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 Post subject: Meeting of the Membership August 5th, 2018
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:56 am 
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[2018/08/05 10:58] Foxx Bode: -*- HeLlO-*-
[2018/08/05 10:58] sugar baran: hi
[2018/08/05 10:58] Jeff Hall: hey posh
[2018/08/05 10:58] Big Cheese: hi
[2018/08/05 10:58] sugar baran: hugs
[2018/08/05 10:58] Jim Jackson: hello everyone, thank you for coming
[2018/08/05 10:58] Caro Fayray: lol 2 headless ppl sitting in front row
[2018/08/05 10:58] Caro Fayray: hey jim
[2018/08/05 10:59] sarah kline is Online
[2018/08/05 10:59] DJ Higher: hello everyoone
[2018/08/05 10:59] stiofain mactomais is Online
[2018/08/05 10:59] DJ Higher: :)
[2018/08/05 10:59] Big Cheese: It is hot in here with all these bodies
[2018/08/05 10:59] Jozee Tungsten: hi everybody:)
[2018/08/05 10:59] snakedance moonwing: melted cheese?
[2018/08/05 10:59] snakedance moonwing: :P
[2018/08/05 10:59] Jim Jackson: no, we have state of the art air conditioning
[2018/08/05 10:59] albertlr Landar: I will turn up the AC
[2018/08/05 10:59] Koni Lanzius: heh
[2018/08/05 10:59] Caro Fayray: hey jozee and stio
[2018/08/05 10:59] Big Cheese: okay
[2018/08/05 11:00] albertlr Landar: Greetins Stio
[2018/08/05 11:00] govega sachertorte is Online
[2018/08/05 11:00] Jozee Tungsten: oooops
[2018/08/05 11:00] albertlr Landar: Well as its now 11 I guess we begin.
[2018/08/05 11:00] Jozee Tungsten: sorry for sitting on somebody
[2018/08/05 11:00] stiofain mactomais: hi folks
[2018/08/05 11:01] albertlr Landar: I will be conducting the meeting today, as its largely about our up coming furndraiser.
[2018/08/05 11:01] George Equus: Hi Stio
[2018/08/05 11:01] Jeff Hall: hey stio
[2018/08/05 11:01] Koni Lanzius: hey stio and anyone else who just arrived!
[2018/08/05 11:01] albertlr Landar: And thank you for for taking time to come to the meeting today, it is important.
[2018/08/05 11:01] albertlr Landar: Because we want to keep the grid in a healthy state going forward.
[2018/08/05 11:01] posh prim: voice on??
[2018/08/05 11:01] albertlr Landar: And last years event was very sucessful.
[2018/08/05 11:02] albertlr Landar: No we don't use voice as we need to keep minutes and use the chat for that purpose.
[2018/08/05 11:02] posh prim: ty albertlr
[2018/08/05 11:02] albertlr Landar: And not everyone may have chat enabled.
[2018/08/05 11:02] Domie Cemoi: bonjour
[2018/08/05 11:02] albertlr Landar: But to update everyone one.
[2018/08/05 11:02] paela argus: bjr
[2018/08/05 11:03] albertlr Landar: First the Board voted to set the goal again this year to $3,000
[2018/08/05 11:03] Kawaii Unicorn: hiiiiiiiiiiii
[2018/08/05 11:03] snakedance moonwing: ~** HELLO!! **~
[2018/08/05 11:03] albertlr Landar: That will help us raise our average balance in paypal to around $3,000
[2018/08/05 11:03] Koni Lanzius: ~** HELLO, POSSUMS!! **~
[2018/08/05 11:03] albertlr Landar: plus give us some excess which we can put in our bank account.
[2018/08/05 11:03] Danger Lytton is Offline
[2018/08/05 11:03] Kawaii Unicorn: hi peter
[2018/08/05 11:04] Peter Barlow: hey Kawaii! ;-)
[2018/08/05 11:04] Kawaii Unicorn: sorry for being on ur head and all :p
[2018/08/05 11:04] Caro Fayray: hey kawaii
[2018/08/05 11:04] albertlr Landar: Now right now in looking over our paypal balances, we are runing about $350 short in having the balance we want.
[2018/08/05 11:04] albertlr Landar: So thats not too much down.
[2018/08/05 11:04] Danger Lytton is Online
[2018/08/05 11:05] Caro Fayray: how short were we last year when we started?
[2018/08/05 11:05] albertlr Landar: And our Bank balance for emergencies is around $1,250 right now.
[2018/08/05 11:05] Claire Putty: hello all
[2018/08/05 11:05] albertlr Landar: which is not bad.
[2018/08/05 11:05] snakedance moonwing: lets hope we have no emergieis anytime soon :O
[2018/08/05 11:05] albertlr Landar: We will be facing some expenses eventually to move our asset server over to a new one, like has been done now with all the other servers.
[2018/08/05 11:06] Koni Lanzius: well we have some wonderful fundraising ideas this year
[2018/08/05 11:06] albertlr Landar: So we want to prepare for that. That is the main purpose of the fundraiser.
[2018/08/05 11:06] albertlr Landar: And we have asked Koni to chair our fundraising events here on OSgrid again this year.
[2018/08/05 11:06] Koni Lanzius: :)
[2018/08/05 11:07] albertlr Landar: She has come up with some really great ideas, and we encourage you to contribute your ideas too if you have any suggestions.
[2018/08/05 11:07] albertlr Landar: Every practical idea will be considered.
[2018/08/05 11:07] albertlr Landar: Now our goal is set at $3,000
[2018/08/05 11:08] albertlr Landar: and the actual dates are Sept. 21-28, 2018
[2018/08/05 11:08] albertlr Landar: That will be a Friday to a Friday.
[2018/08/05 11:08] snakedance moonwing: may i suggest a boy auction lol
[2018/08/05 11:08] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2018/08/05 11:08] Caro Fayray: lol
[2018/08/05 11:08] albertlr Landar: And things will again center around Event Plaza, and any other venue which is offered to help with the fundraiser during that week.
[2018/08/05 11:09] Domie Cemoi: bonjour
[2018/08/05 11:09] Koni Lanzius: actually, Chopsy has generously offered her stripper stage on her new sim for such
[2018/08/05 11:09] Jeff Hall: bonjour domie
[2018/08/05 11:09] snakedance moonwing: and always to suggest the sexy admins of ogrid calander again this year :)
[2018/08/05 11:09] albertlr Landar: Stio offered to help us last year, and anyone else that wishes to host a dance fundraiser please do so.
[2018/08/05 11:09] govega sachertorte is Offline
[2018/08/05 11:10] albertlr Landar: The DJ's would help us promote donations to the paypal boxes during the events, etc.
[2018/08/05 11:10] govega sachertorte is Online
[2018/08/05 11:10] Koni Lanzius: will we have a list of all these great suggestions so that I can follow up and assist them?
[2018/08/05 11:10] albertlr Landar: And we can provide thermometers like this one to show on going totals.
[2018/08/05 11:10] albertlr Landar: yes.
[2018/08/05 11:10] Koni Lanzius: brilliant
[2018/08/05 11:10] albertlr Landar: please do
[2018/08/05 11:10] stiofain mactomais: we can certainly do a live show for it
[2018/08/05 11:11] albertlr Landar: And also please talk with koni if you wish to participate in anyway for the event.
[2018/08/05 11:11] Koni Lanzius: great idea
[2018/08/05 11:11] stiofain mactomais: is there a theme?
[2018/08/05 11:11] albertlr Landar: And we will get an on going event list so people will know when and where things are going on.
[2018/08/05 11:11] snakedance moonwing: sci fi carnival? :)
[2018/08/05 11:12] Koni Lanzius: wonderful! that way I can support them
[2018/08/05 11:12] albertlr Landar: Basically the carnival idea, but their will be some variatons on it.
[2018/08/05 11:12] Danger Lytton: we can offer the almost islands for an event on the weekend
[2018/08/05 11:12] Koni Lanzius: oooh like that Snakey
[2018/08/05 11:12] albertlr Landar: Would be great.
[2018/08/05 11:12] snakedance moonwing: :)
[2018/08/05 11:12] Caro Fayray: many different carnivals... sounds good snake:)
[2018/08/05 11:12] albertlr Landar: now one way that helps with the totals coming in is to have matching pledges in advance.
[2018/08/05 11:12] Jeff Hall: ping me if u need any help Koni
[2018/08/05 11:13] Koni Lanzius: ty sweetie
[2018/08/05 11:13] albertlr Landar: So between now and the start in Sept. We will be accepting pledge matches.
[2018/08/05 11:13] albertlr Landar: they way that works is when a pledge is made say for $100.
[2018/08/05 11:13] albertlr Landar: For each $1 made it is matched by the pledge until the total is exhaused.
[2018/08/05 11:13] Big Cheese: will there be an official notice somewhere?
[2018/08/05 11:13] albertlr Landar: That in affect doubles the amount of the donation.
[2018/08/05 11:14] Koni Lanzius: great idea!
[2018/08/05 11:14] albertlr Landar: Yea on the website, and and in our social media accounts.
[2018/08/05 11:14] albertlr Landar: In the forums there will be a special forum for just the fundraiser and info on it.
[2018/08/05 11:14] ladyjo martin is Online
[2018/08/05 11:14] Koni Lanzius: ok
[2018/08/05 11:14] albertlr Landar: Two things we are working on now.
[2018/08/05 11:15] albertlr Landar: Koni is helping us to set up a gofund me page on the Internet.
[2018/08/05 11:15] albertlr Landar: We will see how that works as we go along.
[2018/08/05 11:15] Koni Lanzius: with this video
[2018/08/05 11:15] albertlr Landar: She has also developed a terrific video to encourage people to donate to OSgrid.
[2018/08/05 11:16] albertlr Landar: please check out the link she just posted.
[2018/08/05 11:16] Koni Lanzius: i hope that folks will come forward and we can do little 3 minutes vnettes that showcase what OSG means to them
[2018/08/05 11:16] albertlr Landar: We are also looking into info which Foxx got for us, about a new program on Facebook.
[2018/08/05 11:16] Koni Lanzius: it really gives folks a reason to care and to donate
[2018/08/05 11:16] albertlr Landar: In which they will allow us to set up a matching pledge campaign there.
[2018/08/05 11:16] Koni Lanzius: yea that sounds great
[2018/08/05 11:17] albertlr Landar: So people can go to facebook, our page and issue a challenge match to others to contribute. (This will probably not be used this year)
[2018/08/05 11:17] paela argus: i think to add this video, in the page home during the duration of this event
[2018/08/05 11:18] Koni Lanzius: good idea
[2018/08/05 11:18] albertlr Landar: Also people can also make a pledge by sending an email to
[2018/08/05 11:18] albertlr Landar: Just letting us know how much they wish to pledge, and will match. And then they can pay us after or during the campaign once there pledge amount is met.
[2018/08/05 11:19] albertlr Landar: As last year i will be handling all the pledges and totals as they come in.
[2018/08/05 11:19] albertlr Landar: Now are there any questions?
[2018/08/05 11:19] albertlr Landar: Or suggestions, or new ideas?
[2018/08/05 11:19] paela argus: ⊙Oui ⊙
[2018/08/05 11:19] snakedance moonwing: what ever happeend with whats was it called under pinning?
[2018/08/05 11:20] snakedance moonwing: i forget the term
[2018/08/05 11:20] albertlr Landar: hum you mean under writing. (No businesses have come forward so far to offer underwriting, but something we hope to do eventually.)
[2018/08/05 11:20] paela argus: l'argent peut être reçu à présent et mis en valeur plus tard durant l'évenement ?
[2018/08/05 11:20] Koni Lanzius: do we want to deploy the GoFundMe now or wait till the event days
[2018/08/05 11:20] paela argus: hm translator
[2018/08/05 11:20] posh prim: donations via bitcoin??
[2018/08/05 11:20] albertlr Landar: We can start it anytime
[2018/08/05 11:20] Koni Lanzius: good ok
[2018/08/05 11:21] albertlr Landar: well don't think we have a bitcoin account at this time, but I am sure we could set something up.
[2018/08/05 11:21] Koni Lanzius: i will be adding individual vinettes so that will keep it fresh
[2018/08/05 11:21] albertlr Landar: And speaking about that, we can accept sl lindens.
[2018/08/05 11:21] Koni Lanzius: ah yes
[2018/08/05 11:21] Koni Lanzius: are you going to host the embassy, Albert?
[2018/08/05 11:21] Koni Lanzius: in SL
[2018/08/05 11:21] posh prim: albert its nice
[2018/08/05 11:21] albertlr Landar: Just give your lindens to OSgridInc Resident.
[2018/08/05 11:22] Koni Lanzius: ahh
[2018/08/05 11:22] albertlr Landar: It is a legit avatar now on sl set up for that purpose.
[2018/08/05 11:22] posh prim: cool
[2018/08/05 11:22] albertlr Landar: last year I was able to colledt over $500 donations from over on SL for help here.
[2018/08/05 11:22] Koni Lanzius: brilliant
[2018/08/05 11:23] Caro Fayray: i also accept and pass on lindens form some ppl regularly
[2018/08/05 11:23] albertlr Landar: We will also have a OSgrid location over there shorly for donations and info on OSGrid.
[2018/08/05 11:23] posh prim: may ppl can create stuff here and sell in sl .. then donate to osgrid
[2018/08/05 11:23] albertlr Landar: That would be apprecaited.
[2018/08/05 11:23] DJ Higher: nice
[2018/08/05 11:23] Koni Lanzius: a great idea!
[2018/08/05 11:23] posh prim: coooool
[2018/08/05 11:23] DJ Higher: yes
[2018/08/05 11:23] posh prim: may i can sell my oars too lol
[2018/08/05 11:23] posh prim: hahah
[2018/08/05 11:23] albertlr Landar: OSgridInc Resident is the avatar name again
[2018/08/05 11:23] DJ Higher: lol
[2018/08/05 11:23] Caro Fayray: i do:)
[2018/08/05 11:24] posh prim: ok
[2018/08/05 11:24] Big Cheese: I made a ton of lindens making men happy in sl
[2018/08/05 11:24] posh prim: lol
[2018/08/05 11:24] Caro Fayray: lol
[2018/08/05 11:24] sundown merchiston: gasps
[2018/08/05 11:24] stiofain mactomais: cud sset up an sl marrketplace account linked to osgrid resident av for anyone wants to sell creations
[2018/08/05 11:25] albertlr Landar: well as long as we don't get arrested all donations are accepted regard.ess
[2018/08/05 11:25] posh prim: cool idea stiofain
[2018/08/05 11:25] Koni Lanzius: perhaps you would like to work with Snake and Chopsy on the stripper show?
[2018/08/05 11:25] Koni Lanzius: ;)
[2018/08/05 11:25] posh prim: lol
[2018/08/05 11:25] ozzmosis ozzy: lol
[2018/08/05 11:25] albertlr Landar: hum we can look into that stio have not thought of that before.
[2018/08/05 11:26] posh prim: we are all over 18+ here ??
[2018/08/05 11:26] DJ Higher: lol
[2018/08/05 11:26] ozzmosis ozzy: i can pretend i am not p
[2018/08/05 11:26] DJ Higher: lol ozzy
[2018/08/05 11:26] posh prim: ohh dam
[2018/08/05 11:26] Koni Lanzius: well Chopsy has her own minigrid
[2018/08/05 11:26] posh prim: :)) lol
[2018/08/05 11:26] Koni Lanzius: she has that new adult nightclub theme
[2018/08/05 11:27] Koni Lanzius: very well done btw
[2018/08/05 11:27] albertlr Landar: it was suggested that if anyone rents our space on OSgrid to others, maybe they could also donate a small portion during our campaign.
[2018/08/05 11:27] Koni Lanzius: oh theres a thought
[2018/08/05 11:27] albertlr Landar: It all goes to the same place, helping all here.
[2018/08/05 11:27] albertlr Landar: To get better servers.
[2018/08/05 11:28] posh prim: or give free sims out and please for a donation to osgrid.. i tryed that befor the big crash that works
[2018/08/05 11:28] sundown merchiston: how much does it cost per month to keep OSGrid up and running ?
[2018/08/05 11:28] Foxx Bode:
[2018/08/05 11:28] albertlr Landar: Again I will repeat for those that came in late that the actaul fundraiser events will be Sept 21 -28th.
[2018/08/05 11:28] albertlr Landar: Friday to Friday.
[2018/08/05 11:29] ozzmosis ozzy: thx you albertlr
[2018/08/05 11:29] albertlr Landar: But between now and the start we will be accepting Matching Challenges from anyone that wants to challenge others to match their pledge.
[2018/08/05 11:29] albertlr Landar: And you only need to pay up if your challenge is met.
[2018/08/05 11:30] albertlr Landar: More info will be put in our forum about the campaign on the website soon.
[2018/08/05 11:30] posh prim: ok a little word to donate by bitcoin .. i got several questionss before osg carsh if they can donate by btc so i think its a good idea
[2018/08/05 11:30] albertlr Landar: Our chat here will be placed in the wiki and the fourms for those that were not able to be here, and want to check up on what was said about it.
[2018/08/05 11:31] albertlr Landar: and we will have to check into the bitcoin situation, something we are not set up for at the moment.
[2018/08/05 11:31] paela argus: the bitcoin can be studied because not easy to set up the system for this currency on the site
[2018/08/05 11:32] paela argus: currency bitcoin
[2018/08/05 11:32] albertlr Landar: and donation of bitcoins would have to be outside our actual grid. Say on the interent only.
[2018/08/05 11:32] albertlr Landar: As we do not have an official currency here on OSGrid, at least on its own regions.
[2018/08/05 11:33] albertlr Landar: That is why we depend on paypal as our primary way of donations.
[2018/08/05 11:34] inanna beaumont is Online
[2018/08/05 11:34] Azi Az: How about creators giving original content to be sold in an kind of auction?
[2018/08/05 11:35] Koni Lanzius: ah yes, a great one, they do that in SL, the Sylvhara group
[2018/08/05 11:35] Koni Lanzius: they make good money
[2018/08/05 11:35] Azi Az: yes exactly
[2018/08/05 11:35] mayLee Jun: could make a web market like kitely and other have
[2018/08/05 11:35] Koni Lanzius: have you seen their boards?
[2018/08/05 11:35] paela argus: maybe use kitely market for that ?
[2018/08/05 11:35] albertlr Landar: And yes, and all projects to raise legit money for OSgrid is always welcome.
[2018/08/05 11:36] Jeff Hall: could be funny as a "Live auction"
[2018/08/05 11:36] Azi Az: no Paela can make it much easyer with a paypall thing set up on the auction thing
[2018/08/05 11:36] Koni Lanzius: thats what they do
[2018/08/05 11:36] Caro Fayray: they used to have live auctions in inworkdz too
[2018/08/05 11:36] Koni Lanzius: they action the avatars off while they dance on a dance pole
[2018/08/05 11:36] Koni Lanzius: quite fun
[2018/08/05 11:36] Caro Fayray: rasied a lot of money for toys for tots
[2018/08/05 11:36] Peter Barlow: oops
[2018/08/05 11:37] snakedance moonwing: that woreked out well since they shut down
[2018/08/05 11:37] Koni Lanzius: and the winners get the avtars skills or maybe a dance date
[2018/08/05 11:37] posh prim: or a free sim???
[2018/08/05 11:37] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[2018/08/05 11:37] Koni Lanzius: yea could action sims?
[2018/08/05 11:38] Koni Lanzius: auction*
[2018/08/05 11:38] snakedance moonwing: a free sim for a year?
[2018/08/05 11:38] posh prim: ever
[2018/08/05 11:38] albertlr Landar: And while we are here today lets all thank paela for the great work that has been done on the website.
[2018/08/05 11:38] George Equus: Commissioning work (builds, scripting...) for a fee, the fee donated?
[2018/08/05 11:38] posh prim: or as long the server works lol
[2018/08/05 11:38] paela argus: to donate regions in return for a donation is more expensive in the end in time
[2018/08/05 11:38] Koni Lanzius: ♫~♫ Applause ♫~♫
[2018/08/05 11:38] Koni Lanzius: ~**YAY!!!!**~
[2018/08/05 11:38] Koni Lanzius: YOU ROCK< PAELA
[2018/08/05 11:38] Caro Fayray: i second that albert
[2018/08/05 11:38] Caro Fayray: ty paela
[2018/08/05 11:39] albertlr Landar: And let me also mention that starting next Staturday that Fu Barr will again be giving free scripting lesssons at 11:30 am on Sandbox plaza.
[2018/08/05 11:39] Peter Barlow: ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★
[2018/08/05 11:39] snakedance moonwing: how about an exclusive beautifully designed homestead var region and auction off parcels ? :)
[2018/08/05 11:39] Azi Az: Paela always do a very good work on everything she does
[2018/08/05 11:39] Jozee Tungsten: good job paela:)
[2018/08/05 11:39] Koni Lanzius: woohoo!
[2018/08/05 11:40] albertlr Landar: We will have our regular Saturday Q&A at 11 am here on Hurliman but will cut it short so Fu Barr can begin his classes for those that want to attend.
[2018/08/05 11:40] albertlr Landar: Please pass on info to anyone that needs help with scripts to attend.
[2018/08/05 11:40] Koni Lanzius: i will attend
[2018/08/05 11:40] albertlr Landar: He can answer you questions too.
[2018/08/05 11:41] Koni Lanzius: yea he is a brilliant builder/scripter
[2018/08/05 11:41] snakedance moonwing: and easy on the eyes too
[2018/08/05 11:41] Koni Lanzius: hehe
[2018/08/05 11:41] cilla teebrook: is there a NOTECARD made up that we can pass on?
[2018/08/05 11:42] albertlr Landar: Now please again if you have any ideas, please let me or koni know.
[2018/08/05 11:42] Koni Lanzius: yes!
[2018/08/05 11:42] albertlr Landar: All suggestions will be considered.
[2018/08/05 11:42] albertlr Landar: Please check with the forums for updates on what is coming, and future events for the Campaign.
[2018/08/05 11:43] albertlr Landar: DJ Aussie has offered to coordiante the DJ's again for the events at Event Plaza.
[2018/08/05 11:43] Koni Lanzius: ~**YAY!!!!**~
[2018/08/05 11:43] albertlr Landar: So please check with him if you are DJ and want to volunteer for shift.
[2018/08/05 11:43] DJ Higher: sure
[2018/08/05 11:44] snakedance moonwing: a dance-a-thon
[2018/08/05 11:44] snakedance moonwing: :P
[2018/08/05 11:44] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2018/08/05 11:44] albertlr Landar: and give-a-thon
[2018/08/05 11:44] Koni Lanzius: yes!
[2018/08/05 11:44] DJ Higher: jimmy is going to sing a song for donate lol
[2018/08/05 11:44] albertlr Landar: And stio will again feature live performances at his club on Sunday
[2018/08/05 11:44] snakedance moonwing: people can raise money in peldges to see how long they can dance to the same song on repeate :D
[2018/08/05 11:45] Koni Lanzius: so we will definately need decorations that encourgae giving at the live events
[2018/08/05 11:45] albertlr Landar: yes.
[2018/08/05 11:45] Koni Lanzius: ~** HAHAHA! **~
[2018/08/05 11:45] Koni Lanzius: uhhhh dunno about that one
[2018/08/05 11:45] snakedance moonwing: friday by rebecca black
[2018/08/05 11:45] Koni Lanzius: ;)
[2018/08/05 11:46] albertlr Landar: So anyone have any questions before we adjourn for today
[2018/08/05 11:47] Big Cheese: no, no questions right now
[2018/08/05 11:47] albertlr Landar: paela has asked me to ask if anyone would be willing to help with translations of the website.
[2018/08/05 11:47] Koni Lanzius: i would like to ask for volunteers for the little video vinettes for the GoFundMe page
[2018/08/05 11:47] Chamilla Mocha: yes, when will the pledges begin?
[2018/08/05 11:47] Koni Lanzius: doing voice and taling about how OSG has enriched your life
[2018/08/05 11:47] Koni Lanzius: talking*
[2018/08/05 11:48] albertlr Landar: voice
[2018/08/05 11:48] snakedance moonwing: how abotu doing mime?
[2018/08/05 11:48] snakedance moonwing: :P
[2018/08/05 11:48] Koni Lanzius: hehehe
[2018/08/05 11:48] Koni Lanzius: uhhh ok ;D
[2018/08/05 11:48] albertlr Landar: but if anyone is willing to help to translate to other languages please talk with paela about that.
[2018/08/05 11:49] albertlr Landar: we want to make the webpage as user friendly as possible for everyone.
[2018/08/05 11:50] Koni Lanzius: what languages do we still need?
[2018/08/05 11:51] albertlr Landar: well thanks for coming everyone today. I think we can expect a very successful campaing coming up in Sept with everyone participating.
[2018/08/05 11:51] paela argus: italian spanich japanes portugez etc
[2018/08/05 11:51] Koni Lanzius: ahh good to know
[2018/08/05 11:51] snakedance moonwing: canadian
[2018/08/05 11:51] snakedance moonwing: eh
[2018/08/05 11:51] snakedance moonwing: :P
[2018/08/05 11:51] Koni Lanzius: ok thank you Albirtir!
[2018/08/05 11:51] albertlr Landar: talk with Jeff
[2018/08/05 11:51] posh prim: lol
[2018/08/05 11:51] Koni Lanzius: heheheh
[2018/08/05 11:51] Peter Barlow: thanks Alberlr!
[2018/08/05 11:51] Jim Jackson: Thank you albert
[2018/08/05 11:51] Koni Lanzius: ♫~♫ Applause ♫~♫
[2018/08/05 11:51] Peter Barlow: ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★
[2018/08/05 11:51] sarah kline: Thank you Albert
[2018/08/05 11:51] Koni Lanzius: we appreciate all you do
[2018/08/05 11:51] Jim Jackson: thank you everyone for coming
[2018/08/05 11:51] George Equus: Thanks Albert
[2018/08/05 11:51] stiofain mactomais: thx albert ......anyone that wants something to do later we have casias falta playing the blues live in the maritime club belfast region in 2 hrs
[2018/08/05 11:52] Abbi Kasei: Thanks Albert
[2018/08/05 11:52] posh prim: thy albert
[2018/08/05 11:52] Big Cheese: Thanks
[2018/08/05 11:52] Koni Lanzius: cool!
[2018/08/05 11:52] Caro Fayray: ty albert
[2018/08/05 11:52] Jeff Hall: ty albert and have a good time everyone
[2018/08/05 11:52] albertlr Landar: Thats right stio is hosting live performances at his club, so attend if you want some good free entertainment.
[2018/08/05 11:52] posh prim: sunday party at citicefour with dj higher
[2018/08/05 11:52] ozzmosis ozzy: thx you
[2018/08/05 11:52] sarah kline: bye all have a good week
[2018/08/05 11:52] sarah kline is Offline
[2018/08/05 11:52] posh prim: .•*♫ ♬ APPLAUSE! ♬♫ *•.
[2018/08/05 11:53] Jeff Hall: see u:)
[2018/08/05 11:53] posh prim: see ya all later
[2018/08/05 11:53] Caro Fayray: bye and t y all t he ppl who work so hard to keep us here
[2018/08/05 11:53] snakedance moonwing: hugs the stuffins outta ya'll
[2018/08/05 11:53] Azi Az: tc everyone see u all :)))))
[2018/08/05 11:53] George Equus: cu all later at the Maritime :)
[2018/08/05 11:53] stiofain mactomais: bye see u all folks
[2018/08/05 11:53] ozzmosis ozzy: byzz all
[2018/08/05 11:53] Wizard Atazoth: take care all.
[2018/08/05 11:53] Big Cheese: Bey
[2018/08/05 11:54] albertlr Landar: good day to everyone.
[2018/08/05 11:54] Marie Baptiste: I'm stuck
[2018/08/05 11:54] Big Cheese: I'm sorry
[2018/08/05 11:54] Caro Fayray is Offline
[2018/08/05 11:56] Chamilla Mocha: i asked when will the pledge begin?
[2018/08/05 11:57] George Equus is Online
[2018/08/05 11:57] albertlr Landar: we can take pledges anytime at
[2018/08/05 11:57] paela argus: september
[2018/08/05 11:57] Chamilla Mocha: uumm until september to match?
[2018/08/05 11:57] albertlr Landar: We don't have it set up on facebook yet, but in the meantime a pledge can be sent to our email
[2018/08/05 11:58] albertlr Landar: just need to know the name of the avatar and how much is the pledge.
[2018/08/05 11:59] Chamilla Mocha: ok i will send it...and then someone has to match it, right?
[2018/08/05 11:59] albertlr Landar: Offical donation campagin is Sept 21 -28th, 2018
[2018/08/05 11:59] albertlr Landar: yes
[2018/08/05 11:59] albertlr Landar: we will keep the pledges in order as they come. we match one till it is covered and then go on to the next one we have.
[2018/08/05 12:00] albertlr Landar: Last year we about $1,500 in pledges
[2018/08/05 12:00] albertlr Landar: that helped a lot.
[2018/08/05 12:03] lavender -pretty is Online
[2018/08/05 12:04] albertlr Landar: ok bye all
[2018/08/05 12:04] Foxx Bode: *-* ByE *-*
[2018/08/05 12:05] albertlr Landar: Foxx I may need to get with your about the face book matching thing.
[2018/08/05 12:05] albertlr Landar: I will check more into those tools first, if I get confused expect me to contact you.
[2018/08/05 12:05] albertlr Landar: later

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