagga welcome back
[11:05] albertlr Landar: Oh I see when the chat window is collapsed some it kind of collapsed on the open history button.
[11:05] TIGGS Beaumont: yes matilda too
[11:05] albertlr Landar: So that is why it looked like story.
[11:05] albertlr Landar: Oh well.
[11:05] George Equus: Hi Caro
[11:06] TIGGS Beaumont: Albertl :-) can you make us the tag?
[11:06] Caro Fayray: hi george
[11:06] Caro Fayray: hi all
[11:06] Caro Fayray: sorry am late
[11:06] albertlr Landar: Hi Caro
[11:06] Caro Fayray: hey albert
[11:06] Jagga Meredith: somewhere there's a weekly events calendar sign that has this meeting happening at the Event Plaza but I can't find it. If I do, who do I report it to?
[11:06] albertlr Landar: Hope everyone is doing good in the new year.
[11:06] albertlr Landar: yes please do.
[11:06] Caro Fayray: is being slow to rez...dont want to sit on anyone
[11:07] albertlr Landar: let one of the Admins know, and they can fix it.
[11:07] Jagga Meredith: ok
[11:07] Matilda Charron: hi caro
[11:07] TIGGS Beaumont: Caro HUG hi
[11:07] Caro Fayray: hey tiggs hugs
[11:07] Azi Az is Online
[11:07] TIGGS Beaumont: we are trying to get Albertl t make us a tag "Town Hall Busybody"
[11:07] Matilda Charron: thank you albert, yes and you?
[11:07] Caro Fayray: hey mati
[11:07] Caro Fayray: lol
[11:07] Matilda Charron: gah you sitting on me Caro
[11:08] Caro Fayray: no im not:)
[11:08] Jagga Meredith: anybody have a titler? I've got the script but I can't get it working properly
[11:08] George Equus: Dong all right thanks Albert, very warm and pleasant winter here... no traces of snow at all
[11:08] Caro Fayray: can see u furry:)
[11:08] Matilda Charron: haha guess you rezzed
[11:08] Lobo Estepario is Online
[11:08] TIGGS Beaumont: what is a "titler" Jagga?
[11:08] albertlr Landar: Hum with that big storm moving across the country thought many would snow by now.
[11:08] Jagga Meredith: it's causes text to sit over your head above your regular bubble
[11:09] Jagga Meredith: basically a hover text for people
[11:09] TIGGS Beaumont: ohhh okay
[11:09] TIGGS Beaumont: Thank you jagga
[11:09] Jagga Meredith: mine won't sit properly
[11:09] albertlr Landar: well they probably have one over on kitely market.
[11:10] Wizard Atazoth: it suppose to freeze the next few days here
[11:10] Matilda Charron: attach it then edit and move it
[11:10] Jagga Meredith: it was -40 all last week here
[11:10] Matilda Charron: maybe attach to centre Jagga then edit and adjust it above head
[11:10] Caro Fayray: ooooo noooo
[11:10] TIGGS Beaumont: it is beginning ot get winter cold here now
[11:11] Matilda Charron: depends how high ppl have the bubble set in viewer
[11:13] George Equus: All winter been a prolonged autumn here, probably turning to spring in a month, Some pollen warning issued already
[11:13] TIGGS Beaumont: wow George and again where are you?
[11:14] George Equus: Scandinavia
[11:14] Caro Fayray: here too george
[11:14] TIGGS Beaumont: okay
[11:14] Caro Fayray: stuff starting to flower too early
[11:14] George Equus: Same weather here as in Ireland
[11:14] TIGGS Beaumont: Y'all had some major flooding recently yes?
[11:14] Caro Fayray: parts of here yes
[11:14] TIGGS Beaumont: I know several of the Adriatic Mediterranean did as well
[11:15] TIGGS Beaumont: Caaro is in Scandinavia?
[11:15] Caro Fayray: no
[11:15] Caro Fayray: uk
[11:15] George Equus: risk of it in Stockholm but so far levels are kept at bay
[11:15] TIGGS Beaumont: LOL OMG reminded me of last night MTAdmin fiasco
[11:15] albertlr Landar: Well just be glad you are not in Puerto Rico, it is getting worse there.
[11:15] TIGGS Beaumont: yes it is bad
[11:16] albertlr Landar: I hae a friend there that lives in one of the high rises, and have not heard from her in two days.
[11:16] TIGGS Beaumont: oh
[11:16] Lobo Estepario is Offline
[11:16] TIGGS Beaumont: Rosewenthe hello
[11:16] albertlr Landar: They have been having after shocks for days now.
[11:16] Caro Fayray: hi roswenthe
[11:16] albertlr Landar: Thousands are sleeping outside under tents.
[11:16] TIGGS Beaumont: Albertl any news on the problems some have had typing?
[11:16] TIGGS Beaumont: HG and local?
[11:17] George Equus: Hi Roswenthe
[11:17] Roswenthe Dayle: hi all
[11:17] albertlr Landar: Electricity is out of lots of the island, and several buildings have damage or fallen down.
[11:17] Matilda Charron: everything is 40 days out due to leap year
[11:17] TIGGS Beaumont: Is this a leap year?
[11:18] albertlr Landar: yes it is
[11:18] TIGGS Beaumont: ohhhhhh
[11:18] albertlr Landar: 29 days in Feb.
[11:18] Caro Fayray: oh ok
[11:18] Matilda Charron: gosh
[11:18] TIGGS Beaumont: good song
[11:18] TIGGS Beaumont: Albertl any news n those issues?
[11:18] Matilda Charron: where are you albert?
[11:19] albertlr Landar: So I guess we all get to enjoy one more day this year.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: I am in Georgia.
[11:19] albertlr Landar: Pureto Rico is off our coast, so many of the National Guard planes fly from here to PR
[11:19] albertlr Landar: And back.
[11:20] Matilda Charron: oh Mediterranean
[11:20] TIGGS Beaumont: well okay that question get placed under the table too
[11:20] albertlr Landar: We had 9 Puerto Rico National Guard soldiers killed here over a year ago when their plane crashed on the Highway I travel every day.
[11:20] TIGGS Beaumont: Cronos hello welcome
[11:21] albertlr Landar: Hello Cornos
[11:21] HEGCronos ROTG: hi
[11:21] Matilda Charron: oh US
[11:21] albertlr Landar: yes us
[11:21] Caro Fayray: hi hegcronos
[11:21] Matilda Charron: hello cronos
[11:22] George Equus: Hi HEGCronos
[11:22] HEGCronos ROTG: hi
[11:22] HEGCronos ROTG: so whats new today lol?
[11:22] Matilda Charron: natural disasters keep the economy going
[11:22] albertlr Landar: Well speaking of February we have Feb 14th, St. Valentines day dance coming up next month.
[11:23] Matilda Charron: ooh
[11:23] albertlr Landar: That is a Friday too.
[11:23] Matilda Charron: I need a bf
[11:23] HEGCronos ROTG: cool
[11:23] Caro Fayray: thats cool
[11:23] Matilda Charron: or a date
[11:23] HEGCronos ROTG: oooo
[11:23] albertlr Landar: well you have a 4 weeks to find one.
[11:23] Matilda Charron: lol ok I work on it
[11:24] Caro Fayray: a date not obligatory to coming tho
[11:24] albertlr Landar: Or make one with the Dance box at event plaza.
[11:24] Matilda Charron: haha caro
[11:24] Matilda Charron: ooh will there be that kissing booth
[11:24] Jagga Meredith: My land has a nude beach and a dance floor where you can dance with nude NPC's. My last landlord said Mature rating was fine for my land. Should it be Adult?
[11:24] albertlr Landar: ask Wizard he would know more about that.
[11:25] Jagga Meredith: ok
[11:25] Matilda Charron: I would make it adult jagga
[11:25] Matilda Charron: just to be sure
[11:25] TIGGS Beaumont: I believe it should be Jagga
[11:25] TIGGS Beaumont: with nudity
[11:25] Caro Fayray: i think too
[11:25] Jagga Meredith: ok
[11:25] Jagga Meredith: I'll changbe it when I get back
[11:26] HEGCronos ROTG: always be best to be on the safe side lol
[11:26] TIGGS Beaumont: keeps OSgrid in good standing that way
[11:26] TIGGS Beaumont: but that is just my opinion
[11:26] TIGGS Beaumont: Wizard what do you think?
[11:26] Wizard Atazoth: As long as its not on our homestead regions its up to the region owner how its setup. but yea id probably set it to adult to be safe.
[11:26] TIGGS Beaumont: there we go
[11:26] Jagga Meredith: got my titler working sort of, how do you get something to always "add" to the same spot?
[11:26] TIGGS Beaumont: you attach
[11:27] TIGGS Beaumont: probably at the HUD level
[11:27] Matilda Charron: adjust then re wear it
[11:27] TIGGS Beaumont: if you attach to the avatar use the stomach
[11:27] TIGGS Beaumont: to keep it in pace
[11:27] TIGGS Beaumont: so perhaps the HUD attachent would be best
[11:27] Matilda Charron: avatar centre is better
[11:27] TIGGS Beaumont: ahhh yes
[11:27] HEGCronos ROTG: lol saw someone with a titler on so love to have one hehehe
[11:28] Jagga Meredith: gimme a few minutes to get it working and you can have it
[11:28] TIGGS Beaumont: Cronos I would love to be able to work one yes
[11:28] TIGGS Beaumont: Rosewenthe please join in whenever you wish
[11:28] TIGGS Beaumont: Jagga wow please share here too
[11:28] Roswenthe Dayle: I'm new to osgrid, so just catching up
[11:28] Caro Fayray: hey verna
[11:28] HEGCronos ROTG: be cool to let all see the words that i do tats smiles
[11:29] TIGGS Beaumont: LOL Cronos now now
[11:29] George Equus: Hi Verna
[11:29] Verna Avril: Hello George
[11:29] HEGCronos ROTG: welcome to osgrid rosewenthe smiles
[11:29] Roswenthe Dayle: i think i used to attach titlers to skull so it stood up high enough
[11:29] Matilda Charron: hi verna
[11:29] TIGGS Beaumont: ohh she knows things
[11:30] Caro Fayray: but then u may loose your hair
[11:30] TIGGS Beaumont: Rosenwenthe you will be imed at times :-)
[11:30] Roswenthe Dayle: LOL
[11:30] HEGCronos ROTG: lol i finaly manage to find wings hehehe
[11:30] Caro Fayray: unless u add:)
[11:30] Wizard Atazoth: You can also make a group and just change the role title if you want a custom tag
[11:30] TIGGS Beaumont: nice Cronos
[11:30] TIGGS Beaumont: I could have sent silly
[11:30] Roswenthe Dayle: i might have to send myself one from my other account to make sure, though
[11:30] Roswenthe Dayle: i don't have any on this av
[11:30] Matilda Charron: well jagga wants to be called Teri I think
[11:30] TIGGS Beaumont: Whatever you need or think you need Rosenwenthe just please ask
[11:31] TIGGS Beaumont: any of us are willing to share what we may have
[11:31] Roswenthe Dayle: thank you. it's going just fine so far.
[11:31] HEGCronos ROTG: those that didn't have me on there friends list r welcome to add me smiles
[11:31] TIGGS Beaumont: wonderful and welcome to our world
[11:31] Roswenthe Dayle: ihaven't blown up anything accidentally (that I know of)
[11:31] TIGGS Beaumont: OH hehe I have a few times
[11:31] Wizard Atazoth: lol
[11:31] Roswenthe Dayle: yet...
[11:31] TIGGS Beaumont: including entire sims
[11:31] Caro Fayray: i do constantly
[11:32] TIGGS Beaumont: oops
[11:32] TIGGS Beaumont: I shall visit Nebulae soon again Caro *grin
[11:32] Caro Fayray: its still there lol
[11:32] TIGGS Beaumont: Jagga is now "Teri"
[11:32] Foxx Bode is Online
[11:32] TIGGS Beaumont: poops n she isn't
[11:32] HEGCronos ROTG: rofl
[11:32] Matilda Charron: it's just a prim with llSetText
[11:33] TIGGS Beaumont: okay up until the word Prim I was fine
[11:33] Matilda Charron: haha ... script
[11:33] Caro Fayray: hey foxx
[11:33] George Equus: Hi Foxx
[11:33] TIGGS Beaumont: well hello Foxxe care to join us?
[11:33] albertlr Landar: Greetings Fox
[11:33] TIGGS Beaumont: <-laughing
[11:33] Wizard Atazoth: i guess you could get creative and make a text mesh in blender too
[11:34] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[11:34] Wizard Atazoth: Greetings ^_^
[11:34] TIGGS Beaumont: I make a great smoothie in a blender
[11:34] Matilda Charron: lol
[11:34] Roswenthe Dayle: Me too, Tiggs.
[11:34] Foxx Bode: had to fix granny's PC :) took a bit longer than expected :P
[11:34] TIGGS Beaumont: ooops
[11:34] Matilda Charron: hi fox
[11:34] Caro Fayray: nice grandson:)
[11:34] TIGGS Beaumont: speaking of
[11:36] Verna Avril: What is today's topic?
[11:36] Caro Fayray: waht ever u want
[11:36] inanna beaumont is Online
[11:37] TIGGS Beaumont: okay Foxxe is ready
[11:37] Matilda Charron: Well there is a fashion fest coming up in March .. date not set as yet
[11:37] TIGGS Beaumont: *smiles
[11:37] TIGGS Beaumont: shall we make it an Easter Theme Matilda?
[11:37] Matilda Charron: All fashion designers are invited to enter
[11:37] Caro Fayray: give ppl plenty of time mati
[11:37] Matilda Charron: no not easter tiggs
[11:37] Caro Fayray: fashion take a long time to make:)
[11:37] TIGGS Beaumont: Caro 90 minutes
[11:37] Matilda Charron: yes I think so too Caro
[11:38] TIGGS Beaumont: simple design fit to the theme done right there
[11:38] Caro Fayray: oh u mean a contest like speed build etc?
[11:38] TIGGS Beaumont: yes
[11:38] Caro Fayray: ok
[11:38] Matilda Charron: fashion ins't that simple tho I think
[11:38] Caro Fayray: using prims?
[11:38] Matilda Charron: isn't*
[11:38] TIGGS Beaumont: this will get some [eo[le involved who normally aren't and have no outlet
[11:39] HEGCronos ROTG: could create a group for designers lol?
[11:39] Matilda Charron: alot of it will be created outside so ppl won't see how it's made
[11:39] Caro Fayray: oh so not prims?
[11:40] Matilda Charron: well I guess you could use prims caro
[11:40] TIGGS Beaumont: yes prims would be acceptable
[11:41] Caro Fayray: can use items u already have?
[11:41] Wizard Atazoth: Its good to see all the creativity people have
[11:41] TIGGS Beaumont: we will have set boards for them to build on
[11:41] TIGGS Beaumont: then a staging for them to have the designs modeled by themselves r a model of their choice
[11:41] Matilda Charron: well creating texture is down outside
[11:41] Caro Fayray: or clothing textures
[11:41] Matilda Charron: done*
[11:41] Caro Fayray: yes...but u cant use ones u already have made?
[11:42] TIGGS Beaumont: Wizard this will give an outlet to so many that have none to join in on now
[11:42] Caro Fayray: no way t o police that:)
[11:42] TIGGS Beaumont: ye matilda as long as you made them
[11:42] TIGGS Beaumont: must be all made by the entrant
[11:42] Caro Fayray: oh ok...so even clothing textures are OK so long as made by u?
[11:42] Caro Fayray: k
[11:42] Matilda Charron: maybe they can prepare leading up to the show
[11:43] George Equus: Hello Kawaii
[11:43] TIGGS Beaumont: well the textures I understand
[11:43] TIGGS Beaumont: and that designers can use what they have
[11:43] Kawaii Unicorn: hey george
[11:43] TIGGS Beaumont: Kawaii :-)
[11:43] Caro Fayray: hey kaiwaii
[11:43] Kawaii Unicorn: hey tiggs
[11:43] Kawaii Unicorn: hey caro
[11:43] Matilda Charron: hi kawaii
[11:43] Caro Fayray: ok tiggs yes
[11:43] Kawaii Unicorn: hi matilda
[11:43] albertlr Landar: Hi Kawaii
[11:43] TIGGS Beaumont: The winners will be placed on a picture board for all to see
[11:43] Kawaii Unicorn: hi albertlr
[11:43] Jagga Meredith: Titler's working. PM me if you want a copy
[11:43] TIGGS Beaumont: Caro I hhope you will participate :-)
[11:44] Caro Fayray: depends:)
[11:44] Caro Fayray: ifi can i will:)
[11:44] Matilda Charron: I don't see it teri
[11:44] TIGGS Beaumont: Caro pfft you are a favored designer
[11:44] Caro Fayray: not in 90 mins tho lol
[11:44] Jagga Meredith: there it is
[11:44] HEGCronos ROTG: like i said could create a group for designers to where could help each other out and with ideas
[11:44] Matilda Charron: I see it
[11:45] TIGGS Beaumont: Teri HUGz s Thank you so much
[11:45] TIGGS Beaumont: now to learn to use it hehe
[11:45] Jagga Meredith: i'll switch to the default copy
[11:45] Matilda Charron: I think designers will need to prepare before
[11:45] TIGGS Beaumont: along with a dozen other things including Caros wonderful radio
[11:45] Jagga Meredith: you just switch the text i n side the script
[11:45] TIGGS Beaumont: Matilda prepare how?
[11:45] TIGGS Beaumont: They will have 90 minutes
[11:45] Matilda Charron: it is involved creating clothes
[11:45] Pikachu: <3 pikapi
[11:46] TIGGS Beaumont: LOL yes but we want beginners to join in too to learn themselves etc
[11:46] TIGGS Beaumont: and competing against prepared designers would be so unfair
[11:46] Caro Fayray: yes tiggs...but if u are doing clothing textures in Photoshop or what ever it takes many attempts and try ons to fit them
[11:46] Matilda Charron: making clothes is involved
[11:46] TIGGS Beaumont: It is a contest for all the metaverse
[11:46] HEGCronos ROTG: lol im good with tats but would love to learn how to do clothes and maybe skins as well
[11:46] Matilda Charron: yes
[11:46] Caro Fayray: yes mati:)
[11:46] TIGGS Beaumont: I know and you and Caro do so well
[11:46] Matilda Charron: I can't make clothes
[11:46] TIGGS Beaumont: This is for all including us amateurs
[11:46] Matilda Charron: too hard
[11:47] Caro Fayray: ive tried my hand at all of them
[11:47] TIGGS Beaumont: There are so many helpful aids in world
[11:47] TIGGS Beaumont: I see them collect them
[11:47] TIGGS Beaumont: and get scared to death looking at them
[11:47] Caro Fayray: thats why i wondered if it was using prims:)
[11:47] TIGGS Beaumont: but I will try
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: well Cronos that might be a them one dya wow
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: Matilda yikes just think
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: creating skins
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: tats
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: even avies
[11:48] TIGGS Beaumont: This could grow well for all
[11:48] Verna Avril: maybe you al could brainstorm it later then
[11:49] TIGGS Beaumont: and just think how many people enjoy this type of thing
[11:49] HEGCronos ROTG: the tats i got on my avi now i done myself took me awhile to find out how to put them on this avatar mesh hehehe
[11:49] TIGGS Beaumont: Cronos come to the fashion fest and give it a shot
[11:49] Matilda Charron: that is more a requirement for someone to have classes
[11:49] Repudiator quann is Online
[11:49] Caro Fayray: yes tiggs...but all those take many hours to create:)
[11:49] TIGGS Beaumont: you have time to collect some designer aids
[11:49] HEGCronos ROTG: i just might do that smiles
[11:49] HEGCronos ROTG: cool
[11:49] TIGGS Beaumont: Caro :-( i want to give it a shot
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: see what we can do
[11:50] Caro Fayray: yes
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: enjoy the contest and the results good bad or ugly *grin'
[11:50] Caro Fayray: hahawaswhy i suggested prims:)
[11:50] Caro Fayray: fun to watch too:)
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: Matilda happy you accepted?
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: *grin
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: U would love prims yes
[11:50] TIGGS Beaumont: I
[11:51] Caro Fayray: hehe
[11:51] TIGGS Beaumont: *accepted
[11:51] Verna Avril: using aids n props is not in the spirit of the speed build i do not think
[11:51] Caro Fayray: not really no verna
[11:51] TIGGS Beaumont: brb need to grill a cheese
[11:51] Caro Fayray: unless all have the same aids
[11:51] TIGGS Beaumont: Verna well I like it
[11:52] TIGGS Beaumont: and the fashionfest will be for all using prims if they wish
[11:52] TIGGS Beaumont: in the 90 minute time frame
[11:52] Caro Fayray: right
[11:52] Verna Avril: you like what using aids n props?
[11:53] TIGGS Beaumont: *read the above
[11:54] Verna Avril: actually i have and also copy it
[11:55] TIGGS Beaumont: So I think we will aim for April or the Easter week
[11:55] TIGGS Beaumont: that Thursday when is Easter this yr let me check
[11:55] albertlr Landar: Greetings Ubit.
[11:55] Caro Fayray: will this be a one off event or a weekly/monthly one?
[11:55] Ubit Umarov: hi
[11:55] Caro Fayray: hey ubit
[11:55] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[11:56] TIGGS Beaumont: It is on April 12th so the Wed before I think
[11:56] TIGGS Beaumont: Wizard and Foxx I will get the time and date to you and I will need to set the rules
[11:56] Caro Fayray: so a one off event tiggs?
[11:56] George Equus: Hi Ubit
[11:57] TIGGS Beaumont: yes caro it will become a regular event on Recreation Plaza
[11:57] TIGGS Beaumont: I thin a Monthly event at first
[11:57] Caro Fayray: ah ok
[11:57] TIGGS Beaumont: ad that way people can practice new skills in between
[11:58] Jagga Meredith: last call anybody who wants a titler PM me. you can change text and colour
[11:58] TIGGS Beaumont: Thank you so much fir sharing Jagga Teri
[11:58] HEGCronos ROTG: i wont one lol hehehehe
[11:58] TIGGS Beaumont: UBIT *pokes
[11:58] Ubit Umarov: hmm?
[11:59] TIGGS Beaumont: so April 8th will be the first Fashionfest (title thanks to Matilda)
[11:59] Matilda Charron: hello ubit
[11:59] albertlr Landar: well something to look forward too.
[11:59] Matilda Charron: lol
[11:59] TIGGS Beaumont: Omgosh the song that make me tear up
[12:00] TIGGS Beaumont: Wizard can you put that on the Calendar please?
[12:00] albertlr Landar: well top of the hour at 12 noon, and I must run. But please stay and continue the chat if you wish.
[12:00] Wizard Atazoth: Probably best to choose a day that doesn't overlap with event plaza schedule
[12:00] albertlr Landar: Thanks for coming everyone and be back next week.
[12:01] albertlr Landar: Bye all.
[12:01] Wizard Atazoth: tc albert

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