Opensim 9.0.x set water height
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Author:  Fredy Kyong [ Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Opensim 9.0.x set water height

I do have some problems with the water height.

In Bulletsim water height was always at about 20m.

Now I switched to Ubit and it seems water height is now 10m?

I did set all my water regions to terrain fill -20 like in Bulletsim.
Now going down my avatar stops at -10 meters and stands there even the sea ground is still 10 meters away.

How can I set the water depth to -20 or -25?

I know of the command set water height. I think this is grid wide but abit afraid to use it. I do not want to elevate all my region terrains afterwards and I do not want to set water height, I would prefer water depth.

Any suggestions? Bug or feature with Ubit?

Thank you.

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