Script conversion needed to work in UBode
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Author:  Marlon Wulluf [ Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:17 am ]
Post subject:  Script conversion needed to work in UBode

I have a scripted mesh/sculpty helicopter but it was written for both Ode and Bulletsim, and can be configured to use either one, with a simple 0 for ODE and 1 for Bulletsim, but none of them work in UBode, and since the sim I'm using is configured for UBode physics, and all my vehicles I will be using on my 10x10 ocean sim, are configured for UBode, I was wandering if someone could pay a visit to my sim and take a copy of the helicopter and convert it for use in UBode? The sim is called Ocean Home, and I set the TP point to the area where the helicopter is located, the helicopter is also set to copy.

Also if the conversion is successful, could the person who converts it rename it so that I don't get confused with the one rezzed and the converted one, and rez it on the provided platform next to the rezzed helicopter?

Thanks in advanced to anyone that wants to have a go at it.

There is also another helicopter that's rezzed and it does work with UBode, but it doesn't have speed control, and the rotors only turn when clicked on after sitting, and slow down to a stop when clicked before standing.

Instead of posting a pastebin of the flight script which also has message control for other parts, I thought it better to offer the scripted objects, so that it would be better to test it.

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