OSG13B scheduled for 20-26th of July
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Author:  Foxx Bode [ Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:10 am ]
Post subject:  OSG13B scheduled for 20-26th of July

Hi all,

OSG13B, OSgrid's 13th birthday celebrations are scheduled for 20-26th of July. Display plots will open 1st of July, live events and music by our inworld DJ's are held at Event Plaza, and coordinated by Aussie Envee. Like every year, catch an admin to get a plot assigned / reserved. Exhibit rules are same as past years, you can find these below.


1. No profanity, adult material, nudity or offensive builds, themes or textures are allowed. This includes any objects, textures, avatars!

2. Only legitimate content! Meaning your original content, content licensed as creative-commons (cc3) is allowed. Content that is not yours and/or content that is copybotted / stolen will be removed from the region. If you wish to use free original creations from another creator please make sure you have their permission. Be creative and original !

3. Your exhibit should stay within the boundary of your parcel or as reasonably close as possible. Objects obstructing common areas or other exhibits are subject to removal

4. No forced teleporters are allowed. If you want to place a teleporter in your exhibit it must be labeled and require some method involving a click or opening the user's map, etc.

5. Please try to make sure the objects and scripts you use do not affect the health of the simulator or other builders in the region.

6. No physical objects. No physical prims of any kind including vehicles. If you wish to have a vehicle displayed please remove scripts. This does not apply to boxed objects eg. vehicle in a vendor or otherwise offered as a gift.

7. Exhibits should be finished no later than July 19th The exhibit regions will be kept online approx a month after the celebration and will be deleted afterwards. There is no need to be concerned with clean up as new regions are created each year.

8. Prim limit is 676 parcel and is enforced.

9. We reserve the right to amend these basic rules at any time.

Author:  Foxx Bode [ Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OSG13B scheduled for 20-26th of July

Below some posters to share on Social Media or your region, more to follow :








Author:  Foxx Bode [ Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OSG13B scheduled for 20-26th of July

The OSG13B Birthday regions are Online !!!

Contact any admin inworld to reserve your display plot !

OSG13B1 = Online. - Full
OSG13B2 = Online. - still has plots available.
OSG13B3 = Offline. - Will open once OSG13b2 is Full.

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