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 Post subject: Meeting of the Membership May 22nd, 2016 11 am Event Plaza
PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 7:57 pm 
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The Board of Directors scheduled a meeting of the Membership of Osgrid. Inc. for Sunday May 22, 2016 at 11 am in Event Plaza. The topic of the meeting was planning for the 9th Birthday Celebrations which will be in July, setting up the dates, and fundraising events to help the funding of OSgrid. If you want to help please let me or other administrators know of your interest. All suggestions and participation will be welcome.

Listed below is the chat from this meeting:

[2016/05/22 11:01] oscar jones: hehe
[2016/05/22 11:01] oscar jones: hello
[2016/05/22 11:02] Hans Nerido: cool position oscar
[2016/05/22 11:02] Hans Nerido: lool
[2016/05/22 11:02] Jim Jackson: haha
[2016/05/22 11:02] albertlr Landar: Hello everyone
[2016/05/22 11:02] Matilda Charron: hi oscar
[2016/05/22 11:02] albertlr Landar: Welcome to this meeting of the Membership
[2016/05/22 11:02] Matilda Charron: what did he do?
[2016/05/22 11:02] Total Sorbet: hi albert
[2016/05/22 11:02] Ni Lemon: Hello oscar
[2016/05/22 11:02] Matilda Charron: hello albert
[2016/05/22 11:02] Avia Bonne: hi Albert
[2016/05/22 11:02] Jeff Hall: hi Albert
[2016/05/22 11:02] albertlr Landar: I am albertlr Landar the Treasurer
[2016/05/22 11:03] albertlr Landar: We have scheduled this meeting to discuss the future 9th Birthday Celebrations of OSgrid
[2016/05/22 11:03] Ni Lemon: hello Izzie
[2016/05/22 11:03] Izzie Applewhyte: Hello everyone
[2016/05/22 11:03] albertlr Landar: And possible plans for coordinating that celebration with some fundraising events to help with the finances of Osgrid
[2016/05/22 11:03] PcTek CyberStar is Offline
[2016/05/22 11:04] albertlr Landar: We have received lots of excellent indeas and incourgage you to offer your throughts and suggestions to day and going forward till the Birthday in July.
[2016/05/22 11:05] albertlr Landar: Now I am going to introduce our President Dan Banner who will fill you in on more details and plans.
[2016/05/22 11:05] dan banner: hi everyone
[2016/05/22 11:05] Snakedance Moonwing: claps
[2016/05/22 11:05] albertlr Landar: Dan I will relinquish the floor.
[2016/05/22 11:05] Avia Bonne: hi Dan
[2016/05/22 11:05] albertlr Landar: Claps for Dan
[2016/05/22 11:06] dan banner: this year the actual exhibit showing dates will be july 25-31
[2016/05/22 11:06] Avia Bonne: .•*♫ ♬ APPlAUSE! ♬♫ *•.
[2016/05/22 11:06] dan banner: with celebration (music/events/fundraising awareness/etc) on July 30/31
[2016/05/22 11:07] dan banner: this week we'll start getting the exhibit regions ready so residents can start claiming parcels in june
[2016/05/22 11:08] dan banner: i will try to have them ready before but no later than middle of june
[2016/05/22 11:08] Avia Bonne: who's in charge of given out parcels?
[2016/05/22 11:08] Jeff Hall: cool
[2016/05/22 11:09] dan banner: any of the osgrid admins will be able to assist and there might be a couple other region managers that can help
[2016/05/22 11:09] dan banner: prim limits will remain much the same as they have been the last few year
[2016/05/22 11:11] dan banner: anyone remember offhand what the limits were?
[2016/05/22 11:11] Jim Jackson: I think about 680?
[2016/05/22 11:11] Avia Bonne: no ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:11] Avia Bonne: forgot
[2016/05/22 11:11] Hans Nerido: yep was about 650 or 680
[2016/05/22 11:11] Jeff Hall: was above that for sure
[2016/05/22 11:12] Foxx Bode: rules ? heh
[2016/05/22 11:12] dan banner: for those that prefer to build their exhibits on their own land first, please keep prim limits in mind as they have to be enforced on the osg9b regions
[2016/05/22 11:12] dan banner: and ya 600 something does sound about right
[2016/05/22 11:13] Snakedance Moonwing: 699 :)
[2016/05/22 11:13] Hans Nerido: is the parcel size the same ?
[2016/05/22 11:13] Snakedance Moonwing: ?
[2016/05/22 11:13] dan banner: i seem to remember 620
[2016/05/22 11:13] George Equus: Sound about right
[2016/05/22 11:13] dan banner: yes parcels will remain the same 1536
[2016/05/22 11:14] dan banner: 42m x 35m
[2016/05/22 11:14] Sarah Kline is Online
[2016/05/22 11:14] Matilda Charron: what do ppl do on the parcels?
[2016/05/22 11:14] Avia Bonne: create Mati ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:14] Hans Nerido: build nice thing for the birthday mati
[2016/05/22 11:14] dan banner: matilda: most show of their builds
[2016/05/22 11:14] Snakedance Moonwing: make love till their prims fall off
[2016/05/22 11:15] albertlr Landar: Display and share their creativity
[2016/05/22 11:15] dan banner: think exhibit
[2016/05/22 11:15] dan banner: share your things with others
[2016/05/22 11:15] oscar jones: Matlda you set up your items to raise funds for donation to OS Grid
[2016/05/22 11:16] dan banner: promote, exhibit, share, etc
[2016/05/22 11:16] Matilda Charron: hmm I've got my shop
[2016/05/22 11:16] dan banner: showcase things we do here that others will enjoy seeing
[2016/05/22 11:16] Matilda Charron: well the best things are X rated
[2016/05/22 11:16] Snakedance Moonwing: have photos pf mine from last year i can show you later matildas :)
[2016/05/22 11:17] Matilda Charron: ok snake thanks
[2016/05/22 11:17] Snakedance Moonwing: of*
[2016/05/22 11:17] Ni Lemon: I do gardens
[2016/05/22 11:17] Matilda Charron: oh right Ni
[2016/05/22 11:17] Ni Lemon: and so I will do
[2016/05/22 11:17] Snakedance Moonwing: i think lani took photos of all of them lat year
[2016/05/22 11:17] Snakedance Moonwing: last*
[2016/05/22 11:17] Matilda Charron: ok
[2016/05/22 11:17] Avia Bonne: I do steampunks
[2016/05/22 11:17] Matilda Charron: ah ok avia
[2016/05/22 11:18] Matilda Charron: maybe I should just watch this year
[2016/05/22 11:18] Ni Lemon: why so Mati?
[2016/05/22 11:18] PcTek CyberStar is Online
[2016/05/22 11:18] Avia Bonne: you can join too
[2016/05/22 11:18] Matilda Charron: haha cos I don't know anything special to do
[2016/05/22 11:18] albertlr Landar: And we want to encourage people to work together on projects also.
[2016/05/22 11:18] Matilda Charron: alright I might do that albert
[2016/05/22 11:18] Matilda Charron: somehow lol
[2016/05/22 11:18] dan banner: i think caro mentioned she would like to auction off builds she and others have made to highest donation, etc
[2016/05/22 11:18] Avia Bonne: which projects Albert?
[2016/05/22 11:18] oscar jones: box items tro a pic n price on it it no big deal
[2016/05/22 11:19] Matilda Charron: I might
[2016/05/22 11:19] Jeff Hall: yes Caro suggested that
[2016/05/22 11:19] Matilda Charron: well if you visit my shp and give me advice
[2016/05/22 11:19] oscar jones: easy to set up i mean
[2016/05/22 11:19] albertlr Landar: Just to mention that we have set up a Friends of OSgrid group which is open to everyone please join if you have not already done so.
[2016/05/22 11:19] Ni Lemon: Hello True
[2016/05/22 11:19] Truelie Telling: Hi all
[2016/05/22 11:20] Jeff Hall: hi Truelie:)
[2016/05/22 11:20] albertlr Landar: Please use this to communiate with one another on the Birthday and any planning you may want to do.
[2016/05/22 11:20] dan banner: so thats all i have for osg9b announcements for the moment albert
[2016/05/22 11:20] albertlr Landar: Ok
[2016/05/22 11:21] dan banner: i'll be adding a new forum section for event schedules and announcements too
[2016/05/22 11:21] Avia Bonne: will there be flyers available to spread around?
[2016/05/22 11:21] Avia Bonne: will*
[2016/05/22 11:21] Jeff Hall: im in for a plot at OSG9B for sure
[2016/05/22 11:21] madmax huet: i will play to raise funds :)
[2016/05/22 11:21] albertlr Landar: We will also be setting up a forum for the Birthday and information there about any events or planning
[2016/05/22 11:21] Matilda Charron: great max
[2016/05/22 11:21] dan banner: much appreciated max
[2016/05/22 11:21] George Equus: Hi True :)
[2016/05/22 11:21] madmax huet: yw
[2016/05/22 11:22] dan banner: yes avia some flyers to share would be nice
[2016/05/22 11:22] Truelie Telling: I expect us Maritime crew will do our regular party
[2016/05/22 11:22] albertlr Landar: I should mention that someone had suggested that we get set up with Amazon and their sharing program to help with raising furnds.
[2016/05/22 11:22] albertlr Landar: And that looks like a very doable program.
[2016/05/22 11:22] Avia Bonne: how does that work?
[2016/05/22 11:22] Snakedance Moonwing: that was me :)
[2016/05/22 11:23] Ni Lemon: I have no idea how it works albertir
[2016/05/22 11:23] albertlr Landar: Basically as a buyer of Amazon you designate a non profit to receive 1% of anything you purchase from them.
[2016/05/22 11:23] dan banner: if somebody wants to make poster/flyer/etc please let me know
[2016/05/22 11:23] Arya Paul: I know groups that use it, and it works well.
[2016/05/22 11:23] albertlr Landar: Then Amazon will deposit those funds to our bank account.
[2016/05/22 11:23] Snakedance Moonwing: :)
[2016/05/22 11:23] Avia Bonne: I offer you to make the flyer, if you want?
[2016/05/22 11:24] dan banner: sure avia ☻
[2016/05/22 11:24] albertlr Landar: That is something we are working on now.
[2016/05/22 11:24] Avia Bonne: great ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:24] albertlr Landar: Will announce once it is in place
[2016/05/22 11:24] albertlr Landar: And publicity items are very welcome.
[2016/05/22 11:24] Avia Bonne: Snake, will you explain me how the amazon works later on?
[2016/05/22 11:24] Ni Lemon: I don't buy on amazon, eventually once a year
[2016/05/22 11:24] Truelie Telling: sorry I was late... what are the dates?
[2016/05/22 11:24] dan banner: we'll also be looking into accepting other forms of payments too (checks/bitcoin/etc)
[2016/05/22 11:25] George Equus: No dates set yet True
[2016/05/22 11:25] Avia Bonne: paypall?
[2016/05/22 11:25] Truelie Telling: thanks
[2016/05/22 11:25] dan banner: for those that dont use paypal or find other methods more convenient
[2016/05/22 11:25] albertlr Landar: And if anyone has any questions about finances that will be found in the Wiki.
[2016/05/22 11:25] Matilda Charron: just remember 26 July is my birthday
[2016/05/22 11:25] dan banner: truelie: exhibits go on display officially july 25-31
[2016/05/22 11:26] dan banner: celebrations will be july 30/31
[2016/05/22 11:26] dan banner: i will have the parcels available early june
[2016/05/22 11:26] oscar jones: Avia it is for OS Grid to set up and you volunteer to donate 1% of your amazon purchases tto OS Grid it really on their side of the deal just means if you want to donate more buy through Amazon
[2016/05/22 11:26] Matilda Charron: do you have to man your exhibit?
[2016/05/22 11:27] dan banner: no matilda only if you wanted to
[2016/05/22 11:27] Matilda Charron: ok
[2016/05/22 11:27] madmax huet: or woman
[2016/05/22 11:27] Matilda Charron: haha max
[2016/05/22 11:27] madmax huet: :)
[2016/05/22 11:27] dan banner: its similar to how exhibits are in second life
[2016/05/22 11:27] albertlr Landar: Most people just set up displays that are interactive.
[2016/05/22 11:27] Avia Bonne: Oscar, thnx, but maybe we need to see it first to know how it works
[2016/05/22 11:27] Matilda Charron: well I didn't go to anything like that in sl
[2016/05/22 11:28] madmax huet: i can make a box ?
[2016/05/22 11:28] albertlr Landar: Click to take free items, or to give notecards and links to other things.
[2016/05/22 11:28] dan banner: one thing i will ask is everyone please be careful with scripts and avoid physical prims and vehicles
[2016/05/22 11:28] Matilda Charron: another osgrid learning coming up
[2016/05/22 11:28] Avia Bonne: what about mesh Dan?
[2016/05/22 11:29] dan banner: mesh is fine as always avia ☻
[2016/05/22 11:29] Avia Bonne: k ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:29] Arya Paul: Years ago Tiz Kohime made a giant "aquarium" with mermaids and mermen in it, and the "outfits" and AO's were given away. It was amazing. Sadly, over the years, most of the pieces and parts no longer rezz here. But that would be a great idea for someone creative!!
[2016/05/22 11:29] Jeff Hall: Dan is pointing at me now i think:)
[2016/05/22 11:29] Avia Bonne: Arya, try to make it then ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:29] dan banner: lol jeff
[2016/05/22 11:30] Arya Paul: HAHAHA!! Arya can't create her way out of a paper sack. I am only a consumer here :)
[2016/05/22 11:30] Snakedance Moonwing: i woulsn'd mind a tank full of hunky mermen to look at :P
[2016/05/22 11:30] Arya Paul: see? It's a great idea
[2016/05/22 11:30] Ni Lemon: heheeh
[2016/05/22 11:30] Avia Bonne: lol you can try ;-) I didnt know how to build either when I started SL once ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:31] dan banner: learn by doing
[2016/05/22 11:31] Matilda Charron: haha
[2016/05/22 11:31] dan banner: thats how it works
[2016/05/22 11:31] Avia Bonne: ok, a flyer will be done before the end of the month
[2016/05/22 11:31] Snakedance Moonwing: id like to learn to build one day :)
[2016/05/22 11:31] dan banner: thanks avia ☻
[2016/05/22 11:31] Arya Paul: I learn...but the results aren't really anything I'd want to share ;)
[2016/05/22 11:31] Foxx Bode: *-* HeHeHehe*-*
[2016/05/22 11:32] Matilda Charron: I have my chandelier I could put in somwhere
[2016/05/22 11:32] Matilda Charron: but it chews up prims
[2016/05/22 11:32] Arya Paul: I'm like Dory in "Finding Nemo"...."okay, let me see if I can make this thing...OH, LOOK!! A new sim to explore!!"
[2016/05/22 11:32] Matilda Charron: giggles arya
[2016/05/22 11:32] dan banner: lol
[2016/05/22 11:32] Avia Bonne: lol
[2016/05/22 11:32] Avia Bonne: well, we need audience too lol
[2016/05/22 11:32] oscar jones: i have some cottages and houses i'll set up get ready for sale
[2016/05/22 11:33] oscar jones: box n add pictures i mean
[2016/05/22 11:33] Ni Lemon: hello Rone
[2016/05/22 11:33] Rone.VB Olá Ni
[2016/05/22 11:33] Rone.VB (pt>en): Hi Ni
[2016/05/22 11:33] Ni Lemon: Hi Older, hows you?
[2016/05/22 11:33] albertlr Landar: The need for publicity is very important also.
[2016/05/22 11:33] Snakedance Moonwing: i can streek through all the grids wearing a sign
[2016/05/22 11:33] Arya Paul: and people who are good at terraforming and landscaping could make pre-fab themed OARS.
[2016/05/22 11:34] albertlr Landar: And word of mouth, or word of avatar mouth is good also.
[2016/05/22 11:34] Avia Bonne: if everyone spreads the flyer and post in groups at G plus too
[2016/05/22 11:34] oscar jones: oh yeah and i have a pretty big assortment of swords i've made
[2016/05/22 11:34] Older1Smiling Bird: hello all
[2016/05/22 11:34] Jeff Hall: hwy Older
[2016/05/22 11:34] Arya Paul: Hey, Older
[2016/05/22 11:34] Avia Bonne: hi Older
[2016/05/22 11:34] Ni Lemon: I will post everywhere
[2016/05/22 11:34] Foxx Bode: -> loads of OSG related info
[2016/05/22 11:34] Ni Lemon: FB, G+ etc
[2016/05/22 11:34] George Equus: Hi Older
[2016/05/22 11:34] dan banner: hey thats what matilda needs
[2016/05/22 11:34] Avia Bonne: great Ni ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:34] Older1Smiling Bird: hace not bee online in weeks
[2016/05/22 11:35] Snakedance Moonwing: me either :)
[2016/05/22 11:35] Avia Bonne: I will send the flyer in the Friends of OSG group too, if possible
[2016/05/22 11:35] Older1Smiling Bird: looks like my region server is not working
[2016/05/22 11:35] Truelie Telling: we shall all post and share and spam everyone like crazy!
[2016/05/22 11:35] Matilda Charron: thing is there is no currency here.. not sure how ppl are willing to use paypal to donate
[2016/05/22 11:35] Matilda Charron: if they visit from other grids
[2016/05/22 11:35] oscar jones: where is the friends group joiner or someone invite me please
[2016/05/22 11:36] Ni Lemon: a FAP Older
[2016/05/22 11:36] Avia Bonne: in Alberts profile ;-)
[2016/05/22 11:36] Truelie Telling: I've used a paypal tip jar here, for charity, and it works fine
[2016/05/22 11:36] Matilda Charron: what do I need dan?
[2016/05/22 11:36] Arya Paul: <-- snared it from Albert's profile, too
[2016/05/22 11:36] Ni Lemon: meaning fucking age problem = FAP
[2016/05/22 11:36] Snakedance Moonwing: how about a topless osgrid admin calender? :P
[2016/05/22 11:36] Truelie Telling: got it on Kitely Market
[2016/05/22 11:36] Arya Paul: he didn't even feel us reach in his pocket
[2016/05/22 11:36] dan banner: mati:
[2016/05/22 11:36] Avia Bonne: cant we have a tipjar for osg here?
[2016/05/22 11:37] Avia Bonne: makes it all more easy
[2016/05/22 11:37] Ni Lemon: the board to donate
[2016/05/22 11:37] Avia Bonne: with a paypall button or so?
[2016/05/22 11:37] Arya Paul: yes, I like that idea, too
[2016/05/22 11:37] Matilda Charron: ok trulie
[2016/05/22 11:37] madmax huet: there is no currency it has to be paypal
[2016/05/22 11:37] Avia Bonne: many can use paypall
[2016/05/22 11:37] Matilda Charron: ah yes he showed me it is great.. just after I sorted all my bookmarks lol
[2016/05/22 11:37] Avia Bonne: all extra money is welcome
[2016/05/22 11:38] Snakedance Moonwing: topless osgrid admin calendar :)
[2016/05/22 11:38] Matilda Charron: well I will be in that but sarah might put black dots on bits snake haha
[2016/05/22 11:38] Matilda Charron: not admin .. I'm not admin
[2016/05/22 11:38] dan banner: avia look at spock over there
[2016/05/22 11:38] Matilda Charron: I wanna be in it!
[2016/05/22 11:38] albertlr Landar: Basically what is needed by OSgrid financially is about $1,000 more for our current paypal, account.
[2016/05/22 11:38] madmax huet: lol
[2016/05/22 11:38] Avia Bonne: oh, sorry Dan, you're right lol
[2016/05/22 11:38] albertlr Landar: Then about $3000 more to put in a backup account for emergencies.
[2016/05/22 11:39] Older1Smiling Bird: sound like an official meeting
[2016/05/22 11:39] albertlr Landar: That way we should be covered for on going expenses, and any emergency that should come up in the future.
[2016/05/22 11:39] Truelie Telling: ok, I'm putting my PayPal tip jar up at today's show at The Maritime... all proceeds to OSG
[2016/05/22 11:39] George Equus: Spock might need a pet to clarify?
[2016/05/22 11:39] Older1Smiling Bird: time to exit stage left
[2016/05/22 11:39] George Equus: eg a Hippo..
[2016/05/22 11:39] dan banner: link to group secondlife:///app/group/0cfbed75-9636-4f7e-a65b-96206c81da67/about
[2016/05/22 11:39] Avia Bonne: are people aware of this?
[2016/05/22 11:39] albertlr Landar: And all donations in the US at least are tax deductible.
[2016/05/22 11:39] Avia Bonne: that we do it for our safety?
[2016/05/22 11:39] Ni Lemon: That's very kind True
[2016/05/22 11:40] Avia Bonne: ahw True, that is so nice of you
[2016/05/22 11:40] Truelie Telling: y'all hove an opportunity to contribute today
[2016/05/22 11:40] albertlr Landar: Ok anyone not a member of the Friends of OSgrid there is the link to click for joining.
[2016/05/22 11:40] Matilda Charron: yes I should send my money to someone in US so they can donate on my behalf and get the benefit
[2016/05/22 11:40] dan banner: there are some various styles of tipjars here too if you cam around to the east
[2016/05/22 11:40] Jeff Hall: Foxx started a group too
[2016/05/22 11:40] Avia Bonne: can we use them on our own regions too Dan?
[2016/05/22 11:40] Jeff Hall: The one hundred
[2016/05/22 11:41] Foxx Bode:
[2016/05/22 11:41] dan banner: certainly avia
[2016/05/22 11:41] Avia Bonne: ok
[2016/05/22 11:41] Foxx Bode: my personal crowdfunding project for OSG.
[2016/05/22 11:41] Avia Bonne: I will place them on mine as well
[2016/05/22 11:41] Matilda Charron: I put a sign at my shop
[2016/05/22 11:41] Truelie Telling: nice, Foxx, thanks
[2016/05/22 11:41] Foxx Bode: there are more initiatives, i also saw region building services and other initiatives.
[2016/05/22 11:42] Ni Lemon: well done Foxx
[2016/05/22 11:42] Jeff Hall: u should update: u have more than 2 members now Foxx:)
[2016/05/22 11:42] Matilda Charron: I modified Izzies sign
[2016/05/22 11:42] Matilda Charron: anyone can get a copy
[2016/05/22 11:44] dan banner: we'll also be adding a few more styles to those 'tipjars'
[2016/05/22 11:45] George Equus: I put up some hippos on my patch, just in case someone pass by ...
[2016/05/22 11:45] oscar jones: so we need a script to direct purchases to OSGrid staff eh ?
[2016/05/22 11:45] albertlr Landar: Maybe someone could come up with a T-Shirt that says I supported OSgrid, or something of that nature with the logo.
[2016/05/22 11:45] albertlr Landar: Maybe "have you?" on the back
[2016/05/22 11:45] Stewie Allen is Online
[2016/05/22 11:45] Truelie Telling: where should we send Paypal donations when we have them?
[2016/05/22 11:45] Avia Bonne: I can make such a shirt in Mesh oros?
[2016/05/22 11:46] albertlr Landar: Could have a url to the web site.
[2016/05/22 11:46] Matilda Charron: I made a mesh tshirt.. dare I admit that max is wearing it
[2016/05/22 11:46] Matilda Charron: he coloured it himself :P
[2016/05/22 11:46] madmax huet: nice aint it ? :))
[2016/05/22 11:46] Matilda Charron: grimaces .. oh yes max lovely
[2016/05/22 11:46] Truelie Telling: kewl colorblocking
[2016/05/22 11:46] madmax huet: lolololololol
[2016/05/22 11:47] Snakedance Moonwing: shame i cangt see anything lol
[2016/05/22 11:47] Snakedance Moonwing: can't
[2016/05/22 11:47] madmax huet: matilda keeps trying to get me to change the colours lol
[2016/05/22 11:47] Matilda Charron: lucky you snake
[2016/05/22 11:47] Matilda Charron: bites bottom lip
[2016/05/22 11:47] Snakedance Moonwing: yay text basde veiwers :D
[2016/05/22 11:47] Matilda Charron: ah
[2016/05/22 11:47] Snakedance Moonwing: based
[2016/05/22 11:47] Truelie Telling: nah, that's pretty hot retro avant garde
[2016/05/22 11:48] albertlr Landar: well you should not be worried of being run over by a vehicle.
[2016/05/22 11:48] Matilda Charron: I don't get it lol
[2016/05/22 11:48] Hans Nerido: looks cool the shirt mad
[2016/05/22 11:48] madmax huet: lmao
[2016/05/22 11:48] Matilda Charron: haha
[2016/05/22 11:48] Truelie Telling: so who shall I pass donations onto, from my Paypal tipjar to my account to ???
[2016/05/22 11:48] madmax huet: see told u matilda :))))
[2016/05/22 11:48] Matilda Charron: laughs I can't believe it
[2016/05/22 11:49] Matilda Charron: it's horrible
[2016/05/22 11:49] albertlr Landar:
[2016/05/22 11:49] Hans Nerido: pls send me a copy mad
[2016/05/22 11:49] albertlr Landar: thats the email account.
[2016/05/22 11:49] oscar jones: anyone a scriptor?
[2016/05/22 11:49] madmax huet: LMAO
[2016/05/22 11:49] Matilda Charron: it's in my shop hans
[2016/05/22 11:49] Truelie Telling: thanks Albertlr
[2016/05/22 11:49] Matilda Charron: but prettier colours :P
[2016/05/22 11:49] Hans Nerido: not in this color
[2016/05/22 11:49] madmax huet: says u :)))
[2016/05/22 11:49] Avia Bonne: maybe more musicians will want the same as True
[2016/05/22 11:49] Ni Lemon:
[2016/05/22 11:49] Hans Nerido: i want the one from mad
[2016/05/22 11:49] Matilda Charron: tears of laughter here
[2016/05/22 11:49] madmax huet: LMAO
[2016/05/22 11:49] Matilda Charron: haah hans
[2016/05/22 11:50] PcTek CyberStar is Offline
[2016/05/22 11:50] madmax huet: heheeh
[2016/05/22 11:50] Avia Bonne: are there already musicians asked for the party?
[2016/05/22 11:50] Matilda Charron: you ought to check out the name I called it
[2016/05/22 11:50] Avia Bonne: besides True and Max?
[2016/05/22 11:51] Stewie Allen is Offline
[2016/05/22 11:51] madmax huet: ok well let me know about playing etc etc ..sorry but i have a gig in 10 mins got to log into another grid
[2016/05/22 11:51] Govega Sachertorte is Online
[2016/05/22 11:51] Matilda Charron: ok max
[2016/05/22 11:51] Matilda Charron: have fun
[2016/05/22 11:51] Avia Bonne: ok Max, nice offer, tc
[2016/05/22 11:52] Hans Nerido: haye fun mad
[2016/05/22 11:52] Hans Nerido: when your back send me this awesome shirt
[2016/05/22 11:52] madmax huet: ok laters guys :)
[2016/05/22 11:52] madmax huet: will do lol
[2016/05/22 11:53] madmax huet: ok >>>>> gone
[2016/05/22 11:53] Matilda Charron: bye
[2016/05/22 11:53] Truelie Telling: Avia, the Maritime does a party at the end, Sunday at 2, I think... and our usual lineup plays... stio's in charge of that
[2016/05/22 11:53] Ni Lemon: bye for now mad
[2016/05/22 11:53] Avia Bonne: cool, thnx True
[2016/05/22 11:53] albertlr Landar: So if you are making a donation via paypal yourself, the email to use is
[2016/05/22 11:53] Truelie Telling: Max, talk to stio... and there's nothing against having other performances, although we'd discourage filling the same time slot
[2016/05/22 11:54] albertlr Landar: And if you need a receipt please let us know, we will write one up for you.
[2016/05/22 11:54] Truelie Telling: I think Max missed that 8(
[2016/05/22 11:54] Matilda Charron: Ill paste it to him
[2016/05/22 11:55] Snakedance Moonwing: i read that first as recipe not receipt
[2016/05/22 11:55] albertlr Landar: Does anyone have any questions regarding the upcoming Birthday planning.
[2016/05/22 11:55] Snakedance Moonwing: will dan be juming ut of the birthday cake
[2016/05/22 11:55] Matilda Charron: not really I hope ppl will talk to me and open my mind
[2016/05/22 11:55] Snakedance Moonwing: jumping out*
[2016/05/22 11:55] Avia Bonne: not yet Albert
[2016/05/22 11:56] Jeff Hall: i just want a plot in and this time i wont make region crash:)
[2016/05/22 11:56] albertlr Landar: Ok well thanks for coming everyone please pass on the news about things.
[2016/05/22 11:56] George Equus: Will do
[2016/05/22 11:56] albertlr Landar: Ok
[2016/05/22 11:56] Avia Bonne: will do, thanks!
[2016/05/22 11:56] Muxe Magic: would you mind sending me a copy? I got held up
[2016/05/22 11:56] Jeff Hall: same here
[2016/05/22 11:57] Ni Lemon: I also want a plot, when available
[2016/05/22 11:57] Muxe Magic: I missed the last two, .. don't want to miss another
[2016/05/22 11:57] Matilda Charron: ok more sleep for me
[2016/05/22 11:57] Ni Lemon: sleep tight Mati, sweet dreams
[2016/05/22 11:57] Matilda Charron: meeting finished?
[2016/05/22 11:57] Total Sorbet: night mati
[2016/05/22 11:57] Truelie Telling: sweet dreams Matilda
[2016/05/22 11:57] Jeeper Shim: I'm off too. Thanks Albert and Dan
[2016/05/22 11:57] Muxe Magic: ahhh, that eye-closey thing. right
[2016/05/22 11:57] Jeff Hall: bye Mati
[2016/05/22 11:58] dan banner: thanks for coming everyone
[2016/05/22 11:58] Avia Bonne: ok I am off too, cu
[2016/05/22 11:58] Matilda Charron: oh
[2016/05/22 11:58] Jeff Hall: im excited for osg9b:)
[2016/05/22 11:58] Ni Lemon: Thanks you for the organization
[2016/05/22 11:58] Truelie Telling: y'all are invited to come donate this afternoon at 2GT at the Maritime Club, and I'll donate some songs
[2016/05/22 11:58] Jeff Hall: ty Truelie
[2016/05/22 11:58] albertlr Landar: The correct email address for sending donations directly from paypal is
[2016/05/22 11:59] Avia Bonne: damn, where'smy home lol
[2016/05/22 11:59] Ni Lemon: Ciao alfieri
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini: buona sera a tutti
[2016/05/22 11:59] Jeff Hall: im in too:)
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini (it>en): good evening to all
[2016/05/22 11:59] dan banner: actually first was right
[2016/05/22 11:59] Jeff Hall: see u at Belfast:)
[2016/05/22 11:59] dan banner: "You can use the table below to setup a recurring donation with us, if you want to make an ordinary one-time donation, please use to send to or use the first button below."
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini: ciao ni
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini (it>en): Hi NI
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini: ciao hans
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini (it>en): Hi hans
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini: ciao foxx
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini (it>en): Hi foxx
[2016/05/22 11:59] oscar jones: get us a redirect script ;^)
[2016/05/22 11:59] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2016/05/22 11:59] Ni Lemon: ah that's good dan thx
[2016/05/22 11:59] Matilda Charron: it's in the sign at my shop oscar
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini: ciao matilda
[2016/05/22 11:59] alfiere rossini (it>en): Hello matilda
[2016/05/22 12:00] oscar jones: ok
[2016/05/22 12:00] Matilda Charron: cioa alfiere
[2016/05/22 12:00] Matilda Charron: ok then so meeting over?
[2016/05/22 12:00] Sarah Kline is Offline
[2016/05/22 12:00] alfiere rossini: spero di non aver dimenticato nessuno
[2016/05/22 12:00] alfiere rossini (it>en): I hope I didn't forget anyone
[2016/05/22 12:00] Foxx Bode: yes, all done :)
[2016/05/22 12:01] Total Sorbet: i cant build to save my life so no display for me... but if anyone needs a scripter... 1st person to swear rudely gets one!
[2016/05/22 12:01] Matilda Charron: ok well thank you for the sweet dreams wishes and all that jazz
[2016/05/22 12:01] albertlr Landar: yea meeting over thanks for coming everyone.
[2016/05/22 12:01] alfiere rossini: ciao total
[2016/05/22 12:01] Jeff Hall: ty Albert
[2016/05/22 12:01] Matilda Charron: oh good lou I might need you.. just wondering is there an adult section?
[2016/05/22 12:01] alfiere rossini (it>en): Hi total
[2016/05/22 12:01] Ni Lemon: Thanks Lou very appreciated
[2016/05/22 12:01] George Equus: Thanks. I'm off then.
[2016/05/22 12:01] Jeff Hall: ty for offering Lou
[2016/05/22 12:01] Jeff Hall: :)
[2016/05/22 12:01] Total Sorbet: if i can help i will :D
[2016/05/22 12:02] Matilda Charron: oh I have a new toy
[2016/05/22 12:02] albertlr Landar: Bye
[2016/05/22 12:02] albertlr Landar: Take care everyone

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