Scripters needed for OpenSim wiki
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Author:  Fritigern Gothly [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Scripters needed for OpenSim wiki

Hey everyone!

I would like to ask if anyone is interested to help add example scripts to the OSSL function pages which currently are without examples. It's only a handful, but i'm afraid that RL doesn't leave me with much time to do this myself.
If anyone's interested (and the more the merrier), have a look at http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Category: ... ut_example and see if there is one or more functions that tickles your fancy.
All that's needed would be a short example of how to use the function.

Of course, if there's more stuff missing that you can add, or see any errors and/or omissions there, then please do not hesitate to change or add what needs to be changed/added. After all, it's a wiki! :-)

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