What is a group owner allowed to do?
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Author:  Xena wirsing [ Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  What is a group owner allowed to do?

Some time ago I created a group.
If I want to say something to them or send them an object, how do I do this?

I tried this with my alt who is also a member of this group, but she got nothing, no message and no object.

Author:  Foxx Bode [ Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What is a group owner allowed to do?

Since it is a rather long type to explain, try this URL:


Most (if not all) of whats described there works identical in Opensim, and is fully controlled through the viewer. Opensim can require some additional configuration in /bin/config-include/osslenable.ini for certain script permissions.

If you tried to send attachments or group chat and nobody received anything, likely you have done so with a user that has no permissions to take such actions. These permissions are all set under the roles which exist in a group.

A group owner can make roles in a group, and assign permissions to those roles. These can be permissions on land, but also stuff like changing the land audio stream, send group messages, use groupchat, etc. etc. With groups and roles you have granular control over who can do what. When you invite a user to your group, you can assign a role during the invite, or set it with a tickbox later. ( Along with permissions you can give each role it's own title, hence all the cool " tags" )

Example of some typical roles in a group: Admins / Managers / Residents / DJ's / Users.
Admins can do all, and they often delegate much of their permissions to managers, like for example the option to invite/remove members to or from a closed group.
Residents can rez. objects on land (IF the land is set to/owned by the group), DJ's get to play with land controls / audio streams and send notices, and users are generally limited, and typically have no special permissions.

Mind you add permissions to a certain role, not to an individual. Every member assigned to that role has an identical set of permissions.

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