Why You Should Support OSgrid
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Author:  albertlr Landar [ Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Why You Should Support OSgrid

The following are suggestions for slogans to be used during our up coming OSgrid Campaign fundraiser.

OSgrid Fundraising Campaign Slogans

Why Support OSgrid?

OSgrid is designated by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Osgrid depends on its supporters for the financial support to maintain its servers to benefits all it's users.
OSgrid is the oldest continuing Grid in the Metaverse.
OSgrid is the number one grid in opensim
OSgrid is your place to live and learn
OSgrid is your home away from home
OSgrid, with outstanding sandboxes and many great sims to visit and explore
OSgrid is an excellent place to continue your education
OSgrid, the Grid to meet new people from all over the world
OSgrid supports and is the home to many educational schools, colleges and universities from all over the world.
OSgrid features weekly parties and dances
OSgrid has the most freebie stores and items of all the grids
OSgrid features classes in building, scripting and all aspects of opensim in world
OSgrid is a community of open sourced free spirits
OSgrid offers free homesteads for newbies
OSgrid is your gateway to the meteverse
OSgrid has the largest land mass of any grid
OSgrid better empowers you to control your own sim
OSgrid is where most people first start with opensim
OSgrid offers LBSA Plaza and a Welcome Station with free advice on getting started with opensim and setting up your own sim
OSgrid is like a village rather than a bunch of random sims
OSgrid, from plywood cubes to your own Taj Mahal…..
OSgrid promotes a warm and friendly atmosphere
Just a small donation to OSgrid results in a great help to advance your community
OSgrid empowers you to better control your own virtual life

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