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Author:  Fredy Kyong [ Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  OpenSim Water

Some questions I already asked in the Technical Support Forum. Since there are not realy any hints poping in, I may try it here again:

Base: Opensim Diva Distro v9000

1) Is there no Wind in Opensim yet? For example no flag on a flagmast or boat ever moves. I do have the windmodul aktiv and it seems to work (at least a sailboat moves)

2) PhysicalPrimMin: How can I set my simulator so I can build prims smaller as 0.0100? I have in my opensim.ini PhysicalPrimMin = 0.001 and also in my Region.ini but it seems not to take it.

3) Opensim Map: Usualy I do have "no void water" and the maptile is a darker blue. When I do have a region with water, the water map tile is the same color. I remember, that watersims are usualy a brighter blue map tile so you can see where you can sail on the water.

Tnx for any hints!

Author:  Fredy Kyong [ Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenSim Water

Did find some answers, in case someone has same problems:

1) Wind -> It is there. But initial settings in opensim.ini do not realy do anything. Maybe someone could change that sometimes in source:

;# {enabled} {} {Enable wind module?} {true false} true
;; Enables the wind module.
enabled = true

;# {wind_update_rate} {enabled:true} {Wind update rate in frames?} {} 150
;; How often should wind be updated, as a function of world frames.
;; Approximately 50 frames a second
wind_update_rate = 5

;; The Default Wind Plugin to load
wind_plugin = SimpleRandomWind

;; These settings are specific to the ConfigurableWind plugin
;; To use ConfigurableWind as the default, simply change wind_plugin
;; to ConfigurableWind and uncomment the following.
; avg_strength = 5.0
; avg_direction = 0.0
; var_strength = 5.0
; var_direction = 30.0
; rate_change = 1.0

;# {strength} {enabled:true wind_plugin:SimpleRandomWind} {Wind strength?} {} 1.0
;; This setting is specific to the SimpleRandomWind plugin
;; Adjusts wind strength. 0.0 = no wind, 1.0 = normal wind.
strength = 1.0

2: No solution yet.

3: Using Warp3D modul now for Map. This also shows void water correctly even it can all trigger some random non critical errors in CLI

Author:  paela argus [ Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenSim Water

this is problem with opensimulator software please use irc of opensim irc adress : #opensim

Author:  Arielle Popstar [ Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenSim Water

For #2 on the building with .001 you would need to uncheck the Rendering Compatibility checkbox you will find in Preferences-> Grids->Advanced->Rendering Compatibility for the Singularity viewer. I don't see a comparable setting for Firestorm but it seems it is auto enabled in the OS version in any case.

One thing to be careful of with prims under the .01 dimension is that in past when such a prim was worn anywhere on the avatar, the avatar would not render and stay as a cloud for any viewer which does not have Rendering compatibility disabled.

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